Saturday, December 22, 2012

Make Sure Your Children Are Safe Thanks To Summer Infant Baby Monitor

By Debbra Stephens

Summer infant is called one of the most well known American firms when it comes to styling, marketing and releasing lots of different top quality juvenile safety and health related items for infants ages 0 - 3 years. The main items that this firm markets are nursery audio/video monitors, potty seats, furniture seats, baby car seats, bath products, high chairs, swings, boosters, and the like. Summer infant is the one public company in America that deals with the juvenile goods sector. So what do you think is the use of a summer infant baby monitor? Continue reading this article if you wish for more information on this.

What exactly is a Summer baby monitor?

Summer infant baby monitor is an excellent and high quality handheld color video monitor. The ideal factor concerning this monitor is that it offers nearly anything you wish to have in a baby monitor. The unit is furnished with all of the features and advancements that can assure the total security and safety of your own child. Based on your choices, you can select various types of baby monitors from summer infant. One of the leading concerns of every family is the protection and security of their children against any hazard and trouble. A good baby monitor can help you attain that dream in an efficient and effective manner. In simple terms, this is the best pair of eyes and ears that you can have in your own home. You can quickly keep an eye on your sleeping baby with the aid of this wonderful device. If your little one is struggling with any illness, then it becomes necessary for you to monitor her or him on constant basis. That is why, you really need to have a baby monitor to look at every single movement of your baby.

Popular features of summer infant baby monitor

Below are a few of the very best features of this extraordinary product.

- It gives you total control over each movement of your child. - It is packed with a VOX mode and an automated scanning of channels. - The feature includes standby video functionality and an audio option too. - Zooming and pan camera choices provide you a good and clear view of your little angel. - It comes with night vision features that enables you to see even a very faint breathe of your child. - Image quality is excellent with sharp colors and higher resolution. - Black and white night vision enables this monitor to do efficiently in a dark room. - It is furnished with a green light to warn you about the remaining power of the unit. - Also, it can withstand any kind of disturbance or disruption. - The life of the battery will last up to 10 hours or more. -When the gadget runs out of battery, then the power saving mode will set off repeatedly. - You could also add more cameras with this monitor. With this amazing feature, you could add another 2 or 3 cameras to monitor your kids concurrently. These video cameras can tilt upwards about 90 degrees.

To conclude, we can claim that summer infant baby monitor lets you keep a close eye on your infant and to make his or her security feasible.

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