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Ruby Jewelry Proves To Be A 'precious' Find For July Babies

The ruby, which symbolizes contentment, is a precious gemstone
that also serves as the birthstone for the month of July. By
definition, a ruby is a precious gem that consists of corundum
in color varieties varying from deep crimson to purple to pale
rose. When it comes to gemstones, there are both semi-precious
and precious. As one might imagine, the list of precious
gemstones is a small one and consists only of ruby, sapphire,
emerald and diamond. Because the ruby is one of the more rare
gems in existence, it is also one of the more expensive. For
this reason, many jewelry lovers turn toward the synthetic ruby
in order to enjoy the look without spending a fortune.

When it comes to gemstone jewelry, clarity is important.
Rubies, like all gems, tend to have inclusions. Genuine rubies
are highly prized, especially when they are found to be clear
and in the deeper shades of red. Synthetic rubies are one
alternative that allows women to enjoy the look of a flawless
ruby. Since having first been developed in 1837, the process
of creating synthetic rubies has improved greatly and has
allowed for a recreation that features both the physical and
chemical properties of a genuine ruby.

At Almost Diamonds, a popular online retailer specializing in
sterling silver jewelry, buyers are sure to find a dazzling
selection of styles at prices that are sure to outshine the
competition. From earrings and necklaces to bracelets and
rings, Almost Diamonds has a variety of choices that feature
both clear and colored cubic zirconia designs, along with
genuine gemstones. Because the jewelry is available in
sterling silver, which is a precious metal, you will be wearing
something that can last a lifetime.

So, you weren't born in July and you still like the look of
ruby jewelry? Jewelry lovers around the world enjoy adding as
much color to their collection as possible, so don't hesitate
to purchase your favorite design and wear it proudly. Ruby
jewelry, either genuine or synthetic, will make a wonderful
gift for yourself or someone that you love.

Speaking of love, many weddings are held in the month of
February in honor of Valentine's Day. This means that, because
the traditional valentine colors are red and white, a piece of
ruby jewelry would make a wonderful bridesmaid's gift, but
would also be an ideal gift for someone that you love in
celebration of the February 14th holiday. Because this is also
a popular day for engagements, a ruby solitaire would also make
for a unique ring to present to the bride-to-be. In fact, many
couples are choosing alternate gemstones in their engagement

In conclusion, the ruby is a highly-respected gemstone that has
earned the honor of being named as one of the few `precious'
gems in existence. If you happen to be born in the month of
July, wear your ruby jewelry with pride in knowing that you are
also `precious.' Afterall, isn't that how our jewelry is
supposed to make us feel? When you wear something as
spectacular as a ruby, you will shine just as brightly as your

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Baby Monitors Will Help New Parents Rest Easy

Are you a parent that experience anxiety when you are away from your baby even though they are in the next room? You are not alone. Millions of families every year use Baby Monitors to help watch over their newborns and older babies. The growth of technology involving has provided more fancier, easier to use, packed with features Baby Monitors - from sensing movement, sound and even with video monitors for watching over your newborn baby. There are even prenatal monitors, and baby video monitors. When you sit down to relax, a Baby Monitor from the Baby Monitor Store will help you rest easy. Imagine being able to relax in your easy chair and still be able to monitor your baby and their surroundings. How about sitting on the back porch enjoying a cup of coffee while the baby sleeps and yet you see or hear how they are doing? These make great gifts for the new parents.

I would like to highlight a basic baby monitor. The basic monitor is the perfect model to get started with. You want a Parent unit that includes a rechargeable base and rechargeable battery. Look for a Child unit (transmitter) that has a backup battery in case of power failure. If possible get a unit with a reliable auto-channel scanning selector. It will find the best channel to use over the 2.4 GHz. Don't buy a unit who frequency is below 2.4 GHz. Most units use digital technology that eliminates interference and provides a secure and private transmission. Check the range and if it has a 650 foot range and out-of-range audible indicator then you will have lots of freedom around the house. Make sure it has an AC adapter.

Whether you need a basic unit or perhaps one that provide video, they are available. The baby monitors available today are safe and more important - reliable. You can find these baby monitors that are new as well as used ones from parents who no longer need them. These units more than likely have been taken care of. I would caution to make sure the unit comes from a smoke free environment. I am reminded of seeing a great unit at a garage sale but the white was brown because it came from a home that had smokers. You could tell the baby unit was white and the parent unit was brown. Just pay attention when you are shopping.

As a new parent, don't you want to be able to enjoy your newborn addition to your family? If you don't get a baby monitor at the many baby showers you will have, then go out and buy yourself one. Within a day, you will be so glad that you did. You will find that those few minutes of rest while the baby is sleeping is even more enjoyable when you can just sit down and relax and monitor the baby without disturbing that precious little darling.

I forgot to mention above but make sure the baby monitor unit you decided to buy has batteries and a AC adapter. This way, if the power goes out, the monitoring doesn't stop just because you don't have electricity. The modern units on the market today have these features but also make sure before purchasing.

The baby video monitors are pretty cool. They do cost more but you get to watch what your baby is doing. This can be a great thing especially if your baby is sick. Technology has really improved where the images are quite clear. There are color and black and white baby video monitors available. It is your choice at to what works best for you. The color monitors are my favorite. Why use black and white when you can use color? The screens are not really big but they are more than adequate to meet your needs. As more color monitors come on the market, the price will go down.

Pre-natal monitoring is another area that may parents to be are interested in. You can hear your baby's heartbeat. Some of the units allow you to play music to the baby. It is suppose to soothe them. I find them interesting.

The days of tip toeing into the nursery to see how your baby is doing is over with if you own a baby monitor. No more waking up the baby just trying to make sure everything is alright. The technology has evolved into a worthwhile tool for new parents who want and demand the ability to monitor their child. Make sure people know you would like one as a gift if a baby shower is coming up. Owning a baby monitor is an important addition to your nursery. It offers peace, safety and freedom.

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Five Easy Steps for Choosing the Best Babysitter

Babysitters are entrusted to care for the most precious people in your life. Here are five steps you can follow to make sure you hire the best candidate for the job.

Step One: Ask trusted community members for recommendations.
Some of the best babysitters come from referrals of other parents who have found a babysitter they are delighted with. Ask friends, relatives, and moms you meet in the supermarket or on the playground. In addition, you may want to ask preschool teachers or early grade school teachers for recommendations and advice. These early childhood experts often keep a list of recommended sitters, and they may even provide babysitting services themselves.

Step Two: Interview the prospective babysitter.
Ask for references and call several families whom the babysitter has worked with. Also during the interview, ask the candidate if she has any special qualifications, such as first aid training or CPR certification. Ask her what she would do in the case of emergencies such as accidental poisoning or choking. And do not be afraid to ask the potential sitter about her personal habits, such as swearing, smoking, or drinking. If you are interviewing a younger sitter, you may want to ask about Red Cross Certification. Red Cross babysitting courses are designed for 11 to 15 year olds, and instruct participants on such topics as first aid, diapering and feeding, as well as safe and age appropriate toys and games. The interview with your prospective sitter is also the time to work out such details as the rate of pay and transportation to and from the job.

Step Three: Make sure you choose someone who is experienced enough to handle your children at their present ages and stages.
Infants, in particular, will require special care and experience. Toddlers and school age children can have a lot of fun with a younger sitter, but make sure to provide the sitter with a list of emergency numbers, including contact information for nearby relatives and neighbors, as well as your family physician. Of course, you will need to leave detailed information as to where you are going and when you will be returning. Write down your cell phone number for both the babysitter as well as for your children, if they are old enough to call you themselves. Make sure to keep your cell phone with you and turned on at all times while you are away.

Step Four: Give the babysitter a clear idea of your expectations, as well as the House Rules.
If you have older children, it is a good idea to explain house rules, including bedtime and meal instructions, to the babysitter in the presence of the children. This will minimize any objections the children might have in your absence. (Many sitters are familiar with the "but mom says we do not have to go to bed until 11" routine.) You will also want to discuss any special expectations you have about the way discipline issues are to be handled.

Include specific rules that may affect each individual child, such as "No snacks before dinner." And remember to include rules you expect the sitter to follow (such as no visiting friends, no long cell phone calls, no loud music). Discuss special instructions personally when the sitter arrives at your home, and reiterate them in a set of written instructions for her reference, as well.

Step Five: Make sure to discuss with the children what kind of behavior you expect from their babysitter.
Discuss with them what abuse is (physical and verbal) and instruct the children to tell you immediately if the babysitter does something to hurt them or to make them feel uncomfortable. If your children are sufficiently old enough, instruct them to call you if anything occurs that they think you should know.

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Save Time With Printable Games For Baby Showers

One of the greatest ways to celebrate a baby shower is by
playing some baby themed shower games. These baby shower games
are fun, entertaining and easy to find. There are a lot of
printable games for baby showers available on the Internet.
Expect some laughter to occur during game time! But before it's
playing time some other activities are taking place.

Baby showers last usually three to four hours and consist of a
few activities. Socializing, eating, playing some party games
and watching the expectant mother open her presents. It's not a
bad idea for the host to plan activities ahead of time so that
the pace of the party remains steady.

As guests arrive, plan some time for socialization. Allow a
good half hour to an hour for this chatter. The guests will all
want a chance to find out how the mommy to be is doing
especially if they have not seen her in a while.

After socialization it's usually time for some food. Food is
always expected at a baby shower. Though it doesn't need to be
elaborate, it's just got to be planned. Schedule another hour
for it. Finger foods are an excellent option and guests can eat
throughout the shower, with a special time, usually towards the
end, devoted to eating the baby shower cake. If men are
invited, you can organise an outdoors barbeque. The guys can
prepare the food while the women sit back and socialize with
each other.

And then ... it's time for some entertainment by playing some
party games! Baby shower games are fun and there's no end to
the game options, either. No need to reinvent the wheel. Save a
lot of time and choose from the hundreds of printable party
games that are available on the Internet. Just to name a few
... there is Finish Mommy's Phrase, Baby Bingo, Baby Trivia,
Name That Nursery Rhyme and so many more to choose from.

Decide a few weeks prior to the shower about the games that
will be played and schedule each game in a one hour time frame.
Don't forget to prepare some fun prices for the winner of each

If playing games is not an option, for whatever reason, you can
spend more time socializing or doing a group activity. Create an
advice book by passing around a blank notebook. On a separate
page, each guest writes down a bit of parenting advice and
signs the page. These tips will definitely be lasting memories
for years to come.

Or let each guest bring a copy of one of their favorite books
when they were a child. Everyone shares what made that book
special before presenting it to the expectant mom. This is an
excellent way to get to know each other and beefing up a new
baby's library.

Some other project ideas that will remind the mommy to be of
this special occasion include making a video documentary,
quilting, scrapbooking or making something like a hand-painted
wall hanging or floor mat that the expectant mother can use in
her home.

After the baby shower games or some fun group activity it's
time for the highlight of the baby shower .... opening the baby
shower gifts. Be sure someone is in charge of assembling the
baby gifts as they're opened and someone is writing down the
list of gifts and the guest who gave each. Don't throw away the
bows, so that when it's all over, the guest of honor can be
crowned with a crazy bow hat! Have fun and enjoy!

About The Author: Ilse Wilkins has organised dozens of
successful baby shower parties and would like to recommend, the #1 place for printable
games for baby showers.

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What to Look for in a Baby Bottle

If you choose to bottle feed your baby, and then you may be overwhelmed by the different types available. You will have to make many decisions starting with the type of bottle you want to work with. Since baby bottles are generally not used after the baby is a year old, and many get left here and there, spend the least amount of money on them. However, you still want to use baby bottles that are right for your baby.

The market is full of fun and creative baby bottles. I think most parents have been known to buy a particular baby bottle because of the cartoon character on it or because of the color. However, there are more important issues to take into consideration when you are choosing baby bottles.

Most baby bottles are plastic, but some glass ones are still out there. Glass bottles and plastic ones without liners can be tricky to clean. A bottle brush works great to get to the bottom of each one. You can also wash them in a dishwasher. Some plastic baby bottles require you to use a liner. After each use, the liner is thrown away.

The size and shape of the nipple is very important. Most nipples are made from either latex or silicon. If you are breast feeding, make sure you get nipples that are very similar in sucking motion as when your baby is suckling your breast. This will make it easier to go back and forth.

Some nipples allow too much milk through them and others make the baby struggle to get any as they suck. You will need to try various nipples to find the ones that work well for your baby. Once your baby has teeth, you can anticipate going through a great deal of nipples due to holes being bitten into them. At that time, it is a good idea to switch to a thicker nipple.

You will need to take your baby's needs into consideration as well when selecting the right baby bottle. If your infant is colicky, then you will need to use a bottle that has an angle or a vent to reduce the amount of air they suck in while feeding. As your baby gets older, he or she will start trying to hold their own bottle. Try to find ones that are easy to grip and don't slip from their hands.

Since you really don't know how your baby is going to take to a particular bottle or nipple, it is suggested that you buy a variety of each when getting items ready for your baby. Baby bottles and nipples are very inexpensive so this shouldn't be too big of a concern. There is likely going to be some trial and error going on as you get used to your baby and finding out what works well for he or she.

Every baby is different so you can't base your bottle buying on what your friends or family use for their babies.

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Nursing Babies: How Old Is Too Old?

Nursing babies are a beautiful sight in many cultures. Many mothers fall in love with their children as they watch them suckle and drift contentedly off to sleep. Nursing babies are happiest while in their mother's arms.

While few would argue that nursing babies are adorable, what's to be done with a toddler who stomps their foot in defiance and demands to be nursed right now? How old is too old to be breast fed?

Choosing to breastfeed your baby may have been a simple decision but determining when to wean a child can be difficult. When many mothers begin to breastfeed their babies, they assume that weaning will occur naturally. For some breast fed babies, the transition form the breast to the sippy cup comes with a fight.

Nursing babies who have a difficult time adjusting to life away from the breast may be objecting to more than just weaning. Some breast fed babies crave the physical closeness of nursing more than breast milk.

Determining if this is true for your child can help make the transition easier for both mother and child. Continuing to hold your child during feedings can help reduce the shock of weaning for a sensitive child.

While the appropriate age to wean a child is not set in stone, it is culturally acceptable in America to nurse a child for the first twelve months. Once solid foods are introduced into the child's diet and they begin to walk, American customs call for the weaning of the child.

Some breast feeding women choose to extend this period of nursing, sometimes until the child leaves for kindergarten. While many of them wean their babies shortly before returning to the workforce, some continue to pump breast milk and bottle feed their babies for several years.

The choice really is up to each woman and many choose to ignore social norms. Breast feeding women can even choose to keep their extended breastfeeding a secret by storing breast milk in the refrigerator disguised as cow's milk or formula.

When a mother decides to stop breastfeeding, she can feel a sense of loss and sadness as a chapter of her baby's life comes to a close. Sensing this unhappiness in the mother, a child can exhibit fussiness and tantrums during a mother's attempts to stop breastfeeding.

Before attempting to stop breastfeeding, a nursing mother must come to grips with any unresolved feelings she may be experiencing about weaning her child.

Mothers who choose to formula feed a nursing infant can be in for a fight unless the transition is made slowly. Abruptly springing a formula feed schedule in place of breast feeding sessions can be traumatic to nursing babies. The bottle should be introduced slowly and be filled with 100% breast milk at first.

Formula can be slowly added to subsequent bottles of breast milk until the child is completely weaned from the breast. Gradually substitute a breast feeding session with a bottle feeding session over a period of several weeks if possible.

Once a child is accustomed to the 100% formula feed schedule, the mother should continue to provide physical interaction with the baby during bottle feeding sessions to continue bonding and provide intense social interaction for the child.

Nursing babies can transition smoothly to the bottle or sippy cup if a nursing mother is emotionally prepared to wean her baby. Armed with a few facts, mothers can help nursing babies adjust smoothly to being away from the breast.

Not all nursing babies will be pleasant to nurse as they grow to be demanding toddlers. Each woman must decide for herself when her child needs to stop breastfeeding.

Breast feeding is an important aspect of your new born baby. Mike Selvon's portal has more information about nursing babies. Visit us at and leave a comment at our blog at

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Choosing Not To Breastfeed Your Baby

Many women choose not to breastfeed their babies. Formula feeding is simply a better fit for their lifestyle. There are many different reasons that a woman may cite for choosing not to breastfeed her baby.

Decreased milk supply, sore or inverted nipples, time spent away from the baby, inflexible work schedules, necessary medications and many other situations can cause a woman to decide not to breastfeed her baby.

Choosing to formula feed your infant was at one time considered to be a social faux pas. Today's culture is much more accepting of bottle feeding an infant. Many mothers return to work shortly after the birth of an infant and breastfeeding is simply not conventional in the average workplace.

Deciding to formula feed your baby is often a matter of necessity rather than personal choice. Electing to formula feed your infant does not have to be a disadvantageous experience for you or your baby.

Many breastfeeding advocates will argue that breast fed infants receive better nutrition than formula fed babies. With the advances in the ingredients of baby formulas, this is no longer true. Eating a well balanced diet with enough calories to sustain two people is often an arduous task for mothers.

Strict dieting, indulging in sweets and any consumption of alcoholic beverages are all prohibited for breastfeeding women. Breast fed infants receive a portion of everything consumed by the mother, making prescription drugs, alcoholic beverages and many over the counter medications off limits.

It is also difficult to accurately gauge how much milk a breast fed infant actually consumes. For children with medical conditions that require close monitoring of their intake, bottle feeding is a necessity.

Learning about breastfeeding benefits and drawbacks is often one area that healthcare practitioners focus on heavily during the prenatal period and immediately following the birth of a child. Many breastfeeding advocates support breastfeeding in part because of the bond created between the mother and child during frequent breastfeeding.

This same bond can be achieved with bottle feeding by holding the infant during feeding times. Making eye contact, stroking and talking to your infant during feedings can create as strong a bond as breastfeeding. Talk about breastfeeding versus bottle feeding with your OB/GYN or nurse practitioner if you have doubts about your choice to not breastfeed your infant.

Many baby websites offer chat rooms or discussion forums dedicated to the discussion of bottle versus breastfeeding. Baby websites can also be a great source of information about the nutritional, social and emotional aspects of choosing not to breastfeed your baby.

Many of the popular baby and parenting magazines now offer a corresponding baby website with additional articles, contests and links to other helpful baby-related websites.

If you choose not to breastfeed your baby, you can rest assured that your infant will not suffer any damaging effects. Mothers who choose to breastfeed their babies nurture and bond with their infants as well as those who choose to bottle feed.

Opting to breastfeed your baby may not be the best choice for your lifestyle. Modern mothers have the choice between the bottle and the breast.

Breast feeding is an important aspect of your new born baby. Mike Selvon's portal has more information on whether or not to breastfeed your baby. Visit us at and leave a comment at our blog at

Travel Accessories For Babies

The travel accessories for babies are so cute and adorable that some Mothers forget that they actually do serve a purpose. The parents of twins would simply be lost without a stroller built for two and every parent would be lost without a car seat that was built to fit the miniature size of the little person in their lives.

Some of the travel accessories for babies can be used for years. Many parents would never think to travel with their child in the car without having a small and cuddly toy for them to play with. These toys can be used to entertain a child during a shopping trip or serve as a little buddy when the child is put down for an afternoon nap.

Parents benefit often from the travel accessories for babies that allow them to pump milk out when they are away from home. Many Mothers will stash these marvelous pumps in a diaper bag so that they can discretely take them into the restroom at their favorite restaurant. Both people at this small dinner party can get their lunch in very little time and not have to fret over it one bit.

Every child needs a bed to sleep on and this rule applies when they are away from home too. There are travel cots that pack up nicely and are easy to load and unload from the car. Parents are able to visit with friends after nightfall and know that their child is relaxing nicely in a bed that they are familiar with. These small travel cots come with removable covers that can be cleaned in the washing machine.

There are new inventions in travel accessories for babies during the past five years and some are more helpful than others. A helpful travel accessory that mothers love is a new changing pad that can be manipulated with one hand. The changing pad has been designed to form a circle of fabric under the baby instead of the standard rectangular shapes that never seem to work very well. The baby's bottom never has a chance to slide off, and the changing pad has pockets to store diapers and wipes.

Most of the travel accessories for babies are meant to keep things organized, but there are some helpful items that will also keep children safe. There are safety gates in various sizes that can keep a toddler from tumbling down several flights of stairs, and these gates can even be used to keep small dogs in the right part of a friends backyard during a visit.

Every new mother will feel a bit of weight gain after they give birth to their child. A trip to the gym once or twice a week will help them to regain their figure. There are travel accessories for babies that provide enough activities that the child can have their own gym to play with even if their Mom is on some exercise equipment a few feet away. The hanging toys on the baby gym are travel accessories for babies that will help the child progress nicely and become fit in the process.

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Babysitter Checklist - Don't Leave Home Without One

When you leave your kids with a babysitter do you genuinely
enjoy your time away?

Maybe I should rephrase that question. When was the last time
you actually took some time for your partner and yourself by
utilizing the services of a paid babysitter whom you trusted
and the kids loved?

Or...are you simply scared to leave your kids with a sitter?
(That's okay. It IS scary the first time.)

You already know that regular, quality time away from the
responsibilities of parenting can help you be a better parent.
But honestly, you'll need peace of mind about your children's
care if you are going to truly refresh yourself while you're

This is simpler than you think. You can use readily available
tools to accomplish this with ease. The first tool you'll want
to take advantage of is a babysitter checklist.

A babysitter checklist can ensure peace of mind by helping you
keep track of what's most important. For example...

-- Do you worry that your children won't be properly cared for
while you're out for the evening? Then use your babysitter
checklist to detail what activities, what foods and what
schedule you want for your children during that time period. A
bonus of this approach is that both babysitter and children
will be kept busy while you're away.

-- Do you worry about safety issues while you're gone for a few
hours? Put those important numbers such as fire, emergency help,
and poison control directly on your babysitter checklist. Always
leave a phone number where you can personally be reached. If you
have specific safety routines in your home, detail all such
information on your checklist and go over it with your
babysitter before leaving for the evening.

-- Keep any requests on your checklist specific to avoid
misinterpretation. Don't say that movies are okay for the kids
to watch...write down exactly which movies are acceptable to
you. The same goes for TV programs and music choices, too. (If
you need a simple and no-cost babysitter checklist for your own
use, please see the author's resource box at the end of this

You will still need to find a babysitter you can trust. I have
always found that a personal recommendation is best when it
comes to finding a new sitter. Once you've located a new
sitter, have a 'test sit' so everyone can get acquainted. You
might want to consider hiring your new babysitter to care for
your children while you are in another area of your home.
Again, use your babysitter checklist to give as detailed
instructions as you like, so that your new babysitter knows
EXACTLY what is expected of him or her.

One more your babysitter well. You are asking
someone to care for your most precious treasures and, let's
face it, quality costs. If money is an issue for you then be
creative with your time away and reduce your costs on that end
as opposed to trying to cut your babysitter's salary.

Coordinating and organizing your time away from your children
can make such events very valuable for both you and your
family. Take the time to find the right sitter and use a simple
babysitter checklist to make everyone feel comfortable and

About The Author: Colleen Langenfeld has been parenting for
over 25 years and helps other moms enjoy mothering more at Get a no-cost babysitter checklist
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The Stomach Pain Of Baby's Constipation

If you are a first time parent it is expected that you will
notice every little thing about the baby, especially when it
seems that something is even a tad bit out of sorts.

When your baby begins to experience bowel movements in which
the stool is harder and firmer your infant may be experiencing
baby constipation. If you ignore this little inconvenience,
your baby typically begins to feel terribly uncomfortable when
trying to have a bowel movement.

It is a well known fact that breastfed babies do not seem to
experience as much constipation as formula fed babies. This
seems to be related to the fact that the mother's breast milk
is more easily digested by the infant's digestive system.

Breastfed babies are able to more easily digest the proteins in
breast milk. This simple fact causes bowel movements to be
looser and therefore, much easier for your baby to expel.

Formula fed babies seem to have more difficulty digesting the
proteins in formula and so suffer more constipation than breast
fed babies. When babies have trouble digesting what they are
being fed this can lead to constipation, pain and irritability.

While it is not unusual for a little one to have a bowel
movement two to three times a day, if you notice that your babe
is more irritated or appears to be straining while trying to
move their bowels or even if you note that your baby's stools
have become hard and firm then you should intervene before
constipation becomes a real issue for both you and your baby.
Look for healthy and physician approved alternatives to help
your baby have a comfortable and soft bowel movement.

Baby's can experience abdominal pain if they are terribly
constipated since the stool can become so hard and lodge in the
intestines that it is simply too hard to pass. Even little ones
can begin to subconsciously avoid having a bowel movement in
hopes of avoiding the pain of constipation.

Some healthy alternatives to help your baby with constipation
is to massage your child's abdomen.

Begin around the belly button area and massage the belly in
outwards in circles while going in a clockwise motion. You may
use a bit of lotion or massage oil to make this a more
enjoyable encounter. You may find that your baby really enjoys
this special massage so you can keep it up for a few minutes
and enjoy the time together.

Pressure can also be relieved from your baby's tummy if you
place the babe on their back, hold the legs upward and then
gentle move them as if riding a bicycle.

A warm bath can also help your baby to relax. Think about how
much you, as an adult, enjoy a soak in the warm tub. If you
have tried all of these tricks to help your baby to have a
bowel movement and find relief from constipation then you must
contact your child's healthcare provider for medical advice
about what to do next.

If your child is experiencing constipation and you are feeding
your baby formula, make sure that you are mixing the formula
according to the directions. You want to make sure your baby is
staying well hydrated to help keep the stools soft. Your
pediatrician may also suggest that you provide the baby with
extra bottles of water during the day as well to increase their
fluid intake.

Baby constipation can be a normal part of childhood; however,
it is not something that you can ignore. Your baby is depending
on your help. So be sure to consult with your child's healthcare
provider for the course of treatment that he would prefer you
follow for your child.

Baby constipation is best avoided in the first place, but if it
does occur then you must intervene for your child's comfort.

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pain be sure to visit where you
will find advice and tips on common stomach pain causes such as
constipation, ulcers, and other articles that you can view at

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Giving A Baby Bath Set As A Gift

With so many baby products available on the market today, it's
easy to get lost when trying to decide which ones to purchase.
Bath sets tend to be an ever popular product because every baby
needs a bath.

With products like baby bath sets and others like it available
on the market, it's always nice to be able to know about some
of more popular ones before deciding which products to

Baby Magic Bath Set with Baby Bath and Creamy Oil

This bath set includes products from Playtex, a delightful baby
bath that is extra mild, along with a moisture sealing oil that
is applied to the baby after bath time to keep the baby's skin
soft and smooth. The price is moderate, at about $10 depending
on where you decide to purchase it.

Gerber Grins and Giggles Baby Bath Time Set

This set includes a lavender baby wash, meant to sooth the mind
of baby and parents. A milk and honey lotion is great for after
the bath, and even great for the adults! A sweet pea foaming
baby wash is also included, with a special oatmeal lotion
perfect for bedtime baths.

A comb and a soft bath sponge complete this set, offering
everything you need for bath time with your baby. It's all
bundled in a reusable zip bag, makes this set convenient for
trips too. This is a hot pick, and priced nicely at about
$12.99 and you can find it online at Target.

Gerber Bare Basics Baby Bath Gift Set

This set is perfect as a gift, but great to keep as well!
You'll find that the storage tote offers everything you need
for bath time all bundled in a convenient reusable package. The
set includes a 2 wash cloths and a toy, 2 different kinds of
baby wash, baby lotion, baby shampoo and vapor bath for baths
during a cold. You even get bath time music! At about $29.99,
it's a great baby bath set that will last quite awhile and keep
baby smiling during bath time.

Compare Your Products

Never forget to compare your products before purchasing them.
You'll want to try and read reviews when possible, and make
sure the product is exactly what you want. Once you've decided
which products to purchase, be sure to comparison shop for
price as many websites compete for your business and you can
save a lot of money by visiting more than one website.

About The Author: Ann Marier writes informative articles about
family life and general health issues, Her latest are about
baby care . Click on to
read her articles on baby care. Click on for other articles on general
health issues

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How Babies Can Get Infected With Herpes

Herpes is a disease that is very hard for a person to accept.
It causes not only physical pains to the infected person but
also emotional pains as well. But what has happened to you can
no longer be undone. The only thing that can be done now is to
prevent the outbreaks from recurring. You should not worry
about it very much after the first outbreak; the first outbreak
will be the most painful. After the first outbreak, the
recurrence will only happen fewer to some. To some, it may
happen 4 to 6 times a year.

However the effects of herpes to women are more painful and
have more severe results, especially for those that are
pregnant. So it is a must for women to learn to practice
healthier sex. They can just try to be wiser about how they
practice sex. If the women plan on having children, they should
be more wise about their sex life, because if they are not their
babies will be affected too. I'm sure that any parent would not
want to put their kids at any health risk.

Herpes virus is a great risk to infants because the disease can
spread to the infant during delivery. Because a woman who has
genital will have the virus on her birth canal and cause
neonatal herpes.

Another way for the herpes to be spread to the baby is when
she is kissed by an infected person during the babies first few
weeks of being alive. If the baby is kissed with a person who
has cold sores or oral herpes the baby will be infected. If a
person who had touched a person with a cold sore and then
touches a baby may cause herpes too, but it is a rare

If you are a woman who has herpes, you should not panic about
the health your baby. You should just be concerned and worried
so that your baby can avoid herpes. This is because according
to research that less than .1% of babies are born with neonatal
herpes from 25 to 30% of pregnant women with herpes.

The babies will be more at risk from neonatal pregnancy if the
mother has contacted the genital herpes on her late stages of
pregnancy. This happens because a newly infected mother will
not have enough antibodies during her late stages of pregnancy.
Therefore the baby will have no natural protection. New herpes
infection is also very active, so the chances of the virus to
be on the birth canal are very large.

About The Author: Jan Thomsen is also writing health articles
for his genital herpes site.

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How Do Babies Learn?

Babies learn the same way that older humans learn. They mimic
what they hear and see. They observe what they are exposed to
and they learn through positive and negative reinforcement.

Take crying for example. A baby will cry when it is hungry.
This crying starts off as an outlet for the pain and discomfort
that the baby is experiencing by being hungry. The baby soon
associates that when it cries, milk arrives. Then the baby will
begin to cry as soon as it is hungry to bring on the milk. The
baby has learned that his or her cries are responded to. The
baby may also learn that the louder the cry or yell, the
quicker the response if this turns out to be the case.

This process of learning by association teaches the baby not
only how to get what it needs but also how communication can
take place through sound. At some point in its early life a
baby will learn that if no-one can hear the crying there is no
point in doing so to get the milk. It can still cry however as
an outlet for pain.

Babies will also mimic. Babies need to be extremely observant
because their survival depends on it. This is why they are much
more observant than adults. They need to learn how to have their
needs met so must pay close attention. It is through observing
that they will notice that some of their behaviors cause joy in
others and some cause anger.

They will also experiment as they learn and then learn even
more through trial and error. A baby's memory is far more agile
than an adult's. Many things are learned as the memory holds all
this newly gathered information.


What appears as simple play is often much more than that. As
babies play with different objects they are developing eye-hand
coordination, spatial awareness and registering various
sensations amongst other things. As long as they are playing,
something is being practiced.

As they get older, play continues to be hard work. In fact, one
could say that play is actually practice for adult life. When a
kitten pretends to chase a mouse or a young child pretends to
be taking care of an infant or driving a car, these are all
actions which are practiced over and over again until the age
nears when these actions must be done for real. As real life
changes, the way children play changes too.

A sight that would not have been seen 25 years ago is a young
toddler pushing her doll in a stroller while speaking into a
big plastic pretend mobile phone. Children seem to naturally
want to practice what adults are doing now.

Learning happens quite naturally. However, as more and more
research is done on how babies learn and magazines publish
findings like the fact that babies can learn language by
listening (who would've thought?) more and more parents buy
these magazines to have access to these latest research
findings. This is in the hope that they can give their child a
head start.

Mothers have been singing lullabies to their babies and telling
them stories since the beginning of time. Perhaps we always
instinctively knew that speaking to an infant helps the infant
acquire language. Research studies now prove that we were right
to think this.

While articles on these research topics help to promote a very
lucrative parental magazine industry, it is really debatable
whether or not babies will be smarter because parents now read
such material. While cultures in developing countries think it
is common sense to interact with your baby and speak clearly to
him or her as often as possible, other cultures in the developed
world are walking around with magazine articles about the latest
findings such as; talking to babies helps them to learn language
and toys help them become coordinated.

About The Author: Johnny Moon is a contributer to

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Things to Consider When Choosing Your Baby's Name

Naming a child is an extremely serious affair. A name stays
forever and, if the child hates his name during his growing
years, it can adversely affect his mind and psychology.
Therefore, it is very important for parents to give their
child a name that he will not find embarrassing when he
grows up. Here's one example of disastrous child naming:
Bruce Willis has named his daughters Rumer, Tallulah and
Scout. This is a clear case of forcing a personal choice
down the throats of children who have no worldly experience
of knowing what is right or wrong for them.

So, lesson number one: parents must think from the child's
angle and ask themselves this -

* Will my child be proud of his name or will he be
embarrassed by it?
* Will the name give a chance to potential leg-pullers to
make life miserable for my child during his growing-up

Once you are clear that you have to think from the child's
point of view, here's what you must do:

1. The basics of naming a child are that the name must
sound positive and must conform to the child's gender. This
goes without saying, and we're sure you'll be up to it.

2. If you are bound either by religion or tradition when it
comes to naming, then the buck stops there, as you have to
select the name from a given set of names. In this case,
you must make a list of the traditional or religious names
and shortlist the names that you like the most. After that
it boils down to choosing the name you think suits your
child the best.

3. If you're looking beyond religion and tradition, then
you can really get creative: you can base your child's name
on his physical traits or on his personality. For example,
if your child has a strong bone structure, you can choose a
"strength" name for him; if he appears creative to you, you
can go in for an "arty" name, and so on. Maybe you can name
your baby after your interests, but whatever you choose to
do, remember not to make the name sound weird or
complicated. There's this website,
(, which is
a favorite for name seekers - try it out, it may give you a
whole lot of ideas.

4. You can also choose to name your child after your
favorite singer or actor. However, you must remember that
many such celebrities are law-breakers, do not have much
ethical sense, and are into abusing substances such as
drugs and what not. Be careful to base your child's name on
a celebrity who stands on a high moral ground.

5. You must also analyze how the name will sound when the
last name is added to it. This is important because the
child will be known by his full name once he begins his

6. Here is a small list of DON'Ts:

(i) The initials of your child's full name (first, middle
and last) may sometimes make a word. For example: Billy
Uriah Balboa makes BUB. So, if the name you have chosen
ends up making an offensive word out of the initials, avoid

(ii) The spelling must not be too complicated and the name
should be easily pronounceable.

(iii) Avoid very long names!

Once you have made a list of your favorite names, go ahead
and choose, and remember to choose well because that name
will be stuck to your child for whole life. Make sure to
see that your child is proud of your superior choice. We
wish you all the luck in the world.

Patricia Bennett publishes a wealth of information on this

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What the Baby Boomers Can Teach Paris Hilton

Are you tired of the celebrity driven circus revolving around Paris Hilton? Does the hotel heiress deserve to be behind bars for her flagrant disregard for the law? As a popular media figure, should she be responsible to set an example for the impressionable teenagers who emulate her?

The Baby Boomers or so called 'Me Generation,' on some level, weren't all that different. They were often seen as egocentric and self absorbed, as having a sense of entitlement. But, along the way, they developed the capacity for self reflection. Now, entering the retirement years, they are serving the greater good and are often referred to as the 'We Generation.' Paris Hilton can learn a lesson or two from the changes in their attitudes and behavior:

1. Taking a step back helps you see the situation from a different angle and develop a new perspective. Listening to your inner voice can provide comfort and reassurance as you recognize how your basic character strengths support you. Focus on what's important, and try to integrate core values and personal ideals into how you view the world.

2. Let go of your concerns about the present moment and look at the big picture. Time passes quickly - use it to your advantage and make different choices about your future. Set new long range goals as well as short term objectives. Commit to a process of change - then move forward, step by step.

3. Look to satisfying others instead of only giving yourself pleasure. Learn that gratitude is a very powerful emotion. Tell others what you appreciate about them. Watch their positive reaction to what you say and see how that makes you feel.

4. Increase your capacity to be resilient. Releasing tension through humor will help you begin to bounce back. It is not easy to maintain your sense of optimism when the circumstances are complicated. But focus your thoughts on what you can accomplish and manage, rather than on what you cannot.

5. When problems seem too hard to handle, giving back provides a welcome diversion. Find your spirit of idealism and make a contribution to those less fortunate. Be generous with your skills and time as you become involved with social activism. Change society for the better and you'll eventually transform yourself.

Back in jail and feeling a little less vulnerable, Paris Hilton seems to be singing a different tune. She now says that she will serve her time, not cause any more trouble and use her power to make a difference. More spiritual already, she sees herself growing from her jail experience.

Only time will tell if she is truly ready to roll up her sleeves and set an example for the young people who look up to her. Instead of focusing on the latest clubbing venues, perhaps she will use her flair for self promotion in a more positive way. Let's hope so, for her sake and the sake of our children.

(C) Her Mentor Center, 2007

Phyllis Goldberg, Ph.D. & Rosemary Lichtman, Ph.D. are founders of, a website for midlife women and, a Blog for the Sandwich Generation. They are authors of a forthcoming book about Boomers' family relationships.

Babysitting Service Can Be a Lucrative Career

There are a huge number of people who are into babysitting services either because they adore kids or they just want to earn some money. Some people benefit from this babysitting service as it is supposed to be the gateway to being a nanny, which is considered to be a very profitable position. Nannies that have potential are likely to earn a big sum and they are continuously in demand.

Regardless of the financial position of any family, trouble with taking care of a child can put pressure and anxiety to a huge number of households. All the families would want to have an excellent babysitting service but only some can. Almost everyone faces trouble with babysitting service at some point or the other.

Reason for High Income

The chief executive of companies has high income as they undergo a lot of stress in the office. If they can find a reasonable and trustworthy nanny then will have some load off their minds. It may so happen that an urgent business trip crops up and it is a good feeling to know that you have a good nanny to take care of your children. As such, they don't mind paying much for a babysitting service.


If you have a degree in child psychology, nursing or education then your scope for earning huge income is more. Actually, you will find that most of the babysitting service agencies are hiring nannies, which specialize in nursing, education and child psychology, from colleges. Majority of the nanny's salary begins with thirty thousand dollars and this amount can double after working for a few years.

Individual Preference

There are certain people who prefer their nannies to have some training as well as practice. Likewise, there are also people who do not require these qualifications. Training is offered by certain babysitting service agencies.

Being Reasonable is Invaluable

It is remarkable to see your nanny showing initiative. If the nanny is willing to take the automobile for service or keep everything at home in order or pick up dry cleaning, then she is suppose to be a preferred nanny. There are also various talents, which are preferred, are having know-how on the most recent childcare, knowledge of CPR and swimming.

It is the job of the nanny to make the family's life easy and as such she is expected to work for a long time, about sixty hours in a week. She is also expected to do the job during the holidays.

Other Advantages

Houses where the nannies usually work are often lovely.
You can expect good standard of food.
You can expect a car from your employer, as it may be a portion of the work package.
The income is usually exempted from tax.
Expect trips abroad. Even though you will be working, you can expect high-class trips abroad, posh restaurants, amazing shopping spree, amusement parks, museums, etc.

MJ Batta writes babysitter service related topics and hosts a baby sitter research site at

How to Make a Baby Mobile for Fun, Learning and Saving Money

One thing I find strange is how many parents want to make a
baby mobile despite all the fancy, high-tech ones they can
buy in shops.

I've often wondered why.

If I disregard saving money, the only conclusion I reach is
that you can actually make a very good learning toy if you
do it right. Unfortunately few parents know how to make one
or even what to look for when buying one.

The sad thing is that many parents still believe that
commercial baby mobiles are far superior to homemade ones.

But that's not true!

If you make a good one...

- You can vary and change how much stimulation your baby

- Prevent your baby from losing interest and keep his
attention, thus getting much more "play and learning value"
from your mobile

- It's a simple technique for increasing and growing visual

- It gives you the right way to encourage grasping with one
hand and using both hands together at a very early age, and.

- Very few other baby mobiles give your baby the chance to
discover the textures and shapes of different objects

So, how do you make a good learning baby mobile?

Step 1: Find a long dowel rod (at least 12mm/half inch
diameter) or even a normal yardstick to use as suspender
bar for the baby mobile's crosspiece.

Step 2: Fix this dowel or yardstick (suspender bar) to the
top of the cot approximately above your baby's chest.

Step 3: Use a piece of cardboard or plastic tube, wooden
clothes hanger (removing the wire hook) or even rubber hose
as the crosspiece. No sharp objects allowed.

Step 4: Tie a strong piece of string to the middle of the
crosspiece. Tie the other end to the suspender bar at the
top of the cot.

Step 5: Tie a piece of string to each end of the mobile's

Step 6: Tie small objects to the end of the string tied to
the crosspiece. The object must dangle at the distance of
Baby's outstretched hand when lying in the cot.

Step 7: Tie other small objects to the same crosspiece,
making sure the crosspiece still balances.

Step 8: Finally. make sure that the swing of the crosspiece
is such that when Baby grabs an object, he can handle,
touch and feel it.

What are the best objects to hang from the crosspiece?

Everyday toys like colorful booties, blocks, rattles,
squeaky toys, small plastic bottles and teething rings work
well. In fact. you can use almost any child-safe object as
long as it's colorful, have different textures and
contrasts light and dark colors.

If you want to get even more from your baby mobile.

Tie only a few objects to the crosspiece at a time, but
change them more often. maybe once or more often per week.
This keeps your baby's curiosity and interest for much

The thing I like about this baby mobile is that it
encourages and teaches your baby to use his senses to work
together - one of the first skills all infants must master.

Only once this skill has been fully mastered will he
automatically further explore and discover the crosspiece

Discover the proven secrets, tips and practical advice your
baby needs for a bright future.

Infant Massage Helps Babies with Colic

What is Colic? Websters Dictionary defines Colic as:
Paroxysms of pain. This condition usually occurs in the
abdominal region but may occur in other body regions as

(Paroxysms - . A sudden uncontrollable attack; "a paroxysm
of giggling"; "a fit of coughing".)

But really that doesn't answer your question. In terms of
babies, we know that colic causes babies to cry and cry,
much more than other babies who are not suffering from
colic. What are signs of Colic? When babies with colic
cry, they may draw their arms and legs in tight toward
their bodies and appear to be in pain. Or other times they
stretch out their arms and legs and stiffen, then draw up
tight again. You may notice that baby's face turns bright
red from excessive crying.

Babies are diagnosed with colic when their crying lasts for
more than three hours a day. You may find that colicky
babies get fussier toward the end of the day, but colic can
happen at any time.

A baby with colic may cry for long periods or may cry
almost all of the time. And you may have already noticed
that when your baby cries, they may swallow air. This
swallowing is likely to give your baby uncomfortable gas.
Having an extra amount of gas in your baby's tummy will
make it look swollen and feel tight, which can of course
make your baby more uncomfortable. What Causes Colic? This
has long been a question without a definite answer. Still
no one is quite sure what actually causes colic. Babies
with colic are healthy, so it does not appear to be caused
by a medical problem. And colic is not caused by the way a
baby is cared for. Without a doubt it is not any fault of
the parent.

A milk allergy was once considered to be a possible cause,
but now doctors believe that this is rarely the case, as
breastfed babies can get colic too. Many believe that colic
is caused by excessive gas in the tummy which is the result
of baby swallowing too much air while crying. How long
will Colic last? Colic usually starts when baby is three to
six weeks old. And will typically go away when they are
around three months old. If your baby still appears to show
signs of colic after three months of age, they may be
experiencing a reflux disorder and you may wish to visit
your baby's physician for guidance. How can I help soothe
my colicky baby? There is no one treatment which has been
proven to make colic go away, but there are some simple
things you can try to soothe your colicky baby. For example
many babies calm when they are gently rocked, bounced or
held closely to their parent's body. By being held close,
your baby may feel more warm and secure, and your body
movements may help to calm. Try also swaddling. Being
swaddled for many babies helps them to organize. You may
also try singing or humming a calming tune to your little
one. This soothing sound may also calm you too!

And without a doubt, try massaging your baby's tummy. In
some cases, gently massaging baby's tummy has helped to
move uncomfortable gasses out of the intestinal tract
relieving tightness and discomfort. Massage should be
given to baby in a clockwise circular motion using your
full soft hand. This massage specifically pinpoints the
digestive tract and should help to ease your baby's pain by
helping them to pass painful gas. How to cope when your
baby has colic? If your baby has colic, surely your family
life has been turned upside down. You may find it extremely
stressful and upsetting when your baby is crying for hours
and cannot be easily comforted. Of course like many
parents, you may feel guilty even though you are not the
cause of your little one's colic. No one wants to see their
baby in pain.

Caring for a baby with colic can be extremely frustrating,
so be sure to take care of yourself, too.

Don't blame yourself or your baby for the constant crying -
colic is nobody's fault. Try to relax, and remember that
your baby will eventually outgrow this phase. It is
absolutely okay if you need a break. It may be necessary
for you to call on friends or family as reinforcement.

If you're unsure whether your baby's crying is colic or a
symptom of another illness, call your doctor.

Looking for the best ways to care for and comfort your
little one? Find answers to all your questions about infant
and children's massage at . With
over a decade of service to children and families, Tina
Allen, founder of leading children's health and nurturing
touch organization Liddle KidzT, has become an
internationally respected parent educator and expert in the
field of infant massage and children's massage therapy.

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Fall In Love With The Romantic Baby Boy Names And Baby Girl Names Of The Carefree 1890s

In the 1890s, baby boy names and baby girl names reflected the
joy of that romantic decade. Baby names often take on the
passion and romance of the world around them. Luckily for
babies born in this era, the 1890s were a time of great music,
painting, and unbridled passion.

>From 1890 to 1899 and beyond, the music halls of New York City
were filled every night and music poured into the streets.
"Give My Regards to Broadway" was the song of the decade.
Theater goers packed the playhouses to see the "Pirates of
Penzance." Stephen Foster's "Beautiful Dreamer," was still
everyone's favorite melody.

The 1980s were also a time of reading and discovery. Freud
lifted psychology into the modern age. Mystery readers thrilled
at the adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Hercule Poirot.

Against this happy background, new parents looked for romantic
baby names and their meanings from ancient Latin, Greek and Old
German. They chose heroic names from literary classics, music,
art, and poetry. Many even named their babies after real heroes
in history as well as the names of places and great battles.

>From among the romantic baby boy names of the 1890s, here are a

Adolphus (German royal name) means "noble wolf;" Byron (Anglo
Saxon) from an English place name meaning "small cottage;"
Carleton (English) comes from a place name meaning "Charles'
town;" Clement (Scottish) means "gentle;" Edmund (Anglo Saxon)
means "happy protection;" Gilbert (German via French) means
"bright pledge;" Napoleon (Greek) means "lion of the woodland
dell;" Nathan (Hebrew) means "gift;" Percy (French) comes from
a place name meaning "mysterious;" Roderick (German) means
"famous ruler."

The beautiful and romantic baby girl names of the 1890s are
classical and come from Latin and Greek. Baby names coming from
old German, French and Anglo Saxon were also wildly popular.
Here are some of the favorite baby girl names:

Beatrice (Latin) means "bringer of joy;" Catherine (Greek)
means "pure;" Clementine (Latin) means "merciful;" Cordelia
(Latin) means "warm-hearted;" Drusilla (Latin) comes from a
Roman family name meaning "strong;" Honoria (Latin) means
"honorable;" Lorelei (German) means "alluring one;" Helen
(Greek) means "the beautiful one;" Minerva (Latin) means
"goddess of wisdom;" Tess (Greek) comes from the name "Teresa"
meaning "harvest; "Victoria (Latin) means "victory."

With the passing of the 1890s, the Victorian Era came to an
end. The innocence of that era, however, carried over into the
new century. Even the baby boy names and baby girl names
reflected the romantic happiness and music of these years. The
question was - how would the 20th Century treat that happy
innocence which was a gift of romance.

About The Author: Benedict Manovill is a famous name historian
and calligrapher. His name scrolls make a unique unusual gift
for your loved ones. They are a painting with the person's
first name, a golden crown, seals, crests and borders. Free
gift with each order. See the scrolls at

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Negligent Babysitter - Tragic Results

Negligent Babysitter - Tragic Results
Imagine the terror felt by the parents of two toddlers who
accidentally drowned in a pond near their home while in the
care of an 18 month babysitter. The toddlers supposedly
wandered away from their home in Waterford, Pennsylvania
while the babysitter was asleep.

The babysitter told the police that she put the children
down for a nap and then she took a nap in another room at
the same time. While she was asleep, 20-month-old Jenna
Walker and 2-year-old Maggie Kovski supposedly walked out
of the house and then walked for another 100 yards before
they found their way into a man made pond behind the house.

What is wrong with this picture? First, it is hard to
imagine how two little-bitty toddlers exited the house
together, and then walked at least 100 yards together to
the pond. How could they have wandered that far away? In
addition, what was the babysitter doing by taking a nap in
the first place? How long was she asleep? A solid
investigation of this case will require the police to
review all phone records that the babysitter had made
during the time she was babysitting and interview any and
all people who she may have been interacting with, as well
as neighbors who could have seen people coming and going to
the house. Hopefully the investigators will take their
time with this investigation.

Can the babysitter be charged with criminal gross
negligence? Not likely, at least with the facts as
reported by the babysitter. In California, as in most
jurisdictions, criminal negligence requires "gross
negligence." Gross negligence involves more than ordinary
carelessness, inattention, or mistake in judgment. A
person acts with gross negligence when:

1) A person acts in a reckless way that creates a
high risk of death or great bodily injury; and

2) A reasonable person would have known that acting
in that way would create such a risk.

When people fall asleep while in the presence of children
they are supposed to be caring for, it is not an inherently
reckless act. After all, wouldn't all parents be guilty of
this offense when they fall asleep at night after putting
their children to sleep?

We need to learn from the mistakes made by the parents of
these two precious children. In a day when it is necessary
for both parents to work, we have become more and more
dependant upon other people to watch after our children.
In this regard, it would be prudent for parents to consider
the following four suggestions:

1) Hire a babysitter with experience and who has

2) Make sure the babysitter you hire is given explicit
instructions on what is expected, e.g., in this case the
babysitter should have been told that she was not permitted
to take naps while on the job;

3) Install video surveillance equipment within your home
so that you can monitor the babysitter and your kids at all
times from work. It has become much more affordable to
install this type of equipment and we now have the ability
to utilize our desk top computer as a monitors;

4) Make unexpected visits to the house throughout the
week, so that the babysitter never knows when to let down
his or her guard. In order to make the visits feel less
threatening to the babysitter, you may consider dropping
off snacks for the children and the babysitter when you

5) When your child is old enough, consider placing him
or her into a licensed daycare center for a portion of the
day. Many children thrive at daycare, and it shortens the
amount of time they have to spend with a babysitter. As
most people who care for toddlers will agree, watching
little kids for prolonged periods of time can be extremely
taxing. By shortening the amount of time your child has
with the babysitter will enhance your ability to manage the
babysitter's conduct.

About the Author:

Donald P. Schweitzer, Law Offices of Donald P. Schweitzer,
201 South Lake Avenue, Suite 700, Pasadena, California
91101, (626) 683-8113
Mr. Schweitzer is a attorney specializing in divorce
litigation. He is a former police officer, and Deputy
District Attorney.

How can I help my Baby stop Crying?

Do you ever wonder what makes a baby cry? As crying is one
of the few ways babies have of communicating their needs to
us, they cry about almost anything. They have a special cry
when they are hungry, feel pain, have anxiety and are over
stimulated. Even when they have gas, are exhausted, scared
or frustrated, babies fuss and cry. It must be frustrating
and stressful when they are doing their best to communicate
to us and we don't understand. Stressful not just for
babies, but also for parents, who by nature want to respond
with action. But, how can we respond appropriately?

To begin, feed your baby on demand, yes on demand. When
you're hungry, how do you feel? Would eating change your
mood? Then feed your baby when they are hungry. Feeding on
demand does not create spoiled children. Of course don't
automatically assume that your baby's cries indicate that
he is hungry. Just give the baby your breast and see what
happens. If he still cries, check his diaper and if that's
not it, then try some of the following:

Speak Gently: Try speaking softly and gently or even
better, try singing. Your baby knows your voice very well
and will recognize the tone and respond to it. Even if you
are a little off tune, baby won't mind. Research has shown
that babies like the sounds of female voices but that does
not mean dad can't give this a try too!

Relaxing Strokes: Sometimes babies cry because they just
want to be comforted. Maybe they've woken up abruptly or
something frightened them. A nurturing stroke can make a
world of difference. Try holding baby and gently stroking
his back.

Make a Move: That's right, try moving around. Babies love
motion as it reminds them of being in utero. But what kind
of movement? You might try walking, rocking, jiggling or

Swaddling: If you are not sure how to swaddle, ask your
pediatrician, a nurse or experienced mother how to swaddle
the baby. For many infants, being wrapped tightly in a
blanket makes them feel safe and secure.

"Shushing" Sounds: Many babies are soothed by white noise.
Some things to try: a humidifier, fan, vacuum and clothes
dryer. It is important to be sure the "shushing" sounds are
as loud as your baby's crying.

Fresh Air: Try going outdoors. For many babies just being
outside in the fresh air can soothe. Maybe it's the sounds
of the birds, the wind or the sun, whatever it is, many
babies will calm by being outdoors. Maybe this will even
calm you, too.

Have a Break: For moms, if you've been trying and trying to
soothe your baby to no avail, give dad, your partner,
grandma or even a trusted friend a try. They may have their
own unique way of helping baby to calm and quiet.

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Friday, June 15, 2007

Your New Baby Can Cost You $20,000 in the First Two Years!

Having kids is an expensive endeavor! Just think about all of the new things that a baby brings to the equation:

Housing: Despite what my mother says, you can't keep the baby in the bottom drawer of your dresser. So he/she is going to need their own room. If you already have the space, then you just have to factor in an increase in gas, electricity, water, home repairs, appliance repairs, home furnishings, etc. Kids can be hard on appliances and furnishings, so don't expect your things to last as long as they used to. If your home isn't big enough, then you may have to buy/rent a bigger one. So factor in the cost of increased rent and mortgage payments.

Food: If you breastfeed (which I highly recommend) then you will save a great deal of money on formula for the first year of babies life. Deciding to make your own baby food, will save you even more. But you will need to factor in the cost of nutritious meals for mom and the supplies needed to make your own baby food. If you go the formula/baby food route then you can expect to spend anywhere from $100-200 dollars a month on formula.

Transportation: Here again, if you have been driving a mini van all along, you are ahead of the game. If you drive a small car- you will want to look into getting something larger. Factor in extra gas for all those visits to the doctors office, and the grocery store (because you will go more often once the baby comes.)

Clothing: Now this is one category that some parents have a weakness for. Those tiny little pink and blue outfits can really put a strain on your budget- especially when you consider that your little one will probably go through 3-4 outfits a day for the first 12 months of their life.

Healthcare: Your insurance premiums will go up and many insurance companies will also raise your deductible when you go from a "couple" to a "family." Little ones will need to go in for immunizations and well baby visits every month or two, and there is usually a co-pay involved there as well. The actual pregnancy and labor and delivery can also set you back a couple of thousand dollars depending on your insurance company.

Childcare: If you plan on sending your child to daycare or have a nanny in your home you can expect to easily spend at least $500-1000 dollars a month.

Miscellaneous: There are a ton of little things that you will need along the way, so it's always a good idea to have a bit of cushion in your budget.

Sarah Jones is a new mother to a 6 month old baby boy. She is an expert in saving money and staying on a budget when having a baby. For more on how to save money when having a baby check out

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The importance of play in your child's development

Play can help your child's ability to learn. Coupled with toys, they can enhance your child's development. However, if the children who experience slow development of physical, mental, sight, hearing, or speech, then they need the helps of others in assisting them to play.

Play can help special needs children to build interaction between their parents and themselves. It motivates children to learn how to imitate and interact so that their communication skills can be further improved.

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