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Dealing With Baby Acne

Acne is a skin condition that is mostly affecting teenagers and
several adults. But did you know that there have also been
reported cases of acne occurrence in babies? Even newly born
infants are not spared from the skin condition. In fact, there
are cases when some babies are born with skin acne. So as
responsible and caring parents, what should you do if your baby
is suffering from acne?

Before looking at effective ways on how such a problem could be
remedied, it would be better to first understand how and why
acne occurs in babies. Skin acne on babies could show up when
the infant reaches the age if about three to four weeks. As
mentioned, in some cases, acne can already be affecting baby
skin upon birth.

Acne on babies usually develops in their chin, forehead or
cheeks. If you make a closer observation, you would readily
notice that the acne is looking worse especially when the
newborn baby is fussy or crying. Any other reactions and
movements of the baby that facilitate an increase of blood flow
in the skin would make the acne look more evident and

A number of studies have found that acne in babies is produced
when there are hormonal changes within the baby's fragile body.
As you know, the baby has been protected and suited inside the
expecting mom's womb for about nine months. Because of that, the
baby basically has been nourished by nutrients in the mom's womb
through the placenta. Thus, the hormones dominating the mom's
body is usually also present in the unborn child. After birth,
the baby would be deprived from such hormone, resulting to skin
reaction, which is the onset of acne.

Another proven cause of baby acne is the stimulation of the oil
glands beneath the baby's very fragile skin. Usually, acne in
babies appear on the nasal bridge, forehead and cheeks because
it is on those areas where the human body's oil glands are
located and are functioning actively.

The third cause of baby acne is the use and contact with untidy
and dirty clothes and clothing material. As such, the acne in
the baby serves as an apparent and visible reaction of the skin
to dirt in the surface, which is part of the body's defense

Now that you have an idea of the main causes of the appearance
of acne in baby skin, you can now easily adopt strategies and
remedies on how you could get rid of the problem. First of all,
experts advise parents whose babies have acne at a very young
age to just let the skin condition disappear by itself. There is
no need to worry as usually, such skin problem when appearing in
infants naturally wears off and disappear a few days or weeks
after appearance. That is because the baby's system within the
body is starting to adopt to natural and outside conditions by
that time.

Washing the affected part with water only or with water and a
very mild soap would also help a lot. When doing so, remember
not to scrub or rub baby's skin too harshly as doing so would
definitely harm the fragile skin of the baby.

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Sunday, February 24, 2008

Educating Toddlers Through Toys

Toddlers may sometimes have their tantrums but it is nice to see them quietly playing with their toys. It is the responsibility of the parent or the guardian in keeping the toys clean and non-harmful to the health of these little angels. Toys have been adored and cared by people of all ages but have been especially in the hearts of the kids.

A lot of toddler educational toys are sold in toy stores and online. Choosing the right toy is solely based on the instinct of the adults. Toys help the children in learning the basic stuff before they go to school and learning other things not learnt at home.

The home is the first school of each child therefore no matter what they are doing, the adults should teach them whatever their minds are able to absorb. Toys are also a great means in starting to teach them and helping them learn and differentiate things. Adults should just decide on which toy would help their kid learn better.

A toy with pictures of various vehicles can be one. You just need to teach him one vehicle at a time. Do this in a repetitive manner until the child knows what it is. Afterwards, teach and show him another vehicle. Do the same process of telling and pointing him what it is and then do the same for the rest. Patience is needed in this job so don't expect the child to memorize and distinguish all the vehicles overnight. Farm and zoo animals can be used too.

Colors and the ABC is another basic thing that the toddlers can learn with their toys. Adults should buy colorful toys and teach their child what colors are present in the toy. There are also stuffed toys that are shaped like letters. These can also be used in teaching them the alphabet.

Opposites are another thing that the toddlers must learn. They should know black and white, sunny and rainy, wet and dry and others. Opposites are common among toddlers and they are also taught in school making them understand these things better.

Numbers should also be taught to the kids since they will be counting things until they get older. You can start teaching them from one to ten. A better way to do this is to line up their toys and then count them one by one. Afterwards, let the child repeat the numbers as you say it so that they can count on their own.

There are also toys that can do talk and teach. This is usually battery operated and is easy to use. The child just has to press a button and then he should follow the instructions as they are stated. This can be helpful to working parents since they cannot always be at home.

Toys are there to accompany the parents and their kids as they grow up. Sooner or later, the toys that the children loved before may not be loved as they grow older. At least these toys helped, in one way or another, in molding and informing kids to some things they ought to know.

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Friday, February 22, 2008

Osteopathy For Babies And Kids

It is a common misconception that babies and children have no problems with the structure of their body as very little stress or strain is placed upon their muscles, joints or bones. But this isn't true and symptoms can start to develop that if left unchecked, can lead to pain and discomfort through their early life and into adulthood.

Babies have to go through considerable stress during childbirth as they are forced through the birth canal. Their remarkable skulls have soft overlapping bones that shift to squeeze the head into a shape that will allow it to pass. Their chin is also pushed down into the chest to decrease their total diameter. This compression means the baby will have an odd-shaped head on delivery but over the coming days it will remould itself as the baby moves, cries and yawns. However, this natural remoulding does not always take place as it should and the baby could be left with a variety of associated problems.

If a baby is constantly irritable and will only calm when carried, it could be because they are feeling pressure in the head when lying down. If they are taking a long time when feeding it could be due to nerves in the tongue having been damaged by the birthing process as the skull received pressure to the head, face and throat. Sickness, colic and wind problems and regurgitation of milk could be due to the nerve that runs to the stomach having become irritated by the skull compression or from the diaphragm having been stretched which will affect the stomach's ability to retain food.

As your child grows, the remoulding issue could throw up yet more problems. If the skull hasn't moulded correctly the child could become vulnerable to infection as their immune system has been depleted during the early stresses placed upon it. Ear infections can be caused by the compression of the skull during childbirth putting strain on the bones around the ear which impedes successful drainage. These infections never fully clear and the child suffers one after another and eventually loss of hearing. Persistent colds and overcrowding of teeth can occur due to the sinuses and bones being impaired from the skull's moulding compression.

Other problems like asthma, persistent headaches and even behavioural issues can be seen later in life and may be caused by the compression babies have to endure during childbirth. If treated at an early stage with specific osteopathic techniques, these problems could be avoided.

Cranial osteopathy is a specialised treatment that is safe and effective and commonly used on babies and children. A trained osteopath can apply gentle pressure around the head (and body) enabling a release of the stresses of the retained moulding to the skull. A baby or child will often feel relaxed after the treatment and have a good sleep. Sometimes they can react with a heightened sense of alertness while others may be irritable. These are perfectly normal reactions and each baby or child is different.

The treatment should take place ideally before the child reaches the age of five and the earlier it starts the better. It may take more than one session for the remoulding to fully release and typically up to six sessions are sufficient. It is advisable to consult a GP before making an appointment and to find an osteopath that is registered with the General Osteopathic Council. Many osteopaths specialise in this field so check to see if there's a practitioner in your local area.

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Babies First Solids - Baby Cereal Is A Good Start

Pediatricians recommend that babies should be started on some kind of solid food between the ages of four to six months based in individual development. Factors like a stable neck among others are used to decide whether a baby is ready to start eating or not. The reason why solids are introduced at this stage is because solid food allows for more calories to be inputted into the childs system which is what is required at this stage. It is also important that your baby learn the act of swallowing.

These solid as they are called are not tough pieces of bread or chunks of chicken that your baby is expected to bite. The first meal that you offer your baby should ideally be a cereal mixed in breast milk or formula milk. Even though cereal manufacturers mention that you can mix the cereal in water, the use of milk helps in providing a familiar taste to the baby reducing the chances of it being rejected.

To start with, you should choose to a rice cereal for your child. This is the preferred option since rice has almost a zero chance of being an allergen and is easily digested. Another cereal that is not likely to be an allergen is oatmeal. Once you have tried these with your baby, you can move on to other combinations like oatmeal and banana or rice and apple or oatmeal and mixed vegetables. There are options of exotic flavors like black currant to provide variety and excitement and amusement for the fledgling palette of your child.

Make sure that when you start making a cereal meal for you baby, you should ensure that the consistency is thin and almost fluid. You can gradually increase the cereal content and reduce the liquid added to obtain a thicker consistency as and when your baby shows signs of comfort with the food. Ensure that what you make is even and pasty and does not have lumps so that it is easy fro the baby to swallow.

Once your baby has taken to cereal and shown no allergies, you can start to introduce other foods. Keep in mind that your baby still does not have any teeth and it is a good idea to run anything that you want to feed your baby through a baby blending or mashing machine. A favorite fruit is banana that can easily be mashed, the slippery consistency of which is thoroughly enjoyed by babies. Make sure that you introduce a single new food at a time, giving about 2 weeks for each new addition to settle down before classifying it as an acceptable option.

Obviously, once the baby cuts teeth and has a nice set of pearly white milk teeth, you can through out the remaining packs of baby cereal and baby food and start offering real solid food to your child

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Where Should Your Babies Name Come From

A person, place, or thing can become a serious question. As A baby born today is as more likely to be named Brooklyn or Jordan as to a Stacy or James. To be named after a place can be unique, or they can seem like a fad or simply just silly. So how does a parent simply choose whether or not to use the name of a place for their child, and where did this trend come from?

Well actually the use of place names is ancient. Where Leonardo DaVinci is a great example. The man's given name was Leonardo, and DaVinci was a descriptive term to say that his father was born in the city of Vinci in Italy. Although DaVinci wasn't a formal, given name, it does show that the idea of place names as personal names is not new.

The more recent trend in naming kids after places seems to have been sparked, as most naming trends are, by soap operas and celebrities. Dakota and Montana were big back in the mid nineties, but others have climbed up to take their spot.

But to tell the truth I would advise against place names. Then again there are a few exceptions to this rule by some names that have been accepted for several generations, or place names that started off as personal names. However, for the most part, place names tend to tie a child to a certain location, and if that location is Camden, New Jersey, you may want to think about it, cause that is not a nice place.

A huge no no with using places as names for children is respellings. If the name is a familiar place name, it will be pronounced the same way, regardless of spelling. But A new spelling can be confusing at best.

Following are place names categorized by my own personal standards.

Traditional Place Names
These names are place names that have been in use as personal names for years. They share the common trait of sounding familiar as given names.

Darcy Technically, this is D'Arcy, as in "of Arcy".
Israel Technically a personal name, although, of course, the place is better known.

Popular Place Names
I am not crazy about most of these names (although a few do appeal to me) but they have gotten enough use to be somewhat mainstream. I still suggest caution.


Please Don't Use These
Every name here is one I've at least seen suggested or considered or even used on baby name websites. I strongly, strongly advise against them.


Here are four hints for how to avoid the most common mistakes that parents make in finding a name for their new baby. Use these considerations to help you find the perfect name.

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Primary Pulmonary Hypertension in Babies: What it Is and Why it Occurs

There is a rare but serious disease that can occur in newborns called primary pulmonary hypertension in babies. This disease can be the result of numerous factors, including an event during delivery or a congenital problem, or the reason for the disease may never be known. Although this condition is a rare one, it can have serious long-term implications for your baby. Because of this, it is important to know the basics of primary pulmonary hypertension in babies so that you can know what to look for and what to do if it does occur.

When a baby is in the womb, his cardiovascular system does not work the same as when he makes his entrance into the world. Instead of blood going through the lungs for oxygen, the baby counts on Mom - and more specifically the placenta that Mom provides - to oxygenate his blood. During this time, the pulmonary artery will carry blood back to the heart directly, via a fetal blood vessel that is called the ductus arteriosus. Once the baby is born, the cardiovascular system quickly adapts to function sufficiently on its own, and the ductus arteriosus permanently closes.

However, in the case of primary pulmonary hypertension in babies, this switchover does not occur properly. In these situations, the ductus arteriosus does not close, and the blood continues to bypass the lungs within the baby's cardiovascular system. Since the blood is not getting sufficient oxygen, the baby's body becomes distressed and treatment to solve the problem will become necessary and imminent. The lack of oxygen in the blood can have a detrimental affect on the rest of the organs of the body, and they will become distressed from oxygen depletion as well.

In some cases, this condition will correct itself within a fairly short period of time. In other situations, doctors may need to provide different types of treatment, such as the use of different types of ventilators and medications. These treatments can be used until the baby's own lungs and heart heal on their own. It is essential that treatment for primary pulmonary hypertension in babies begins as soon as possible after delivery, since oxygen-deprived organs can quickly become a very serious problem in newborns.

The good news is that with the introduction of some of these new treatments for this condition, the survival rate for infants with primary pulmonary hypertension in babies has become relatively high if it is caught early and treated effectively.

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Dressing Your New Born Baby For The First Time

When you are pregnant the classes will focus on several main topics, pregnancy, labour, birth, feeding your baby, your babies sleep and how to hold your baby.

But if you are not used to holding a new born, the idea of dressing them and getting their curled up arms and legs into clothes can seem daunting. It is always OK to ask your midwife for help, but here are a few guide lines to take some of the worry about hurting your baby out of dressing him or her.

Firstly don't panic, babies look fragile, but they do not break easily. If your baby is hungry, feed them before dressing the baby, it is always easier to dress a calm baby.

Newborns needs are simple, they need to be warm, fed and loved. Loved, well, that comes from inside and will grow all the time. Fed, we hope you will breast feed, but bottle feeding is a safe and acceptable way to feed you baby too.

Warm - it doesn't really matter too much what time of year your baby is being born, the clothes will be basically the same. Take simple clothes to the hospital, there will be plenty of time at home to put on all the pretty clothes and let your visitors see them.

You will probably dress you baby in a vest and a baby grow when at hospital.The easiest vests to put on a new born and the least fiddly for a new mum are the ones with envelope necks, and popper fastenings at the bottom. If you have never dressed a baby before, this is the easiest way to put it on. Unpopper the vest at the bottom, scrunch up the back and the front and open up the envelope neck - you now have a circular opening for the head and the rest of the vest pulled up. Place the baby on the vest so that the back of its head is in the circular opening and the back is under the neck. Now, hold onto the scrunched up front and with your fingers through the neck opening use one movement to pull the front of the vest over the baby's head, now the whole vest is around the neck. Gently push the baby's arms through the arm holes and roll the baby onto its side, pull down the back, roll it back onto its back, pull down the front. Popper up under the nappy and you are done.

It may sound fiddly, but this is the best way as the baby does not get tangled in the clothes, and you never have to entirely lift the baby. Also as the baby starts to focus you will find that you can maintain eye contact when you are dressing him/her which will help to keep the baby calm.

Then you just need to put a baby grow on top. This is simple, undo the baby grow and place it flat on the surface, place your baby on top and then gently push the arms and legs through and popper up the front. The easiest baby grows to put on are ones which popper all the way up the front and down both legs. If you can get hold of the baby grows with built in scratch mitts this will reduce the amount which you baby scratches his face in his sleep, and is far easier than trying to keep scratch mitts on a baby!

Finally when you leave the hospital you will need an outer layer, usually a baby hat made of soft cotton and a snuggle suit. When putting on the hat, put it under the head and then pull forward, a newborns neck is weak and trying to put it on from front to back is difficult. Put the snuggle suit on in exactly the same way as you would the baby grow.

Your little bundle is now dressed and ready to meet the world.

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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Steps on How to Make a Baby Shower Corsage

Baby showers can be formal occasions or informal events that celebrate the upcoming birth of a child. In most cases, the mom-to-be is usually honored and this may entail giving her a corsage to suit the occasion. There are many different options regarding what kind of corsage to give her and how to make a baby shower corsage for the mom. Here are some easy to follow steps regarding how to make a baby shower corsage. These are only ideas and could be used as a starter for your own considerations.

How to Make a Baby Shower Corsage for the Mom-to-Be

Initially, you need to consider several things in how to make a baby shower corsage. One thing is the kind of baby shower it will be. A formal baby shower will need a formal corsage while an informal one can be made of anything that suits the occasion. Another thing to consider in how to make a baby shower corsage is the sex of the baby. The flowers, ribbons and any other item in the corsage will be better off corresponding to the sex of the unborn child.

Things You Will Need When Learning How to Make a Baby Shower Corsage

You will need three of four flowers (silk or fresh), floral wire, hot glue gun, floral tape, fabric ribbon, safety pins and scissors. Initially, you will need to position floral wire on the flower stems (especially for fresh flowers) and then cover them up with the floral tape. Position the flowers in a way that you think looks good and then you can either stick them together using the hot glue gun or tie the whole bunch together with the fabric ribbon. Glue the knot to avoid it coming apart. Stick the safety pin on the hot glue situated on the knot and wait for it to dry.

So, there you have it. Now that you've been given at least three ways to improve your baby shower event, the next step is up to you. Take this information and make use of it. It's easier to do nothing, but in the end you will thank yourself for having taken action on this.

There are other options to flowers, such as plastic pacifiers, small toy rattles and other baby items that can be used in the process of how to make a baby shower corsage. These unorthodox corsages can be fun to make and the recipients are sure to treasure them. Corsages are not limited to those you put on the clothes. Wrist corsages are also easy to make as well. A larger size fabric ribbon can be used to tie the corsage you made on the wrist of the mother. It may be a good idea to glue the wrist corsage well to pevent it from falling off.

Michael Hehn is the webmaster of, a site that offers a wide range of useful and helpful information about baby showers. Visit his site for more free tips to choose the baby shower accessories for your baby.

Great Ideas for Personalized Baby Shower Invitations

Baby showers can be a lot of fun for the mother-to-be and her friends. It is a chance for them to celebrate the new life and to enclose the mother-to-be with love and gifts. Since time immemorial, every culture has had ways of celebrating the beginning of a pregnancy.

These are great events that herald the arrival of a baby. Most of these events are given to the mother a few months before she gives birth. Most of it have themes with which the guests take their cue regarding gifts. One of the first steps to a light bulb moment is to have great invitations. Many hosts for it prefer personalized invitations that can help to express the happiness of the upcoming occasion.

Making Personalized Baby Shower Invitations

Personalized invitations are actually easy to do with the help of your computer and color printer. You might need cardstock or photo paper when making the personalized invitations with the use of pictures. The great thing about making your own invitations is that you control everything in the invitation. There are many ideas one can consider when thinking of an invitation format or theme. One of the things that you need to remember when making personalized invitations is how to get your happiness across to the guests regarding the arrival of the baby.

Invitations that depict the pregnant mother with her partner can be one way of making personalized invitations. You can also make a montage of pictures taken from the first month of pregnancy to the latest month showing the progress of the mother during her pregnancy. If you are keen on having a picture on the invitation, baby's first picture (the ultrasound) can be used for the invitation. This works especially well if you have a 4D echo picture as compared to the traditional 2D pictures.

Another way of making beautiful personalized baby-shower invitations is to integrate the likes and preferences of the mother to be or both parents into the invitations. The gender of the baby can also play a huge role on how the personalized invitations will look like. Baby boys' invitations are usually made of sports equipment and baby boy colors while baby girls' personalized invitations are more on the pink or other girly color side along with ribbons, bows and lace.

These personalized baby shower invitations' ideas can also be used in the theme of the event itself. These kinds of invitations shows the love, caring and thought that has been put into making the big event a memorable one. Personalized baby shower invitations may also turn out cheaper than having the invitations customized by a store that specializes in stationery.

Michael Hehn is the webmaster of, a site that offers a wide range of useful and helpful information about baby showers. Visit his site for more free tips to choose the baby shower accessories for your baby.

Overwhelmed By Your Toddlers Toys?

Your baby rolls over and reaches for a toy - suddenly you realize that your baby will start to play with some of the presents which he or she was given at birth. It is all very exciting, you get a toy box for the corner of the room and at the end of play you put it all away. So easy!

Suddenly your toddler has more toys than a toy shop, they all seem to have a thousand pieces and the thought of putting them away has become a horrifying nightmare.

Every book and every professional nanny will tell you that the way forward is to get your child to do "tidy up time". Tidy up time is great - when it works you feel that you both deserve a reward and suddenly you can see how parenting should work - unfortunately you have a couple of bad days where things end up in the wrong boxes, then all of a sudden you realize that nothing has a proper home anymore, it all just gets put away so it is out of sight!

On close inspection you realize that there are cars in every box and drawer, the train track which you used to so lovingly put away is missing a handful of pieces.

Now you have several options, you could diligently go through them all, sort them out and then try to get tidy up time to become more efficient. In the mean time it will be down to you to try to keep all the relevant toy pieces together.

You could be firm and go through the toys, work out which ones are now too young for your toddler and pass them onto a child of a more suitable age.

There is a third way, this is one of the hidden secrets of parenting, it allows you to succeed at tidy up time; to keep the toys in order, and to be able to see the floor if you have unexpected guests, also you can keep the toys so they can be used by a younger sibling.

It's easy, you find a space where you child cannot go without you; a room where they cannot open the door or a cupboard they cannot open. Inside here you carefully arrange the toys in boxes. You need to leave something accessible, a general toy box full of the bits and pieces of toys which don't have a home anywhere else, and another toy which you will need to choose quiet carefully. The second toy needs to be something that several children can play with in case you have children to visit and you have not planned anything. It also needs to be a toy which your child will not get bored of too quickly, perhaps a box of Lego, or stickle bricks, something with lots of different applications.

Now comes the important part - if your child wants to play with any of the toys in the cupboard then you just have to make sure that the toys from the general box and the other toy have been put away before the special toy comes out of the cupboard. The good bit about this is that you should never have more than two toys boxes worth to clear away, even if tidy up time at the end of the day completely fails.

Don't get stressed about the chaos of a toddler, just get a bit tough and you will all find life a lot easier, and you will suddenly discover how much more space you have created for your child to play in.

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Three Ways To Communicate With Unborn Baby

Would you like to find out more about tips on communication with unborn baby? The information in the article below comes from my personal experience with special knowledge and training about the ways to communicate with unborn baby or foetus.

The more reliable information about ways on communication with foetus you know, the more likely you are equipped with the knowledge to communicate with your unborn baby.

Consistency in communication

Communication is a learned behaviour. Consistency is an essential factor here to communicate with your foetus. For instance, I remember saying to my unborn baby, "Would you like to listen to music? If 'yes', kick once and if 'no', kick twice."

Sometimes, he kicked once and at other times there was no response because the message might not have reached him or he might have been too tired to respond. We need to be more patient and wait for a suitable moment to communicate with he or she again. It is important that we see that simply as a natural thing and not get too stressed up or come to a conclusion that something is wrong. Being calm and collected as much as possible is the key to making this form of communication a true success.


Identification the name of the baby helps to build identity of baby and gives him or her a sense of awareness.

I remember that I gave many choices of the names to my third child. I asked him to kick when he liked the name. He did not respond to me from 20 weeks to 30 weeks of my pregnancy. I was a bit frustrated initially. Later, it dawn on me the baby might think the name was not suitable for him. Therefore, I asked myself to be more patient. At 31 weeks of my third pregnancy, I had given him a few new choices of name. To my surprise, he responded this time. He kicked every time when I asked him whether he wanted to call himself "Zhi Le" which means wisdom and joy. From then onward, we called him Zhi Le. He was happy to respond to us when we called his name. What I learned from my experience was I needed to be patient and respect his pace and decision.

Introduce the people

You can introduce father, mother, siblings, grandparents and caretakers to the unborn baby. It helps to make him or her more familiar with the people around him or her. You may describe the people whom you introduce to your foetus in detail whenever possible.

For instance, mother says to the baby, "Your daddy's name is Peter. He is tall and wears glasses. He loves to play football and read books. He loves you."

Introducing a proper communication channel or signal, dialogue with unborn baby and introduce the people around baby ease the communication.

Now you can be a confident mother on tips of communication with foetus. But you should have something to share on your tips on communication with unborn baby. Keep practice on these ways and share your finding with others.

Disclaimers: The author shares this article based on her personal and work experience and disclaims any responsibility for any liability, losses or damages and /or application of any of contents of this article.

Ms Mak Wai Chong, a mother of 3 children, is a freelance trainer and counsellor. She has worked as social worker and counsellor for 17 years. Visit her website at for prenatal training and parenting information and FREE newsletters.

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Hear The Whispers Of The Dreamy Baby Boy Names And Baby Girl Names From The Brilliant 1930s

Baby boy names and baby girl names of 1930 to 1939 reflected
art, music, and literature. Perhaps new parents tried to spare
their children the tough times by naming their babies for a more
gentle side of life. This was especially true for baby girl

People often name their infants in harmony with the world
around them.

The decade of the 1930s was known for hard times and
unemployment. One song that said it all was, "Brother, Can You
Spare a Dime." The stock market crash of 1929 dragged on and
left many people penniless.

To get away from it all, people crowded around their radios
listening to the best-known comics of the day – Jack Benny,
Gracie Allen, and Fred Allen. In 1934, music producer, Cole
Porter, brought the house down with his swinging songs,
"Anything Goes," and "You're the Tops." For a few precious
moments, people could forget hunger and worry.

The following year, Cole Porter came out with "Begin the
Beguine," and "Just One of Those Things." Meanwhile, George
Gershwin's "Rhapsody in Blue" made everyone feel like dancing.
In the art world, Childe Hassam caught the sunlight and placed
it in his paintings for all to see.

The 10 top baby boy names from 1930 to 1939, in order of
popularity, were Robert, James, John, William, Richard, Charles,
Donald, George, Thomas, and Joseph. They are essentially the
same popular names of the 1920s – with only one change. "Thomas"
took the place of "Edward." They are all Christian saints'
names. They are also royal names that go back in history for

Robert (English) means "brilliant;" James (English) means
"steadfast;" John (Hebrew) means "honorable;" William (English)
means "staunch protector;" Richard (Germanic) means "strong
ruler;" Charles (German) means "well-loved;" Donald (Scots
Gaelic) means "world ruler;" George (Greek) means "loving the
land;" Thomas (Greek) means "twin;" and Joseph (Hebrew) means
"supported by God."

>From 1930 to 1939, the top baby girl names were a big change
from the names of the previous decade. New entries included
Shirley, Patricia, Joan, and Nancy. Most are powerful biblical
names, names of saints and world leaders.

These names, in order of their popularity, are Mary, Betty,
Barbara, Shirley, Patricia, Dorothy, Joan, Margaret, Nancy, and

Mary (Hebrew) means "spiritual;" Betty (Hebrew) from
"Elizabeth" means "God-loving;" Barbara (Greek) means "unusual;"
Shirley (English) is derived from a place name meaning "bright
meadow;" Patricia (Latin) means "of noble birth;" Dorothy
(Greek) means "gift of God;" Joan (Middle English) is the female
form of "John," meaning "God-loving;" Margaret (Greek) means
"treasured pearl;" Nancy (Medieval English) is the pet form of
"Agnes," and means "generous;" Helen (Greek) means "beautiful."

People struggled to make it through the decade of the 1930s.
The stock market crash left the whole country shattered. Tens of
thousands abandoned farms to move into the city and look for
jobs that did not exist.

On the plus side, there was a new president, Franklin Delano
Roosevelt, in the White House. A fast sleek car called the
"Pierce Arrow" was all the rage. Artists of the 1930's such as
William Graves Sharp and John Singer Sargent produced paintings
to lift the heart. Broadway came alive again with the smash
musical, "Over the Rainbow." Hemingway and Steinbeck were
writing masterpieces that have never been matched.

The glorious baby boy names and baby girl names of the 1930s
may have helped children weather the storm and dash happily into
the fabulous 1940s. Everyone knew the road ahead was filled with

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Friday, February 01, 2008

Christmas Shopping For Babies

Some parents shop early for Christmas for their babies because that is when their due date is. Delivering a child at Christmas time can be a rewarding and memorable experience that will never be forgotten. The hospital will use volunteers to complete their shopping for babies and give those born at Christmas a large stocking to put on when they lie in their cribs.

When doing their Christmas shopping for babies, parents never have to worry about whether their child is getting a toy that they wanted. Babies make it easy on parents when they are very small because all of their clothing is perfectly sized to fit them by their ages in months and not in the sizes that would be suitable for toddlers or young adults. Babies do not know what color selections are so anything you buy will be certain to be the best present that they know of this early in their life.

Parents can have some fun when doing their Christmas shopping for babies. They can choose reindeer antlers for their child to wear on one day and the next they might place a halo around their head. There are marvelous ribbons and bows that could be brightly colored in green and red that the parents might choose to place on their child's head too.

All the stuffed animals that are seen in a baby store while Christmas shopping would be prefect for the foot of their crib. Since cribs are so small, the parents will not have to worry about buying so many of them for quite a while. There are marvelous mobiles to choose from that will delight many babies for several hours, or at least until the sandman visits and lulls them to dreamland for a little while.

Parents will love the softness of the things found while Christmas shopping for babies. The blankets are brightly colored in blue or pink and in rich shades of green and other neutral colors that are suitable for both sexes to use at Christmas time. Parents will of course, not be able to pass up the whimsical socks that have pictures of reindeer and Santa stitched at the top.

When getting the Christmas shopping for babies finished, parents might want to pencil in a time for them to meet Santa and get a picture. This will make one of the most memorable gifts that a parent can keep for years and give to their child when they are grown to remind them of their first Christmas of life that involved great shopping trips with Dad and Mom.

James Brown writes about

Three Principles Of Communication With Unborn Baby

You should be able to find several indispensable facts about principles of communication with unborn baby in the following paragraphs. If there is at least one fact you did not know before, imagine the difference it might make. In my experience, the principles of strong belief, intention and communication help me to communicate with my unborn babies at the earliest moment.

Strong belief

The most important is the strong belief in communication with the unborn baby. When you believe strongly in communication, you will try your best to find ways to reach the unborn baby. However, when you are not certain about your belief, you may miss the opportunity to communicate with the foetus.

I had a strong belief in communication with my unborn baby from the earliest stage as I had practised with my first and second children previously. At six weeks of my third pregnancy, I asked my third child 3 times,"If you are a girl, you can make a movement to tell me." However, there was no response from him. I asked my third child,"If you are a boy, you make a movement to show your answer." Surprisingly, I felt him moving three times after I asked him the question. Then, I reassured my baby that I would accept him for whom he was unconditionally. I could feel a sense of relief and somehow I sensed even my baby felt the same way. On the 20th week of my pregnancy, I could not believe it when my doctor confirmed that my third child was a boy. I felt a sense of joy that I had been able to communicate with my third child so much earlier.


One of the secrets I found which make communication with the unborn possible, is to first have a deep and intense desire and yearning to communicate and bond with your baby during pregnancy.

Prenatal communication needs the intention of the mother to want to communicate with her unborn baby. I had a strong need and yearning to communicate with my third child. I started to communicate with my third child when he was about 5 weeks old in my womb. Then, I was bleeding. I rested and I kept talking and asking my baby to heal himself and to be healthy again. I believed in him, that he had the capacity to heal himself. And it was like a miracle when one day later, the bleeding stopped. I was so relieved and happy because he had responded to my message.


Commitment is to put your belief into action. Many people may admit belief but do not go with it with real conviction by their actions. Mother should develop a vision of the unborn child. She must have a strong determination to communicate and reach out to the unborn baby.

With strong belief, intention and daily practice, you will be able to communicate with the foetus inside you. You are the closest person to him or her. Whatever you are thinking or feeling will pass on to the unborn child. Through dialogue, meditation, music, imagination, tapping, sending positive and loving messages and so on, mothers can communicate with their unborn babies.

You cannot predict when knowing something extra about principles with communication with unborn baby will come in handy. If you learned anything new about communication with unborn baby in this article, you should put your learning into practice and share your experience with others.

Disclaimers: The author shares this article based on her personal and work experience and disclaims any responsibility for any liability, losses or damages and /or application of any of contents of this article.

Ms Mak Wai Chong, a mother of 3 children, is a freelance trainer and counsellor. She has worked as social worker and counsellor for 17 years. Visit her website at for prenatal training and parenting information and FREE newsletters.