Monday, January 07, 2013

Enjoying Tub Time With A Bath Visor

By Rosalinda Richmond

Swimming in a tub full of bubbles is probably every child's favorite time. That is until it is time to wash their hair. Both the parent and the child are easily frustrated by the soap that continues to run down the baby's face into their eyes and mouth. Upset with the constant flow of tears, one parent developed the bath visor also know as a shower shield.

Lightweight and available in several bright colors, they can be used in the shower or the bath. Also known as a shampoo shield, the kids will think they are cool because it looks like a hat. It is also a great tool to teach the children how to wash their hair. Made for kids of all ages, as soon as their arms are long enough to reach the top of their head, the kid is ready to learn.

Every child's head is shaped differently. In an effort to find the perfect fit, manufacturers offer several variations of this product. The first variation is an open-ended model. The product is in the shape of a semi circle. The open-ended design makes it easy to fit almost any head size or shape. Although this design makes washing the back of the head easy, it offers the least amount of protection.

The second model is a closed circle. This model will provide a snug fit although it is made for certain head sizes. A head that is too larger or too small will not receive adequate protection from the shield. Depending on the head size, the close-ended design may make it difficult to wash the back of the head.

The best design provides the best of both products. It is open-ended but uses an air-filled sealing tube to accommodate all head shapes and sizes. The fact that the back of the head can be washed thoroughly is an added benefit to this design. The air in the tube places pressure along the walls. The pressure is evenly distributed along the length of the tube. Because of this design, the same shield will fit a baby as well as an adult. The tube is made from a soft silicone BPA Free rubber material. This means it is gentle against even a young baby's head.

The third model is a combination of the previous two models. It is an open-ended model with an air-filled tube that outlines the inside of the visor. Because the pressure form the tube is uniform, it allows the shower shield to fits snugly on every head size and shape. The inner tube is soft silicone BPA Free rubber. This makes the shield gentle enough to use on the soft baby's head. Similar to the first model design, the opened-ended back makes it easy to wash the back of the hair.

Trying to make washing the child's hair easier, manufacturers have developed other devices that will allow the parent to direct the water. Soft to grip, using the attached handle on the Lil Rinser Splashguard, parents can move around to meet their needs. This provides optimal protection. Other accessories such as a soft grip rinse cup allow mom and dad to pour the water on a direct spot. Since the parent controls the water flow, this product is especially beneficial to babies who have not learned to sit up independently.

Parents who have tried it will say the bath visor made a difference during tub time. The children are happier which makes the parent happier. They are lightweight and travel friendly.

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