Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Choosing Crib Bedding as a Baby Shower Gift

You’ve received the invitation and have already decided to
attend the baby shower of a friend or family member. Now you
must make the difficult decision of choosing a gift for the
event. Shopping for baby gifts can be a lot of fun but if you
want to truly get the new parents and their bundle of joy a
practical present crib bedding can be an excellent choice.
However before you start picking out a print here are some tips
you should remember when buying crib bedding as a gift. 
Your Budget 
If you haven’t bought crib bedding before, you may not realize
that it can be quite costly, especially if you are going for the
best quality possible. Most parents don’t want to skimp on
anything that is going to be coming in contact with their child
so if you’re buying a crib bedding gift you need to be prepared
to spend a bit more money. 
Before you make this decision, determine how much you can afford
to spend. If a crib bedding set falls a little over your budget,
you still have options. For one, you could find another guest
and go in together on the price. Another idea is to buy a piece
of crib bedding, such as the diaper table changing pad, instead
of an entire set. 
Parents’ Needs 
Another huge challenge for most guests is not duplicating the
same gift. This can be a challenge with crib bedding because you
may not know what the parents have already purchased themselves
or what other guests have bought. The best idea is to stick with
the parents’ registry or online gift list. You can usually find
out the registration information by asking one of the hosts of
the baby shower or a close relative of the expecting parents. 
With crib bedding, you might also choose to play it safe and buy
something the parents will probably need more than one set of
anyway, such as crib sheets. 
The Style of the Nursery 
Before you buy crib bedding, make sure you have some idea of
what the parents want their nursery to look like. If they are
going for a ballerina look, you won’t want to bring in crib
bedding for a safari or a surfer. You may want to drop by for a
visit and check on the progress of the nursery yourself before
making the decision. 
If not, ask someone who knows the parents and their nursery
plans well for advice on which crib bedding to buy. Of course,
you can also find out from using the couple’s gift list if they
have wisely created one. 
No matter who is buying the crib bedding the baby’s gender is
likely to be an issue. Even though parents don’t want to adhere
to gender stereotypes, most people expecting a little girl
aren’t going to choose the Doodlefish Vintage Racer crib set for
her room.

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