Tuesday, January 08, 2013

Benefits Of Using A Shampoo Visor

By Rosalinda Richmond

Children are known to be very messy when it comes to bathing. They cry, move up and about, jump in the bath tub or even resist showering altogether. A number of reasons have been attributed to this behavior with the most common on being the fear of water. They also despise the irritating feeling they get when soap comes into contact with their eyes, hence the introduction of a shampoo visor.

In order for this shield to be effective, it has to be created in a certain manner. Primarily, it should be not be heavy since it is worn on the head. A bulky guard will only make the user uncomfortable. In order to make it light, it is cushioned with air inside. The atmosphere fills in the shield at a low pressure, and is then sealed inside a tube. This low pressure also makes the shield soft and less brittle.

Being of a sensitive age, bracket children need extra protection from harmful matter. This harmful matter can come in form of chemicals that are found in soap, which they may get contact through the eyes or orally. Soap can cause a lot of eye irritation, which in turn leads to a considerable amount of discomfort while ingestion may cause poisoning. The bath shield prevents any of these occurrences.

Bath shields come in various types depending on the structure, type and size. The greatest variation has been on that of structure, while the others have a minimal difference. One of the two dissimilar types based on formation is known as the open-ended bath shield. This type is made with the hat like projection, but opens at the back in a half circle manner.

A close ended bath shield is the other kind based on structural appearance. It is covered both at the front and the back unlike the former one. Some say this prevents the back area from being washed, but it is arguably the best for children as it is has a firmer grip that holds onto the head tightly.

The major benefit of using a shower shield is that it prevents chemicals found in soap and hair products from reaching the eyes or mouth. These have the potential to pose major health risks. They are also designed in a way that is suitable for use for both children and adults when taking a shower. They come in different sizes and those of standard size have adjustable features.

The showering process has also been simplified by the use of this shield. This is especially in the case of children below age five. Most of those who resist bathing do so because of the fear of getting soap in their eyes. Using this shield is able to totally remove this fear and give the child a comfortable and relaxing bath.

The best part about a shampoo visor is that it is not only useful, but very light and cheap as well. The role they play in showering clearly highlights the necessity of owning one. People of all ages should not shy away from getting this shield, as it is suitable for use to all kinds of people especially those susceptible to eye problems.

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