Friday, March 08, 2013

Baby Bedding - Checklist For Necessities

When you are preparing to outfit a room for a new baby, you will probably have already decided on things like the color and general theme of the room, but perhaps you haven't yet determined what specific baby bedding you will need for the nursery. You can always think of things that would be fun to place in the new room, but perhaps the most important decision you will make is the sleeping arrangements for your child. Once you have selected the theme of the room and the style of furniture that you plan to acquire, the next decision will be the baby bedding. Here are some ideas about this important subject.


The first item of baby bedding is the mattress or sleeping pad that you choose for your baby. Most cribs, cradles and other such equipment come equipped with a mattress pad. You can generally select either a traditional mattress that often has polyester foam with a washable cover of some sort, or an organic mattress which may be composed of cotton fiber rather than man made materials. Typically, an organic mattress will not contain chemical sprays or coatings. In either case, the mattress should be firm enough to support the baby and should fit the size of the crib or cradle correctly.

Sheets and blankets

The next item of baby bedding to consider is that of sheets and blankets for your infant. A fitted sheet that is the correct size for the mattress is important. Again, you can choose between many types of materials that are organic or manmade according to your personal preference. In many instances, parents today are choosing hypoallergenic baby bedding in order to reduce the chance of irritants and allergens which can create rashes and breathing problems, respectively, in the infant. Whether you prefer silk or cotton, pastels or primary colors, you can find a plethora of choices in keeping with the theme you have selected for the baby's room.


Somehow, the added touch of a crib bumper appeals to many parents, with the idea that it will protect the head of the infant from the wood of the crib or cradle. However, child safety experts are increasingly recommending against the use of a bumper because of safety reasons. If you choose to install a crib bumper, in keeping with the theme of the room, be sure to select one that is not loose or fluffy, but plain with no tassels or ruffles. You can still use colors to match the balance of the baby bedding decor.


As an item of baby bedding, a pillow is NOT recommended. In addition to possible allergens and irritants in the pillow, the danger of suffocation is too great. No baby bedding items need be in the crib except the mattress and fitted sheet. No stuffed animals, no pillows or other such items. If you want a pillow or comforter for decorative reasons, you should remove them prior to placing the child down to sleep.

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