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Planning A Baby Shower - A Guide For Men

I don't know about you but when it comes to baby showers my
experience is that it is women's territory. The woman gives
birth to the baby and that might be the very reason that the
woman will naturally take a greater responsibility for the
newborn child. The connection seems to be stronger between the
mother and the child and especially when the boy or girl is
still in the baby stage of life.

Now once in a while a man is put in a situation that he knows
nothing about and when it comes to planning a baby shower that
is one of those occasions. This can be a stressful experience
but it shouldn't be and that is the reason for this guide.
Having a baby shower it not a science and with the help of the
internet you can easily find all the help, ideas and inspiration
that you will need to throw a fantastic baby shower party.

There are a few steps in the process and I will go through them
one at a time. You can print out the guide and use it as a

The Steps to a Successful Baby Shower
1.Find a date and write down a list of guests to invite
2.Create the invitations
3.Find out what to eat and drink
4.Decide what decorations to use
5.Come up with a few baby shower games

Decide on and date and making the list
I have made this a point in it self even though this step might
be obvious to you. The reason for this is that I know men that
would procrastinate and never get to sending out the
invitations. So what I suggest that you do is that you pick out
your calendar and decide on a date. It is okay to think a few
weeks into the future as this will improve the likelihood of
your guest being able to attend.

Second you need to write down a list of people you would want
to have as guests. This can be family and friend but also
co-workers or neighbors. What ever you decide is perfect but
putting it down on paper makes it visual and the will help you
to not miss a distant aunt or uncle.

Creating baby shower invitations
Now this is the first time that I suggest that you use the
internet. Go to Google and search for baby shower invitations.
You will literally find thousands of websites that are ready to
assist you in making your own invitation cards or if you are not
creative of nature they will sell you some beautiful pre-made
shower invitations. If you are not into using the internet for
shopping you can go to most major bookstores and buy the
pre-made baby shower cards with them.

The eating and the drinking
Depending on the time, the weekday and the purpose of your
invitation you will need to come up with (and buy/prepare) what
the guests are to eat and drink. You can serve them a light
snack or you can make them a 3 or 4 course dinner. The decision
is yours but you have to make up you mind a few days before the
actual event to make sure you can find the ingredients that you
need to prepare the food. Same thing goes with the drinks. For a
baby shower I suggest soft drinks but if you feel that alcohol
is needed you can use that easily.

Decorating the home?
Now I know that moat women like to make a big thing out of
decorating the home to match the event. Making everything light
blue if it is a boy or pink if it is a girl. You can travel the
same path if you want of you can go against the stream and just
focus on having a great shower party.

If you want to decorate but don't know where to start I will
again suggest that you use Google to come up with ideas and
places where you can buy the merchandise.

Have fun with baby shower games
Last but not least you will need to prepare a few baby shower
games to play. This has always been a tradition and it tends to
create a great atmosphere amongst the guests as most people
actually like playing games. For the last time in your planning
phase I will suggest using the internet. You will find tons of
sites telling you what games you could play and you might even
find a few forums where people discuss what game they prefer and
why. It is valuable information that is yours for free.

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Monday, September 24, 2007

How To Select Toys For Your Baby

There is a reason that rattles, mirrored toys and balls are
timeless baby gifts. They belong to a core group of toys that,
no matter what day and age, capture the attention of our

Baby toys should be evaluated on three different criteria:
safety, physical appeal, and developmental value. How a toy
rates in each of these categories can determine how essential it
can be to a baby's mental and physical growth.

First and foremost, a product should be checked for safety in
regards to small children. It should have no pieces that are too
small. A good test is to try and put the piece or toy into a
paper towel roll. If it fits, it is too small for our little
ones. Be especially mindful of toys with parts that might be
easily pulled off or broken off, such as baby doll button eyes,
wheels off of cars, or beads on a necklace. Most toys these days
come with an age recommendation, and it is essential to take
heed in what the recommended age is on a product when
considering infant toys. Also think about how easy the product
is to clean. Is it surface washable? Can it go in a dishwasher
or clothes washing machine? Will the color and product hold up
to bleach cleaning?

Secondly, is the toy something that is appealing to small
children? Is it not only bright and colorful, but does it make
good use of contrasting colors (black and white, red and green,
blue and orange)? If your baby likes music, does it have a
feature where it plays songs or makes sound? For the active
child, is it something they can hold, throw, push or move? Is it
okay to chew on (because it most likely will be!)? Is it soft or
cool to the touch?

Just as important is to evaluate the developmental value of a
baby toy. From birth to 12 months of age, children need gross
motor development, language acquisition, and sensory
stimulation. So, take a look at the product while thinking of
these areas. Is the product easy for the child to handle, such
as a large nubby ball or rattle with curved handle? Does the toy
encourage the child to move, reach, pull, grab or kick? Is it
something that a parent or caregiver can interact with as well,
such as a soft book or toy, using words to help build language
(such as naming objects in pictures)? Does it appeal to a
child's sense of hearing or vision, smell or touch?

Toys that encourage children, at any age, to begin to use their
imagination will last much longer than the others on the shelf.
Of course, the best toy your child can have is the one they
enjoy in the company of a caregiver, because interaction with a
loved one is the best toy of all.

About The Author: Judy Griscom frequently authors on the
subjects of children and education. She contributes to the
website WonderBrains, which sells quality

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Saturday, September 22, 2007

5 Tricks For Toning Your Mid-section After Having A Baby

In my experience working with post-natal women, one of the
hardest areas to bring back to "pre-baby" shape is the

Understandably so... After carrying around their big bundle of
joy for all that time, many moms find it difficult to train and
tighten their stomachs in a way that will let them get that
sexy, tight look again.

The following are 5 tricks that women who have had children can
use to help get a firmer mid section.

1. Don't Slouch

This is probably the single quickest fix for a weak
mid-section. Most women, after having been pregnant for so long
tend to have poor posture and as a consequence, their shoulders
tend to "hunch" forward. The mere act of standing tall, as if
you were standing up against a wall, will help keep your abs
tight. Additionally, keeping good posture is an acquired habit
and after doing it consistently for a while, the body will begin
to do it unconsciously thereby helping you look slimmer and

2. Exercise First Thing In The Morning

Doing a quick workout first thing in the morning ensures that
your metabolism revs up and gets going early on. A quick jog, a
walk on a treadmill or a few minutes on a stationary bike will
help you get your energy flowing before breakfast and will bring
up your calorie burning machinery for the rest of the day. Just
remember to drink plenty of water to prevent dehydration,
especially if you are exercising immediately after waking up.

3. Get Used To Always "Sucking-In" Your Belly

It is a little mentioned fact that most celebrities, when being
photographed, actively suck their stomachs in or they risk being
captured in those photos with a big, unflattering protruding
belly. In other words, most people – regardless of their fitness
level – unless they hold their stomach in, will tend to have
their abs bulge out. By actively keeping your abs tightened or
"sucked-in" on a regular basis, your abdominal muscles will tend
to get used to this state and will hold that tightness even when
you are not paying attention or thinking about them.

4. Don't Forget Your Lower Back

Your mid-section consists of more than simply your abdominal
muscles. When working your middle, don't forget to also include
exercises that will work your lower back. This will not only
help you look tighter and have a better posture but it will also
help prevent lower back injuries.

5. Exercise Your Legs

Although at first glance both areas may not seem related, your
legs are composed of some of the largest muscles in your body
and as such, they can be your best allies in helping you burn
off large amounts of calories. A combination of aerobic and
resistance training for your legs will not only help give you
the lean, toned and sexy legs you desire, but by burning extra
calories, you will be losing body fat all over your body –
including from your mid-section.

About The Author: Yvonne Levy is an internationally recognized
Perinatal Fitness expert and creator of the popular Hot Mommy
Fitness celebrity training program. To find out more, please
visit and sign up for Yvonne's
free five day email course "5 Secrets of Celebrity Hot Mommies."

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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Can Babies Use Aromatherapy?

It has been a known fact for many years that aromatherapy can
be used for the treatment of illnesses such as emotional as well
as physical challenges. Today you can still find people that do
not believe in the use of aromatherapy but they are diminishing
in numbers. People today are well educated and know that the
usage of aromatherapy products can have even extreme effect when
used for treatment purposes. Normally we find that aromatherapy
is used when treating adults but as with most other treatments
it can be used for children and babies as well. The great thing
about aromatherapy is that it is a healthy way of treatment
compared to the chemical treatments offered by the medicine

As well as with all other treatment types used for adults, you
need to keep in mind that at child is not as big a human as an
adult and therefore you will need to correct to dose used. You
wouldn't not want to give your child an overdose even with the
usage of the aromatherapy oils that are normally safe to use.
Secondly it is always advised when using "adult products" and
"adult treatments" on babies, that you consult with a
professional aroma therapist to avoid causing any harm.

The good thing about the use of aromatherapy for babies is that
you can treat them safely and will not have to pump medicine
into their tiny bodies to relief them of illness symptoms. You
will be doing your child a huge favor as it has been proven many
times that extensive use of medicine can cause other diseases
later in life.

Will Any Type of Aromatherapy Work?
When you first start out buying aromatherapy oils and essential
oils with various scents, there are a few basic things that you
will need to be aware of and to pay attention to. First of all
it is crucially important that you go for the essential natural
oils and not the (much cheaper) synthetic oils. Unfortunately
most people have not done their homework and might think that as
long as it is called aromatherapy oil, it must all be the same.
Fact is that is very far from the truth.

The difference between using natural essential aromatherapy
oils and synthetic ones are that the natural one is plant based.
It is made from extracts from herbs and plants while the
synthetic ones (as the name clearly states) are man or machine
made and often comes from different types of chemicals that are
mixed together.

Some synthetic oils have been the cause of skin irritations and
some have actually been banned from the market. Not that you are
in a situation where you are thinking of using oils to treat
your child or even your baby, is would an absolute catastrophe
if you by doing so caused skin irritations because you wanted to
save those extra few dollars. I you think of it in another way
you should ask yourself the question: "What is my child's health
worth to me?" Will I risk it to save a few dollars? Hopefully
your answer to that question is NO.

To find essential oils you need to start with the list of
ingredients. Does the list look like it is made up of natural
ingredients such as herbs or does it seem synthetic? Secondly
the way the oils are packed will often tell you whether it is
quality or not. Lousy packing is often the same as lousy
quality. Finally the price will often give away the natural
essential oils. It will be sold at a far higher price than the
synthetic ones but there is also no comparability in effects at

When you have found what you are looking for there is only the
choice of scent and the desired effect. I suggest that you talk
to the person selling you the oils and tell them that it is for
your baby and that the symptoms you want it to work for is so
and so. That will provide you with the best possible start to
use aromatherapy as a way of treatment.

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Children's & Baby Jewelry

When it comes to looking great, the desire to stand out knows
no age. Whether you're tall or small, young or old, wanting to
shine is a part of life. Over the years, both children's and
baby jewelry have grown in popularity. Just as women want to
look pulled together for work and everyday life, the little ones
are quickly catching onto the trend of fashion and they are
taking notice of jewelry styles in a big way.

Sterling silver is a popular metal when it comes to choosing
both children's and baby jewelry. In addition to being sturdy,
these styles are also very affordable. Because youngsters may
not yet be able to appreciate the importance of protecting their
jewelry, it's often a good idea to start them out with something
that is affordable and can be replaced for a minimal amount of
money. With that being said, it's equally important to note
that sterling silver is still a precious metal, which means you
are not dressing your child in a mystery metal. Instead, you
are giving her a jewelry gift that she can look back on in years
to come with fondness.

Choosing jewelry for your little one is always fun, but it's
equally enjoyable when she can join in on the selection process.
Many young girls like wearing an ID bracelet, which can be
engraved with her name, nickname or even a favorite phrase. If
you purchase an ID bracelet directly from a jewelry retailer who
does not offer engraving, you can easily have it engraved upon
receipt by taking it to a local jeweler. If you are choosing
sterling silver, you will be glad to know that it can be
engraved just as easily as any other metal.

If your little one is pleading with you to get her ears
pierced, you will be glad to know that there are plenty of
styles that she can wear without feeling overpowered by the
design. Specifically, birthstone stud earrings, polished bead
styles and even cubic zirconia stud earrings will be ideal for a
young lady who is just starting to decorate her ears. Depending
on her preference and age, it may also be possible for her to
wear a small pair of hoop earrings that fit closely to the ear
so as to not worry about them dangling or getting caught on her

Rounding out the popular jewelry picks for young ladies are a
dainty necklace and pendant combination or a delicate ring.
These items are not recommended for a baby for the obvious
reasons, but a young girl may certainly be able to enjoy either
of these accessories. If you're in doubt as to age limits, ask
your family physician and also consult with the retailer as to
exact size of the item if you are ordering online. Some popular
motifs for a pendant choice may be a star to let her know that
she makes your life brighter, a heart to remind her of your love
or a specific motif that reflects her personality, birthstone,
favorite hobby, sport, etc.

About The Author: For more information on silver children and
baby jewelry, and cubic zirconia jewelry, visit Almost Diamonds

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Wednesday, September 12, 2007

How Breast-feeding Benefits You And Your Baby?

Breast feeding benefits the nursing mother in many ways. It is
good for your figure. Fat stores developed during pregnancy are
laid down specifically for lactation. In the absence of breast
feeding, that fat will look unseemly in various parts of your
body. With breast feeding you burn almost 1000 calories each
day. With a little care and management your beauty can blossom
forth. Nursing does not ruin the breast. Instead you become a
fuller blossomed woman and with proper care of the breasts light
massage etc. during breast feeding, you may yourself be
surprised to see how shapely your breast look after a year of
delivery. It is an established fact that breast feeding, causes
the uterus to shrink more quickly to pre pre-gnancy size. It
also decreases the post delivery bleeding. There is no
menstruation generally for the entire period of active breast
feeding. It is good for health because you get many spells of
relaxation every day when you are feeding and making love with
your child. Hormone prolactin also enhances this feeling of
relaxation. Breast feeding is nature's contraceptive. Hormonal
balance in your body will prevent ovulation. But, please note
that breastfeeding, on its own, is not a very reliable method of
family planning.

Breast feeding is convenient for the nursing mother, no bottle
have breasts with are not limited by the size of the breasts.
You can breast-feed a premature baby. You can breast-feed even
if you have started mensurating and even if unluckily you have
become pregnant again, in which case quantity of breastfeeding
will have to be reduced. In case of breastfeeding your child
continues to smell good. Even his bowel and milk spit do not
have the strong odour of a bottle-fed.

After a couple of weeks, breast feeding becomes pleasurable for
the mother. Many nursing mothers say that the pleasure sensation
they feel in their breasts and in their genital region while
they are nursing are very similar to the sensations they
experience during sexual excitement.

Breast milk alone is the best feed for a baby upto 4-6 months
of age. Breast milk is nutritionally and chemically balanced. It
is at the right temperature. It is sterile and contains immune
substances. And it is available to the baby always. It is always
ready to drink, sanitary and uncontaminated. Its protein is
nutritious and digestable than cow's milk protein. Mother's milk
has higher level of zinc which is important for growth and for a
strong immune system of the child. It prevents constipation and
lowers the incidence of food allergies. Breast-fed infants use
their calories more economically.

Dr.A.S. Goldman of the University of Texas Branch at Galveston
says, "it is already widely accepted that human milk is rich in
factors that protect directly against infection, but we found
evidence that it contains at least one factor that activates the
baby'' own immune system"" Mother'' milk transmits antibodies
and protective substances Scientists have found that 75% of the
cells in breast milk are macrophages that kill bacteria, fungi
and virus. Those cells also help to stop the growth of cancer
cells. Scientists have also recently discovered that a solution
containing 5% content of human milk killed half a culture of
parasites in a test tube within 30 minutes. Cow's or goat's milk
was unable to produce a similar result.

Breast feeding causes less diarrhoea, no respiratory illness
and less of other infections. It promotes better digestion by
forming softer curds in his in his stomach. There are no
allergic reactions, no eczema, asthama or running nose. Suckling
at the breasts is good for baby's teeth and jaw development as
these muscles are exercised in suckling.

The main case against breast feeding is that it is a solitary
pursuit and becomes boring for the mother. Of course this
activity cannot be shared by others. But imagine how much
opportunity it provides for forming bonds between the mother and
the child and thus laying a foundation for a happy family
relationship. It does require an effort and a commitment. But if
such a commitment is not there, why go in for a child at all.
Another objection raised is that there is no easy way of knowing
as to how much milk has been consumed by the child in case of
breastfeeding. The wet diaper, regular bowel movement, sleep
following nursing, the bright eyes, alert look, the glow and the
smile on the face of the child all show his contentment. Mother
also feels the flow and a periodic weight gain will by itself
show how much is the intake. The only problem faced in case of
breast feeding is that the medicines taken by the mother get
transferred to the milk. But only a few commonly used drugs are
contra indicated for the child. Most vitamin supplements are
contra indicated for the child. Most vitamin supplements are
safe. The mother as also her physician have to be careful in
this behalf.

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Do You Have the Right Bedding for Your Baby ?

While the birth of a baby is the most exceptional experience in any woman's life, it is after the birth of the child that the real work begins. There are many skills that a new mother will have to learn and learn quickly ; bottles, diapers and childhood diseases are only a few. Choosing the proper bedding for your baby will be one of the critical decisions you have to make. Common sense and experts both agree that the primary factor in choosing the bedding needs to be safety. Proper bedding is absolutely critical for the safety and comfort of your baby.
To provide both comfort and safety it is imperative that the bedding not be too hard or too soft, improper bedding has been suspected as a possible cause in many cases of sudden infant death syndrome. This has normally been attributed to a very soft mattress. If the mattress is too soft it can cause the infant's mouth and nose to be covered. If this happens then the baby is inhaling the same air they exhale. This can cause a rapid build of carbon dioxide in the babies system. Excessive carbon dioxide can cause drowsiness, coma and even death.
Baby beds come in a large selection of varieties and styles, regardless of the baby bed used it is critical that the bedding properly match the bed. The three types of baby beds are: bassinet, cradle and cribs. It is fairly easy to distinguish between the different types of beds? Bassinets are oblong or round baskets that serve as a bed for infants. A crib is a small bed that has very high side walls or railings. The purpose of he high sides or rails is to protect your baby or toddler. Since they can be used until the child is around two years old, cribs are usually considered the more economical choice. A cradle is a small low bed that is normally mounted on rockers, cradles are only good while the child is still an infant. In all of these the material used to make the bed will help indicate what precautions need to be taken.
In a bassinet the bedding needs to provide enough space that the baby can roll from side to side. Bassinets are usually full of lacing and trimming which can reduce the actual available space for the baby. Cradles come in a variety of shapes and sized, one advantage of the cradle is that it can be rocked to help soothe the baby. There is normally not much bedding used inside of a cradle. Cribs are normally square so you can get a mattress that perfectly fits the dimensions of your crib. The mattress is normally covered with a coverlet and or blankets. You can also include pillows to make your baby more comfortable. Caution should be used not to fill the crib with too many pillows or the baby can stand on them and fall and hurt themselves. Any of the styles of beds can be safely used to keep your child save and comfortable.
Once you have determined what type of bedding will correctly fit the equipment you have the only other consideration is the pattern and style that you find pleasing.

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Owner & Operator of