Saturday, January 12, 2013

Different Ways Of Baby Carrying

By Marisha Harold

When a baby arrives, there are many things that need to be considered. Clothing, nappies, feeding and of course how to get around with your baby. This is something that has been looked at differently around the world and through history. Parents from different parts of the world use numerous ways to carry their babies around. These ways change depending on the particular circumstances. The many ways used by parents include the following:

Moses Basket

Moses baskets are bassinets which moms use to move their babies around. They provide new born babies with an opportunity to enjoy the freedom of movement. This mode of carrying enables the new born babies to develop the right spinal position since the babies always lay flat. Moses baskets are mostly used for babies of less than two months.

Moses baskets are portable hence allowing moms to carry their babies without any problem. These baskets are convenient and secure for carrying the babies. Parents usually use Moses baskets to move their babies from one place to the other. Babies get into a cozy environment. The baskets have a firm mattress which ensures that the baby is protected against any injury. They are made of palm hence being durable. The stands that come with these baskets are steady.


A carrycot is a bassinet with a different design. They look like a pram without a wheeled frame. They have an elegant appearance that is quite impressive for baby carrying. They sometimes come as a separate part of a pushchair or pram, and can be detached.


A pram has a wheeled frame that makes movement smooth for the babies. The wheeled frame is proficiently designed for easy folding and unfolding. It has several spacious compartments that help in storing the baby's clothes. Diapers can also get stored in these spacious compartments. They have detachable carrycots that are crucial for baby carrying.


The baby gets strapped to a flat surface of wood that is soft. A papoose is a cradle board that has woven flexible twigs to increase the security of the baby. This mode of the baby carrying allows the baby to turn his/her head without any difficulty. The papoose is cushioned to improve its flexibility. Users have found it exceptionally beneficial. They allow parents to carry their babies around.


This is a traditional way of the baby carrying, which has been overwhelmingly used in South America. Parents from different parts of the world know this mode of baby carrying since it enables them to closely monitor their babies. The sling resembles a hammock which provides the mothers with an opportunity to stay close to their babies. Its ends are secured around the parent. This mode of baby is soothed by the movement of the hips of the mother.


There are many sling variations that enable the baby to straddle on their mothers' back. The baby can also straddle comfortably on the mother's chest. There are several types of variations which include Maya wrap and Mei Tai. These variations are exceedingly common in South East Asia where many parents use them to carry their babies. Variations enable the moms to move easily with their babies.

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