Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Facts You May Not Have Known About The Top Baby Toys

By Celia Hall

Before you go to the store and spend a lot of money on the top baby toys, look around your house for objects you can use for toys. Of course, you'll want to buy a few store-bought toys. But, the objective here is to help stimulate your infant's senses: sight, smell, hearing, touch and taste. Any toy or object you are using to help your bundle of joy learn should be safe and non-toxic. Keep in mind that a newborn has a very short attention span, which means that the toys you spend a lot of money on, will be played with for small time intervals.

Many people don't realize that a newborn's vision is not completely developed. Due to this fact, developmental toys will be best. Many toys that were created with babies in mind have music and bright colors that have the ability to sooth the baby. Sometimes, your baby will be able to play alone and explore on their own. It is good to let them explore on their own but make sure that you spend time playing with their toys with them.

Most babies love musical devices. In fact, many parents say their babies began responding to music in the womb. Vary the musical sounds and rhythm and watch how your little one reacts to each. You don't even have to buy special musical devices.

Shape toys are available in a variety of forms. One favorite is a hard ball that has different holes of different shapes, such as stars, triangles or circles. The set includes objects of the same shapes for your little one to fit into the holes. Another shape toy is in the form of a wooden board with shaped objects to fit in. Music boxes are also great in this situation. These toys will help develop the infant's hearing and even their sight.

A lot of people are not fond of getting babies mirrors as presents, but the truth to this matter is that babies love mirrors. For an infant, everything is new to them, and to see another face is exciting to them. Contrary to popular belief, mirrors also have the ability to enhance your little one's sense of touch.

Nesting cups are ideal for helping to develop hand-eye coordination. Your bundle of joy will love trying to figure out which cup goes in next. You will have just as much fun as your little one, while you watch. Most nesting cups are colorful, which increases a baby's enthusiasm and helps develop better focus.

Picture or board books are an all-time favorite for babies. They are varied in color and the images are cute and are able to hold your little one's interest. For books without words, make up your own stories or say what each image represents. Your voice is precious to your little one, and it helps with bonding.

Balls are always good top baby toys. There are several different sizes that balls are available in, so these toys are able to change as your baby does. The best balls to get are the ones that have different textures on them. This will help your infant with their sense of touch and other developmental.

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