Saturday, November 24, 2007

A Cleaning List For Your Baby's Nursery

As important as cleaning your kitchen and bathroom your baby's
nursery should be top on your list of cleanliness.

In your baby's nursery is an important room to keep clean. This
simple list will help you keep on track with the basic cleaning
details for baby's room.

We spend hours and lots of money making sure this room is a
haven for our special little ones, take the time to make sure it
stays that way.

Use this simple baby nursery cleaning list to ensure your
little one's surroundings are taken care of.

With the hectic daily care of a baby you're often left with
little time to clean. Do your best to try and find a spare 5
minutes daily to keep the nursery a clean nurturing place.

In wiping down your baby's room make sure you are using a
non-toxic cleaner for. There are some great ones on the market
that take care of odors and disinfect.

Daily -

For very young babies change the mattress sheet daily or every
few days. Leaky diapers and other accidents are common and
expected so be prepared to clear them up fast. Have several crib
sheets for quick changes. Keep baby's mattress fresh. If the
mattress is not of the waterproof kind, purchase a couple of
mattress covers so you can rotate these also. If you mattress
itself is the waterproof kind wipe it down with non-toxic
cleaner each time you change it. Takes just a few seconds and
clears up anything that may have leaked through.

Change out the diaper pail and wipe it down with a non-toxic
odor eliminating cleaner. If you don't do it daily do it several
times a week. A few minutes airing in the out of doors is a good
idea also.

Air the room with the windows open for about 15 minutes. Try to
do this in the morning.

You may need to do laundry daily with a small baby. Or at least
several times a week.

Straighten toys and belongings. Put away clean clothing.

If you travel daily check diaper bag and restock. If not save
this for once a week. A diaper bag list is a great idea to keep
from leaving anything behind.

Weekly -

Dust baby's room. A simple damp rag will do the job. Add a drop
of lavender essential oil for a calming scent through the room.

Wash baby blankets.

Vacuum floor.

Wipe down changing table with a non-toxic disinfecting cleaner.

Monthly -

If you have curtains wash them. Don't put dry clean only in
baby's room. Clean windows.

Wash baby's bath toys. A quick swish in dish washing soap. Wash
out baby's bath tub.

Wipe out diaper bag. Spills can happen.


Vacuum under baby's furniture.

Clean out baby's closet.

Baby will be a year before you know it and helping you clean
shortly after that.

Use this simple cleaning list to keep baby's room in top order.

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Thursday, November 22, 2007

How To Keep Up With Your Baby's Changing Shoe Needs

At the beginning of life, your baby is usually in a crib, a cradle, or in somebody's arms. They do not walk, they do not crawl, and they do not even turn over. You might wonder why they need shoes at all. As your child begins to walk, though, there is little question. Getting your child from birth through being a toddler in appropriate shoes is an important chore to take care of as your child grows up.

At first, your main concern with your child's feet should be to keep them warm. As you will be protecting your baby very closely during this time, the shoes do not need to offer much in the way of protection from environmental hazards other than the cold. If you keep your baby's feet covered up with a blanket when warmth is needed, you can get by with putting off buying baby shoes at this time.

However, if your baby is a kicker and you cannot keep blankets on their feet, warm socks can work better. There are all kinds of special baby socks and booties that can keep baby's feet warm in the coldest winter. For dress up, you might want to put on cloth baby shoes instead. They will look more formal, but will still keep your baby's feet warm.

Soft soled shoes are the next step for most babies. Baby shoes begin to be more important as the baby starts moving around more. That is when babies begin to crawl off the blanket you had set down for them. They begin to crawl and explore anything new they can reach. You will be watching them carefully, but they are fast. Their shoes need to protect them a little more than socks or cloth shoes.

Shoes with a soft sole may have leather soles or rubber soles. Some soft soled shoes are made like little moccasins. Soft soled shoes allow the baby to respond to the floor in a natural way. They enable the child to go through developmental changes like crawling and standing while holding onto things. These baby shoes are suitable for any child who has not started to walk.

As soon as your baby even starts trying to walk, go to the shoe store and look for shoes that will make that activity easier. There are some very good shoes that give some support without an excessive amount of structure. The child needs baby shoes at this time that will allow for tentative movements and trial and error in learning. Look for shoes that are designated as pre-walker shoes because they are made to bridge the gap between a floor-bound baby and a walking one.

When your child has mastered walking, baby shoes will be needed that can both support and protect the feet. Your child will be off and running in every direction. You will need to be sure a stray splinter or sharp rock does not hurt baby's foot. Now is the time for sturdy leather lace up shoes with a solid sole. You may have to buy numerous pairs of baby shoes in the course of a child's infancy and being a toddler. It is always important that you buy baby shoes that fit. Then, your child can grow in comfort.

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Explaing The Popularity Of Natural Baby Care Products

Whether you are a new or more experienced parent, of course,
you want the best for your child. Today, there is a lot more
respect shown to natural baby care means including organic
remedies because more and more people that treat their babies
with things such as traditional medicine are recognizing the
benefits of herbs. There are new baby care products being
released on the market all the time, but you might have noticed
that natural baby care products are becoming more and more
popular.Why is this?

Natural baby care products are of course the best way for you
to care for your baby whenever possible. These products come in
many different forms. Undoubtedly most important is the food
your child eats. Next, skin products should be natural baby care
products, since these products are "ingested" in some form or
another; they are either absorbed through the skin or ingested
when your child places a hand in his or her mouth, for example.

Where should you get your natural baby care products? When you
are shopping online, you should only buy baby food that comes
from the official web site of a known brand. If you are shopping
at your local grocery store, check out those food brands that
are most well known to you and perhaps most popular. If a
particular brand is on sale, make sure that, first of all, the
expiration date for that particular food is not close at hand.
Then, make sure that it is a popular brand and that you're just
getting a good deal. This does happen, and if it does, good for
you. Of course, you first concern is for your child's health,
however, not the money you save. If in doubt, don't buy.

Because some babies may have trouble digesting food, make sure
the natural baby food products you buy contain easy to digest
fruits and vegetables. Ask your pediatrician whether or not your
little one is ready for such potentially allergenic foods as
cereals, dairy, and the like. If not, avoid these.

When you care for your baby's skin, you can choose from many
natural products. Perhaps one of the most important skincare
products for your baby is diaper rash cream. Many brand-name
diaper rash ointments contain such potentially harmful
substances as petroleum jelly. A better and more natural option
is to choose a diaper rash cream that has an aloe vera base.
Aloe vera also helps heal minor cuts and burns.

You can find natural baby care skin products in a variety of
places. One of the easiest ways to shop for natural baby care
skin products is online. If you go online, you can research a
particular brand you like before you buy it. In some cases, you
can also buy online; or go to your local drug or department
store, or a specialty shop such as a baby boutique. Whichever
you choose, a little homework and some careful planning will
help you buy just the products you need.

For answers to your questions about these baby care basics, you
can consult from a virtual library of baby care books. Since
natural baby care products are so readily available, parents
interested in using these products should have no problem
finding them. It is a good idea to have done the research and
some of these products on hand before the first labor pains even

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Friday, November 16, 2007

Does Your Baby Get Sufficient Sleep

Baby needs plenty of sleep. Baby that does not rest enough can be very cranky. As parents, you need to ensure that your baby gets enough sleep. Baby who receives not insufficent rest can be very cranky. You may notice that babies who don't sleep enough may not grow optimally. Children who are small in size are mostly due to lack of sleep when they were babies.

For more information on this topic, check out this article on "Baby Need Enough Sleep." Find out how long should you baby sleep. If you are hiring a nanny or a babysitter, you can teach them how to know if your child has enough sleep.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Selecting A Great Mattress Pad For Your Baby's Crib

Mattress pads are commonly used in cribs to protect the
mattress from being damaged by liquids. The best mattress pads
are highly absorbent and fit snugly against the mattress. By
making sure that the mattress pad that you select for your
baby's crib is both very absorbent and fits the mattress
properly, you are ensuring that it will be able to keep both the
mattress and the baby as dry and clean as possible.

When selecting a mattress pad, you also need to be certain that
you choose one that is both washable and easily to remove. It is
likely to need washing every single day, sometimes more than
once a day. The fabric should be durable enough to withstand
frequent washings. You may want to consider investing in more
than one mattress pad to allow for those days when wetting
problems are at their worst.

Making sure that the mattress pad you select fits the mattress
in your baby's crib properly is very important for reasons other
than keeping the mattress and the baby clean. A proper-fitting
mattress pad is an important safety consideration. If the
mattress pad in your baby's crib can shift easily from one place
to another in the bed, it is a suffocation hazard.

Another important consideration when selecting a mattress pad
is to find out if the one you are considering is designed to
protect your baby from dust and other allergens that may build
up on his or her mattress. Choose a mattress pad that is dust
proof so that it will provide an additional benefit of
protecting your baby from dust and other allergens. A dust proof
mattress pad can play an important role in reducing common
health related issues often triggered by allergens, such as
asthma, bronchitis and sneezing.

Your mattress pad check list needs to include the following
items: proper fit, washable, easily removable, and dust proof.
There are many sources to find affordable mattress pads for your
baby's crib that meet all of the above criteria. Many baby
oriented retailers, mass merchandisers, linen stores and a wide
variety of online retailers are likely to have exactly what you
need to protect your baby and his or her crib mattress.

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The Importance Of Rest For Your Baby

It is a fact of life that all living creatures need to rest in
order to stay healthy and happy. Sleep is one of the necessary
tools of survival just like eating and drinking. In order for
the body and mind to perform at their best, a regular sleep
routine is needed.

When we sleep, it gives not only your body, but your mind a
rest as well. It is thought that sleep allows you to prepare for
the next day and gives your brain an opportunity to sort things
out. Though scientists aren't precisely sure what type of
organizing our brain does when we sleep. It is believed that
during sleep your brain stores and sorts data, solves problems
and replaces any chemicals that the rest of the body may need.

Different Babies May Have Different Sleeping Habits

The amount of sleep that a baby needs will depend on the baby
herself. Age plays a large factor in how much sleep is needed,
but nature plays a large part too. A newborn will sleep anywhere
from 10 to 22 hours per day. This amount of sleep will decrease
as the child grows.

If you have a baby that sleeps well, consider yourself lucky.
For those less fortunate, there are things you can do as a
parent that can get your baby on the right track to get the
proper amount of sleep that she needs. Some babies are more
active than others and will require less sleep, others are more
laid back and are ready for a nap anytime, anywhere. Only you
can determine the sleep needs of your child by observing
behavior during the day. A child that needs more sleep will be
cranky, clumsy and whiny without the proper amount of rest,
while a child who needs less sleep will be ready to face the day
with a smile and energy from the moment they awaken.

Teaching Your Baby Good Sleeping Habits

Though we may think that sleeping is as natural as breathing,
it isn't. If you have poor sleeping habits, your child may
inadvertently pick up your bad rest habits. Usually by the time
a baby reaches about 3 months of age they have developed a
sleeping pattern. Most babies at this age have stopped their
night feeding and this is an ideal time to begin training your
baby for sleep. You must keep in mind that all babies develop at
a different rate. If your child doesn't seem ready for sleep
training at this particular time, put it on the back burner and
try it again in a couple of weeks.

When we say a baby sleeps through the night, we usually mean
they are sleeping at stretches of 5-6 hours at a time. Some
babies will sleep longer, some shorter. Once a child has reached
the age of 6 months and is still waking for a nighttime feeding,
it may be time to start night weaning.

Some babies sleep well through the night and then begin to wake
up again. Don't be alarmed, your baby may be missing you or she
may be trying hard to master new skills that spill over into her
rest and awaken her.

The best way to start healthy sleep habits at this age is to
establish a regular bedtime as well as scheduled naps and stick
to that schedule. You will notice signs of your baby becoming
tired such as rubbing her eyes or pulling at her ears. You can
also plan for specific nap times such as a nap after lunch
feeding and one before the dinner feeding. Some people put their
babies down two hours or so after they have last woken up. As
long as you give your baby the opportunity to sleep, any
approach you use should be fine.

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6 Simple And Easy Ways You Can Help Baby Sleep

Is your newborn giving you fits every time you put her down
to sleep? Do you feel like you could star in the next
blockbuster zombie movie if it keeps up for even a single
night longer?

Don't feel too bad, most new parents go through it.
Fortunately, there are a few simple and easy things you can
do to help

As long as your little one's sleep issues have no medical
roots, there are plenty of ideas out there to help. There
are even some great and rather unusual ideas, too.

But first things first though.

If you are having trouble getting her to catch a full 20
winks, make sure nothing is wrong. If her bedroom isn't too
hot or too cold, her clothing isn't too tight or too loose,
there is nothing physically wrong, and she is properly fed,
move on to other options.

Some of the more off the wall ideas to try that actually
have some results include:

* Massage. This is becoming a more common way to get even
the tiniest of newborns down for the night. A simple,
gentle massage or even patting can go a long way toward
helping you to get baby to sleep. Don't think deep tissue
massage for a newborn, just a simple rub down in a soothing
environment often helps greatly.

* White noise. This is an oldie, but a goodie. Basic
background noises that don't demand attention can really
help you help baby sleep. Thinks like ceiling fans, special
tapes and even dolls that play white noise can all help a
great deal.

* The washing machine. It is not at all unheard of for
parents of newborns to place their little ones in their car
seats on top of running washing machines. The gentle
movement (as long as the washer is balanced) coupled with
the noise tends to sooth some little ones greatly.

* Warm sheets. Babies do not like to be cold. After all,
they have spent roughly nine months is a pretty hot
environment. To ensure you don't set her down on a too cold
surface, consider turning up the temperature in her room a
little more or even getting flannel crib sheets.

* Swaddling. This is an old wife's trick that works
wonders. New parents are sometimes set aback by this one
though. Swaddling involves nothing more than special
clothing or blanket wrapping that keeps her arms and legs
held in tight - just like they were in the womb in her last
days inside. This is a great way to not only help baby
sleep, but to calm her when she's upset.

* Music. Think beyond regular lullabies. Some babies
actually prefer slightly louder music. This tends to be
especially the case if mom and dad listened to loud music a
lot while she was in the womb. Rock and roll beats won't
destroy baby's mind. Just make sure the volume isn't turned
up so loud to hurt her ears.

Learning how to help baby sleep sometimes requires thinking
outside of the box. Be creative with your ideas.

As long as they won't hurt her and they don't jeopardize
her safety while she's sleeping, they are worth trying. If
it works, you'll thank yourself for being creative.

But what works for one baby might not necessarily for
another. The trick is to find what works for your little
one and stick with it.

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Colic Baby Tips - Knowing The Symptoms

The major colic baby symptom is continuous crying for some periods of time, and the sound of the cry is much more intense than that of other infants. A colic cry is often described as a piercing, relentless scream. It can stop as abruptly as it starts and is often heard during or immediately after a feeding, especially in cases when it is due to acid reflux. Although this crying could be happened at any time, it is usually the worse in the evening. Colic baby may lift his head, draw his legs up to their tummy, become red in the face and pass wind. Some babies refuse to eat. Difficult to stay asleep is also very common.

Colic is diagnosed by the "rule of threes" - if a baby cries at least three hours a day, three days per week, for three weeks in a row, then that baby is considered to be suffering from colic. Colic usually starts when the baby is two weeks old and ends when the baby is 100 days old, which is approximately three and a half months of age. In addition, premature baby is no more likely to suffer colic than a full term baby. The colic baby sounds as tough he is in tremendous pain. His face may be twisted and strained, causing onlookers to be highly concerned.

Normally, colic (except due to acid reflux problem) is not a serious condition. Research shows that babies with colic continue to eat and gain weight normally, despite the crying. The main problem with the condition is the stress and anxiety it creates within the home. Parents and other family members may find it difficult to cope with the continuous crying, so it's important to have support now and then.
Each baby will show different colic symptoms. Some may show a number of symptoms while some will only show one.

Below are some of the most common colic baby symptoms.

-They do not generally cry himself to sleep but instead continue to cry relentlessly, sometimes for hours.
-They do not tend to wind down; instead they tend to wind up and work themselves into frenzy.
-They do not always follow a pattern. What calms them at a given moment may excite them at another.
-Unlike other infants, when crying begins the colicky infant will rarely stop crying on his own, so waiting is out usually does not work. Instead, intervening quickly is helpful.

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Find The Right Baby Boy Shower Invitation

It seems like every where we look there are tons of babies and mothers-to-be around. As many people will tell you Motherhood is a very special time for a woman. A time when many things in their life just seem to make sense. They will even go so far as to inform you that being a mother-to-be is much more important. When you want to give her a special gift you can plan a baby shower and if you know that the baby is a boy then you can send out baby boy shower invitations. Invitations that she will remember.
Now there are many things that can be done to prepare for the birthing of a baby, but a baby shower is one event that makes an anticipative mother very pleased. This is when she realizes that her child is approaching ever closer into her life. You can help with this as you not only give her baby gifts that will be of use in the beginning of the baby's birth but also for some time to come. Just another friendly reminder here, the mother to be, can be very emotional in this state. Therefore, it is nice to show her some love an appreciation by being understanding and giving.

When you look into purchasing baby boy shower invitations you will see that there are many dissimilar ones that you can buy. And trust me, there are thousands, one could get paralyzed by the deciding which ones to use. The best way to go about this might be to see what variety of preferences that the soon to be mother has. This way you can create a personalized baby shower invitation that she will appreciate and cherish forever. One good place to start your search would be online. Here the shower invitations are many times downloadable and ready for your use.

There are instances where you will be able to find internet sites that allow you to create unparalleled baby shower invitations. You can use these sites to turn average sounding shower invites into works of art. With a little creativity and love these invitations will come alive.

Now when you are looking at these sites you may want to see if you can get these cards for free or make certain that you have a good deal of time to order the baby boy shower invitations. For it can take time for the cards to arrive and for you to make the necessary changes to the assorted details. You know, like the new mother's name and the place where the baby shower will be held. These details are very significant otherwise your invitee won't be able to arrive in time for the baby shower. I know these details seem so obvious, but you wouldn't believe how many times they are overlooked.

Another interesting way to send baby boy shower invitations is by email. Yes, by email. I know what you might be thinking here, but listen up to some of the advantages. As you know many people have access to a personal computer these days. With little to no time, you can easily pick out the perfect invitation that appeal to you and send them racing across the world, if need be, in record time. With this method many of the guests will be able to plan the appropriate gifts to bring for the mother and you will be able to find out who can't attend.

Baby boy shower invitations are just one simple way to let everyone know that there is a little package of mischief who is about to make his appearance. And as we know this is a special time in a womans life. So, here is where you can make the baby shower more memorable for the new mother with great baby boy shower invitations. The ones she will appreciate as the years pass.

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Tips On Finding The Proper Common Sense Book Of Baby And Child Care

As you gaze at your newborn, you may have faired well on your
current parenting know-how, but you probably would like to own a
common sense book of baby and child care, which can help you out
when it comes to something unfamiliar. Numerous publications are
marketed as "the best" selection in a common sense book of baby
and child care. Since there are too many options to count, how
can you select the one that best fits your needs?

Experts in the field of child psychology or professionals, such
as pediatricians are one of the main motivations that new
parents use when looking to purchase a common sense book of baby
and child care. On the other hand, since favored authors pen
these publications, they can often cost a lot of money.

While the common sense book of baby and child care associated
with a person who is clearly knowledgeable in the field is
considered the best way to go, it is important to take note that
there are plenty of ways to obtain the publication you desire
and not face expensive costs. For starters, it is important to
make sure that the book of your choice will touch upon all of
the subjects you will need assistance in.

The next step is to ensure that the information is delivered in
a manner that is easy to follow. A lot of common sense books of
baby and child care rely on fancy and complicated terms and
references, which does not help you gain a better understanding
on some of the childcare issues you may encounter. It is also
suggested to ensure that the publication illustrates techniques
and details through the use of clear-cut graphics and photos, as
this will help you confirm that you are performing methods and
steps as intended. It is also important that the book does not
try to get too complicated or involved, in some cases it would
be much better to see a doctor.

You should also know that as you scan a common sense book of
baby and child care, you may find information that doesn't
particularly suit your beliefs on rearing a child. This dilemma
may arise when a baby book shows you one method of calming down
a fussy baby that you may have already attempted and failed. It
is recommended to select books that offer more than one way to
solve common baby issues.

When it comes to solving childcare issues, it is not always
necessary to rely on a baby book. Asking family and friends with
children can provide decent help, as they may have the answers
to questions on your mind. On the other hand, if you favor using
a book, try locating decent publications at the local bookshop
or across the Internet, where you may also scan book reviews.
After conducting suitable research, you will have increased your
chances of bringing home just the right common sense book of
baby and child care.

With the extensive number of books that are available on baby
and child care, finding a publication that you like should be
relatively easy.

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