Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Re-Emerging Factor Of Scooters In UK

By Jay Barton


The origins of the first kick scooters were actually due to the innovation of kids themselves.

It did not take long for the imagination of kids to realize that by attaching roller skate wheels to a plank, they could move around. From that it was a small step to add a piece of 2 x 4 as a method of steering the device.

Even though some versions were truly produced for retail, they did not really become popular as it was in an emerging era of a need for speed. Bikes were vamped up getting popular with both adults and kids, additionally skateboards found an excitement which kept the scooter standing idle.

It would be close to a hundred years before the scooter would once again take its place in the hands of children.

The new found popularity with the scooter was probably more an action of fortune than planned company technique. In 1990 Wim Ouboter saw the necessity for a kick scooter when his sister, who had 1 leg shorter compared to other, found trouble with a bike. He created a scooter according to the old idea of the skate wheels and wooden plank, only this time he built it with metal so it will be tougher and more climate resilient.

The idea was forged and it did not take long for Razor to pick up on the idea, introducing an aluminum version. That model set the stage for a new era of children's transportation with many versions of the same theme being made in a variety of styles and colors by various manufacturers.


The word scooter emerged from these humble beginnings but only the original is the real deal.

Automated, non jump start luxurious looking motorcycles are actually referred to as scooters, but there's still only one scooter. However right now, perhaps the picture of the true scooter is evolving. So, let me inform you what a true scooter is, "to me": A way of transport having wheels and a flat surface to place 1 or 2 feet on.


Right now even the real scooter is a great deal distinct from what it had been in its start.

Its aluminum wheels are strong and silent. The sturdy steering handles are removable for ease of storage. Its wide variety of designs can allow for individuality and style.

The latest styles and engineering have made the present day scooter a genuine contender for a child's "need for speed". They are maneuverable, lightweight, and fashionable and can also be portable.

On a modern scooter, you are now capable of doing any tricks that you can on a skateboard. You can remove the steering column and it is as compact as a skate board. Meaning, unlike a bicycle, you can take it inside buildings not having the worries of locking it up outside.

It has not been incorporated on X Games as yet, but it is probably only a point of time.

Without changing the basic design, they are now even adding small motors to them, making them a must for any child.

Possibly though, the best selling point for the modern scooter is safety.

It would appear that parents are far happier knowing their children are on a mode of transport which allows them to both stand up and steer.

Everything you buy for your children, be sure you also buy any proper safety wear.

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