Monday, December 17, 2012

Hong Kong Domestic Helpers - Living in Total Convenience

By Alice Sy

A lot of people these days realize the benefits of hiring Hong Kong domestic helpers. For them, the convenience of having a hired help in the home far outweighs the monetary cost of maintaining one.

Maintaining a domestic helper on a full time basis entails cost. In fact, in many countries abroad, specifically the United States, having a domestic helper in the house is a luxury only the rich can afford. In Asia, though, the services of domestic helpers in Hong Kong, particularly, are much cheaper. This enables even the working class or the middle class to afford employing one.

Although the pay rate of domestic helpers in Hong Kong varies among employers, in general, the rate should not be below US$ 470 or HK$ 3,580.

Besides the regular wage, Hong Kong domestic helpers should have one day off in every week, monthly food allowance of HK$ 500 or US $63, access to medical and dental services, and sick leave pay. Hong Kong domestic helpers are also usually entitled to a seven-day paid vacation leave after completing one year of continued service.

If you are considering of employing the services of Hong Kong domestic helpers, one of the best ways to look for someone you can trust is through word of mouth. The best recommendations often come from family members and close friends, so you should consult them first if they know of anybody who can work for you. Others ways by which you can find a domestic helper are through the notices being posted in Supermarkets or Clubs, and certain manpower agencies.

Then again, even if the Hong Kong domestic helper is highly recommended by your best friend, you still need to exert effort in verifying her identity. Conducting an interview is necessary so you can find out for yourself if the domestic helper you intend to hire the services of has a valid working visa, has the ability to cook, has a health problem, is good with children and pets, and so on.

If you are hiring a domestic helper in Hong Kong to take care of your kids while you are at work, there are health institutions that offer child care courses intended specifically for domestic helpers. By doing this, you can be confident and at peace, knowing that your kids are in good hands.

Having a hired help at home lets you do many other things you could not otherwise do; thus hiring the services of Hong Kong domestic helpers is a smart move. Hire one today and enjoy the convenience of having a full time maid around the house.

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