Friday, March 29, 2013

Baby Bottles – Going Green With Baby Bottles

With the recent concern of leaching chemicals, such as
bisphenol-A (BPA), phthalates, PVCs and polycarbonates, found in
plastic baby bottles, you may be looking for an alternative baby
bottle for your darling little one.

Pure and Honest has the perfect bottle solution for you! Created
by a feeding specialist and award-winning designer, the Babylife
Wee Go Bottle is beautiful, stylish, safe,
developmentally-appropriate, eco-friendly, and most importantly,
BPA free! The bottles are not only functional, but modern and
fun as well!

Available at Pure and Honest Kids, the Wee Go Baby Bottle is
made of glass and is totally free of harmful chemicals found in
many plastic bottles. Not only that, but the bottles have a new
safety twist- the bottle is covered with a colorful silicone
sleeve that will help protect the bottle from breakage. This
silicone sleeve is also free of plastics and is 100% non-toxic.
The sleeve provides a good gripping surface during feeding and
also a fun tactile touch for your tot! The bottles and silicone
sleeve are safe in both boiling water and in the dishwasher.

The plastic ring contains no poly-carbonates and is made of
FDA-approved and food grade plastic, and is also recyclable.
Because the bottle cap and ring are made of soft plastic that
may not hold up to boiling temperatures, Wee Go Baby Bottles
suggests that you hand-wash these parts.

This glass bottle is an excellent choice for many reasons. Glass
bottles are made of natural material, easy to clean, and are
great insulators. You also do not have to worry about scratching
or wear and tear with glass bottles, like you do with plastic
bottles, and glass is much better for the environment than

Babylife is the company responsible for the Wee Go Baby Bottles.
Babylife was founded by Pam Marcus and Daren Edward Joy. After
working with children for many years as a pediatric physical
therapist, Pam saw that many infant products and toys were
either designed poorly or had not changed in 20 years. She
decided to work with Daren, an integrative designer, to create
baby products that are eco-friendly as well as developmentally
appropriate. A key component to Babylife’s mission is to educate
parents and caretakers about issues that are important to the
baby’s well-being.

Wee Go Baby Bottles also includes 100% silicone, non-toxic,
latex-free nipples, but can be interchanged with other nipple

There is nothing old fashioned about this bottle. It’s modern
and stylish, and most important, it’s safe. You’ll be glad you
made the switch to glass. Wee Go Baby Bottles were first
released in October 2007, and have sold out many times due to
its gaining popularity. They are back in stock at Pure and
Honest Kids, and better than ever, so place your order today!

The Wee Go Baby Bottles holds 9 ounces (260ml) and comes in many
wonderful sleeve colors, including pink, raspberry, orange,
yellow, sky and ocean.

Each bottle is sold separately and all are available at Pure and
Honest Kids for $18.00 a bottle.

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Choosing Crib Bedding as a Baby Shower Gift

You’ve received the invitation and have already decided to
attend the baby shower of a friend or family member. Now you
must make the difficult decision of choosing a gift for the
event. Shopping for baby gifts can be a lot of fun but if you
want to truly get the new parents and their bundle of joy a
practical present crib bedding can be an excellent choice.
However before you start picking out a print here are some tips
you should remember when buying crib bedding as a gift. 
Your Budget 
If you haven’t bought crib bedding before, you may not realize
that it can be quite costly, especially if you are going for the
best quality possible. Most parents don’t want to skimp on
anything that is going to be coming in contact with their child
so if you’re buying a crib bedding gift you need to be prepared
to spend a bit more money. 
Before you make this decision, determine how much you can afford
to spend. If a crib bedding set falls a little over your budget,
you still have options. For one, you could find another guest
and go in together on the price. Another idea is to buy a piece
of crib bedding, such as the diaper table changing pad, instead
of an entire set. 
Parents’ Needs 
Another huge challenge for most guests is not duplicating the
same gift. This can be a challenge with crib bedding because you
may not know what the parents have already purchased themselves
or what other guests have bought. The best idea is to stick with
the parents’ registry or online gift list. You can usually find
out the registration information by asking one of the hosts of
the baby shower or a close relative of the expecting parents. 
With crib bedding, you might also choose to play it safe and buy
something the parents will probably need more than one set of
anyway, such as crib sheets. 
The Style of the Nursery 
Before you buy crib bedding, make sure you have some idea of
what the parents want their nursery to look like. If they are
going for a ballerina look, you won’t want to bring in crib
bedding for a safari or a surfer. You may want to drop by for a
visit and check on the progress of the nursery yourself before
making the decision. 
If not, ask someone who knows the parents and their nursery
plans well for advice on which crib bedding to buy. Of course,
you can also find out from using the couple’s gift list if they
have wisely created one. 
No matter who is buying the crib bedding the baby’s gender is
likely to be an issue. Even though parents don’t want to adhere
to gender stereotypes, most people expecting a little girl
aren’t going to choose the Doodlefish Vintage Racer crib set for
her room.

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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Baby Bedding - Buy or Borrow?

When it comes time to obtain baby bedding for the new arrival in
your family, you may have well meaning family or friends
encourage you to borrow the things that you need. There is no
doubt that hand-me-downs are less expensive than purchasing new
items for a new baby, but there are some other factors that you
should be aware of before letting the lower price tag affect
your decision to borrow the baby bedding you need for your baby.
Even if you choose to borrow rather than buy, take the necessary
steps to ensure the safety and health of your baby.


The safety of your baby is the primary concern for any product
that you use, but especially for baby bedding since a newborn
spends up to 70% of his or her time in contact with the bedding.
when you use baby bedding that is borrowed, it may be older
products that have had safety defects associated with them. It
may use chemicals for fire retardants or chemical dyes that are
less than desirable to be in contact with your baby. The donor
of the products may not even be aware of safety issues
associated with a specific item.


The quality of borrowed baby bedding may be top notch, but it
may also have defects that render it less than ideal. For
example, a cheap mattress that is used extensively may have
deterioration so that the firmness is compromised. These
mattresses can create poor spinal alignment in infants. Less
than adequate quality can cause breathing problems if the baby
bedding contains dust, spores or other irritants that upset your
baby's skin and breathing passages. Even good quality bedding
can be subject to stains and contaminants that you can scarcely
see. Are you willing to take the chance with the health of your


When you borrow baby bedding, some of the designs that may be
used in the products are out dated enough to be the subject of
recalls. An example might be a crib bumper that has tie cords
to hold it in place. Decorative baby pillows is another baby
bedding design feature that has changed over the years to become
less likely to have features that can come loose or cause
suffocation of the baby. Decals on cribs, mattresses or bumpers
tend to deteriorate. Of less importance is the fact that
certain designs look dated, so if appearance of the items is
important to you. you might be better to purchase the bedding
rather than borrow it.


No matter how good the quality is on a borrowed or hand me down
item, it has been used to some extent in most instances. Each
time the baby bedding is used, it is inevitable that there is
some wear and tear on the item. In the case of baby bedding
this may not make any difference, but it may also make a great
deal of difference. Fabric tears happen more easily in products
that have been weakened by wear or washing.

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Friday, March 22, 2013

Hypoallergenic Baby Bedding - Benefits

A baby spends a large portion of its first few months of life sleeping. It's important that the fabrics that surround the baby during his or her sleep cycle be as free from allergens and other irritants as possible. Many parents make the deliberate choice to use hypoallergenic baby bedding in order to avoid triggering allergic reactions in their newborns and infants. Allergic reactions triggered by baby bedding that is not hypoallergenic can last a lifetime in the child. The direct impact of an allergic episode often is manifested in less than restful sleep. Troubles in breathing and in other factors can be directly or indirectly traced to allergies in the infant.

What is it?

Baby bedding labeled as hypoallergenic is developed with the idea of protecting babies who are more likely to suffer allergic reactions from man made materials. Because infants, particularly those who are premature have very sensitive skin, it is important that everything possible be done to remove substances from the materials surrounding the infant. With hypoallergenic baby bedding, infants are less likely to suffer from sleep disturbances due to reactions to allergens in the bedding. Natural fibers such as wool, cotton and silk are the best choice for hypoallergenic bedding. The natural fibers are further treated to remove any irritants that could cause allergic reactions in your baby.


Wool baby bedding is one of the best choices for pure, nonirritating material to be placed in your baby's room or next to your baby's sensitive skin. In addition to the naturally non-allergenic basis of wool, those farmers raising sheep for the specialized market for non allergenic baby bedding must take special care of the animals so that there are no parasites in the wool when it goes to the factory. Often, it the organic material left from these parasites that causes the reaction in the baby.


Cotton also scores well on the scale on hypoallergenic baby bedding materials. Bedclothes made of cotton are naturally free of allergens and the manufacturers go through additional steps to remove any impurities in the cotton fiber that would increase the level of irritants. Cotton baby bedding is not only comfortable against your baby's skin, but it is warm in the cooler weather and cool when the weather turns warm. Cotton bed clothing can be brilliant in color or can be the softest pastel. It can be perky prints or any other style to match the decor you have created for your infant's room theme.


Another naturally occurring hypoallergenic material is natural silk. One of the reasons silk is an excellent hypoallergenic material for use in baby bedding is that silk doesn't support dust mites. Dust mites in baby bedding is a prime cause of allergenic attacks. In addition to being a great choice of bedding due to its freedom from allergens, silk looks and feels elegant and luxurious. Colors, designs and general appearance of this type of baby bedding is usually certain to be the cause of little or no allergenic episodes according to tests.

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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Baby Slings – A Look at Ring Slings

Baby Slings are becoming more and more in fashion these days.
One type of sling is called the “Ring Sling.” These are baby
slings that work through the use of dynamic tension, cloth and
rings. Basically, a piece of cloth is sewn into two rings. The
remainder of the cloth is then wrapped around the body from
shoulder to opposing hip, around the back, up to the original
shoulder again. As the loose end of cloth comes back to the
shoulder, it is threaded through the rings to make kind of a
buckle effect. The baby can be placed safely in the resulting

Here is some interesting information about baby slings in the
form of ring slings:

How A Ring Sling Holds Your Baby

Ring slings work through the use of dynamic tension. Basically,
the baby’s weight pulls, or puts tension on the cloth and this
combined with the positioning of the rings locks the sling into

How To Adjust A Ring Sling

Because of the “buckle” effect of these baby slings, once put
together, they can be adjusted for different sizes and shapes,
allowing for different people to carry the baby in comfort. To
adjust the sling, put the sling on and place the baby inside –
supporting the child with one arm. While doing this, have a
companion adjust the “buckle” from behind to a comfortable
position for you. Pulling cloth through the ring will tighten
the sling and letting fabric out will loosen it.

To Pad Or Not To Pad

Baby slings of this type can come padded or unpadded. Typically,
you will find pads at the shoulder for greater carrying comfort
and also in the sling itself, forming a type of seat for the
baby. It boils down to individual taste as to whether or not you
want pads on your ring sling or not.

Type Of Fabric Used

Baby slings can be made from all types of material. Ranging
anywhere from cotton to silk and everything in between, baby
slings can be as beautiful as they are functional.  The most
common fabrics used in the construction of these slings are
homemade fabrics, twill or anything with not only good strength,
but also a fair amount of diagonal “give.” Fabrics to avoid
would be a very slippery fabric, as the baby needs to obviously
be secure inside the sling without sliding out. Also, the
material should not easily slide out of the rings. Finally, you
want a fabric where strong stitching will hold the fabric in
place without fear of fraying or tearing.

Ring Construction

Craft rings are strongly discouraged for baby slings, as they
are not strong enough to hold this kind of weight in the long
run and are prone to breakage. Rings that are ideal for this
kind of carrier are aluminum marine rings or rings designed for
heavy livestock. These types of rings are designed for much
heavier weights and should not break with the daily use of your

A well-constructed ring sling can be both beautiful and
functional for the new parent. These tips can help you when
purchasing one, so that you know what is safe for you and your

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slings as well as
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The Must Have Items For Your Baby’s Crib Bedding

When you are buying crib bedding for the first time, you may
feel overwhelmed by the choices of colors, themes, patterns, and
styles available for your new baby. That’s actually a good
feeling because it means you’re going to have more choices
available. However, what isn’t so good is not knowing which
items you are going to need in order to prepare for your baby’s
arrival. Below are some pointers to help you decide what needs
to be included in you crib bedding.

Crib Bumper

The crib bumper is one of the most important parts of your crib
bedding purchases because it will protect your baby’s limbs from
moving out between the bars of the crib which can cause the baby
injury. However, you want to be sure that the crib bumpers you
choose are securely connected to the crib. Loose ties can be a
strangulation hazard for babies.

Remember to choose crib bumpers that are going to be padded to
provide your baby with further protection from the crib and be
sure to choose a four piece bumper to provide all over
protection for the baby.

Crib Sheet

You’ll also want to invest in at least one fitted sheet as part
of your crib bedding. The sheet will wrap around the crib’s
mattress so your baby doesn’t come in direct contact with a
surface that is difficult to keep clean and germ free. With the
sheets, at least you’ll be able to wash them and that gives you
some peace of mind. Generally, the fitted sheet is going to be
less decorative because it will be one of the least visible
parts of the crib bedding appearance.

Remember you may want to purchase extra fitted crib sheets so
that you can change the crib while you’re washing one set of

Crib Blanket

Babies need the extra warmth of a nice cozy blanket in their
cribs, as well. Although the blanket’s appearance is going to be
important because you want it to match the rest of the crib
bedding, the softness and texture of the blanket should be most
important. Make sure you choose a blanket designed for babies so
it won’t be too long and will adhere to safety standards
established for crib bedding.

Again, it might not be a bad idea to purchase more than one
blanket so you can have an alternative or so you can mix and
match designs for new crib bedding looks.

Crib Skirt

The crib skirt is not always a mandatory part of the crib
bedding package. Just as the bed skirt you have (or don’t have)
at home is optional, so is this. If you’ve made the decision to
buy a crib bedding set then the style you select will determine
whether one of these wholly decorative pieces will be included.
Generally, packages and designs that are more feminine are more
likely to include a crib skirt.

If you’re set against having a crib skirt, buying the crib
bedding pieces separately might be your best option.

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Satin Baby Bedding - Luxury and Practicality

Satin baby bedding is a product that is an excellent choice for both a glamorous, luxurious look, but better than average practicality whether you are looking at ease of maintenance, durability or other aspects of the product. Try satin baby bedding when you are considering options for your new baby's surroundings. Satin is made of any of several fibers, such as silk, polyester or nylon. Sateen is the name given for short staple cotton yarn. It is also popular when used for bedding products, largely because of its low cost, hypoallergenic qualities and durability. When you are looking for something slightly out of the ordinary when choosing products for the nursery, you should look into satin bedding.


For a luxurious ambiance in all the items of baby bedding, you would be well advised to consider satin products. Satin bedding for adults has a glamorous image, but it would also look great in your new baby's space. Few products convey the image of cool luxury as well as baby beddingmade of satin. Sheets, comforters, matching accouterments which add to the unique decor of your baby's surroundings make a decorative statement that is hard to beat. The feel of the materials used in the products just calls to be touched and enjoyed. The light play on the satin surfaces adds another dimension to the luxurious nature of satin baby products.


There is no doubt that baby bedding made of silk, nylon or polyester satin is comfortable for your baby's nap time. Particularly in the case of silk based satin, the fibers are free of harshness that would be irritating to an infant's tender skin. Because the feel of the fabric is smooth and soothing to the touch, the infant may sleep more restfully, with fewer wakeful episodes that can interfere with healthy development.


Because the fibers used in satin baby bedding are both strong and beautiful, bedding of satin can be expected to be quite durable. This means that satin baby bedding is actually a good investment from an economical standpoint. Many styles and designs of satin bedding are available to prospective parents. Some are both machine washable and safe to be placed in the dryer. It's important to launder the bedding before the first use by the child, since that makes the fabric softer and smoother to the touch. Because these sets are long lasting, it's even more important to pick a luxurious look that you are totally happy with.


Baby bedding made of satin is less likely to cause irritation to baby's skin than other types of baby bedding. Often satin bedding is made of silk so that it doesn't contain chemicals or parasites that can cause skin irritation in highly sensitive infants. Cotton sateen can also be allergen free and is very low maintenance. Look for natural fibers such as silk and cotton whenever possible so that the infant will not be subjected to allergens and irritants from chemicals or other substances. Your baby will be wrapped in luxury and protected from irritants at the same time.

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Organic Baby Products - Economic Impact

Purchasing organic baby products does have an economic impact on the parents. It also has an economic impact on the future life of the earth. When parents purchase organic baby products, they may pay slightly more for the privilege, but they also gain the certainty that the products they buy for their baby are the highest quality, hypoallergenic toys that can be found on the market. Beyond the direct impact that the product gives when purchased, organic toys have an economic impact upon the life of the entire planet. Because buying such products encourages their continued production, in an instant the earth's economic future changes.


At present, purchasing organic baby products may cost somewhat more than purchasing similar products that is not guarded to include only organic materials. For the parent who wants to provide only the highest quality products with which to surround the new baby, organic baby products are the best answer. The parent in this instance typically feels that it is worthwhile to pay a little more money because the quality is higher and because their baby will be healthier without the extra exposure to harmful components of standard baby products. The added bonus for the parent is to encourage a healthier global society by going organic.


By insisting on organic baby products, the purchaser is helping to ensure the health of the planet. For example, organic cotton is raised without spraying by chemical agents or chemical fertilizers. This means these chemicals are not ending up in the soil or in the water supply to negatively impact future generations. Organic baby products and other organic products can help to clean up the air and water in this country. It will take a concerted effort by many people to make the switch to organic products in order to improve the economic picture worldwide.


Organic baby products and other organic products are a growing business sector in this country and world wide. Although it is somewhat of a niche market at present, global opinion is shifting dramatically in the direction of organic baby products. Savvy business people are taking advantage of the popularity of these products and the availability of the global markets found on the internet in order to build new business opportunities and to expand the product line of existing businesses. The organic items have a good profit picture and one that is likely to become even better.


Farmers and other producers of organic baby products are building more profitable agricultural bases when they switch to organic products. Organically grown products require more effort and care to produce. Since the producer of a crop grown organically will not use chemical fertilizers, other methods for enriching the soil must be used. The same is true of manufacturing processed that release harmful ingredients into water or air when completed for traditional products. This practice is eliminated when the parent shifts to organic baby products instead of other staying products.

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Organic Baby Products - Overview

Choosing organic baby products is a more and more popular option for new parents. Every parents wants to provide the best possible products to use for their baby's comfort and health. Organic baby products have the advantage of reduced or eliminated allergens, carcinogens and other irritants. For a newborn infant with sensitive skin, anything that can be done to reduce exposure to such substances will provide more comfort for the child and less danger of exposure to health compromising ingredients in the products used every day. Now, parents have the choice of selecting products that are specially formulated to be free of harmful substances.

What makes it Organic?

Organic baby products are considered to be so when they are created, produced or manufactured without relying upon chemicals such as fertilizers, chemical washes and other substances. When considering the purchase of organic baby products, you need to read the labels carefully. Not every item that says organic is actually free of man-made materials. However, for items that are truly organic, the results are products that are free of negative components and ingredients. Because of their purity, these products are recommended over the standard run of products and may contain harmful ingredients.

Bedding and Clothing

Baby bedding and baby clothing are another popular category of organic baby products . Baby bedding doesn't contain any chemical dyes or other irritants for baby's skin. Baby bedding is made of all organic materials such as cotton, grown without pesticides, silk and wool. Other organic baby products in clothing designs usually have soft natural colors such as oatmeal, carrot, and chocolate. Since there are no pesticides used in the growth of the materials and no chemicals used in the production, there is little likelihood of skin irritation or breathing difficulties or other health problems as the baby grows older.


Organic baby products in the category of toys are becoming more popular also, as parents realize the benefits of simple, non toxic playthings for babies. Because these baby toys contain no chemicals, there is no concern about the baby ingesting anything harmful while chewing on the toy. Babies explore by tasting, feeling and seeing the world around them and organic baby products allows them to do so without placing them in danger of carcinogens or irritants. When you, as a parent can give your child safe toys, while at the same time improving the environment, it's a hard combination to beat.

Why go Organic?

Organic baby products are a great idea for all of the above reasons individually, but they are a positive step for people of this generation to hand on to the future generations. Reducing dependence upon non-renewable products; limiting the amount of chemical pollutions in the soil and in lakes and waterways, and providing clean air is the result of producing and purchasing organic baby products . These products are good for the individual and good for the planet as well. You won't have a problem with your health or the health of your child when you reduce the exposure to harmful aspects of the environment.

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Baby Bedding - Checklist For Necessities

When you are preparing to outfit a room for a new baby, you will probably have already decided on things like the color and general theme of the room, but perhaps you haven't yet determined what specific baby bedding you will need for the nursery. You can always think of things that would be fun to place in the new room, but perhaps the most important decision you will make is the sleeping arrangements for your child. Once you have selected the theme of the room and the style of furniture that you plan to acquire, the next decision will be the baby bedding. Here are some ideas about this important subject.


The first item of baby bedding is the mattress or sleeping pad that you choose for your baby. Most cribs, cradles and other such equipment come equipped with a mattress pad. You can generally select either a traditional mattress that often has polyester foam with a washable cover of some sort, or an organic mattress which may be composed of cotton fiber rather than man made materials. Typically, an organic mattress will not contain chemical sprays or coatings. In either case, the mattress should be firm enough to support the baby and should fit the size of the crib or cradle correctly.

Sheets and blankets

The next item of baby bedding to consider is that of sheets and blankets for your infant. A fitted sheet that is the correct size for the mattress is important. Again, you can choose between many types of materials that are organic or manmade according to your personal preference. In many instances, parents today are choosing hypoallergenic baby bedding in order to reduce the chance of irritants and allergens which can create rashes and breathing problems, respectively, in the infant. Whether you prefer silk or cotton, pastels or primary colors, you can find a plethora of choices in keeping with the theme you have selected for the baby's room.


Somehow, the added touch of a crib bumper appeals to many parents, with the idea that it will protect the head of the infant from the wood of the crib or cradle. However, child safety experts are increasingly recommending against the use of a bumper because of safety reasons. If you choose to install a crib bumper, in keeping with the theme of the room, be sure to select one that is not loose or fluffy, but plain with no tassels or ruffles. You can still use colors to match the balance of the baby bedding decor.


As an item of baby bedding, a pillow is NOT recommended. In addition to possible allergens and irritants in the pillow, the danger of suffocation is too great. No baby bedding items need be in the crib except the mattress and fitted sheet. No stuffed animals, no pillows or other such items. If you want a pillow or comforter for decorative reasons, you should remove them prior to placing the child down to sleep.

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