Saturday, December 17, 2011

Your Child's Very First Steps

By Salmsed Turns

Your baby is getting bigger. He isn't contempt with just crawling. Scrabbling thru the diaper bag (or luiertassen where I come from) He obviously discovered the world has more to offer than dust and baby gifts! So he is out there lifting himself up on chairs and peering over the table's surface.

As a parent this is often a difficult transition, scary even. Your kid is aging! I recollect my daughter's first steps. Gone were the days of her just lying on my lap and sleeping. She was on the move and never stopped since. Truly, she never sits still and never stops speaking. But I love her all the more for it!

So what are you able to do to ease into this transition? Well take that journey together! Don't just let your kid run and crawl around and frantically attempt to protect him. Hold hands and show him round the house. Let me tell you, the worst parent is an overreacting one. If you are consistently afraid your kid might fall or break something you're really preventing their mental growth!

Give it some thought for a second, if you do not let him explore himself, how is he even going to learn what his environment have to offer? Plenty of bad things have occurred with the most sincere intentions!

One thing you could do is to be sure your home is totally baby explanation. Get rid of any sharpened or loose heavy objects. Put kid fences where needed so he can't access the kitchen or crawl up the stairs. But do not take everything away. Little wobbly tables or light plastic vases are not a problem . If they fall nothing is going to happen. It will probably just shock them which will be the instant they've learnt one of life's most important lessons: don't pull all that you can see!

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