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How to Conceive a Boy the Organic Way

By Jamie Jones

Are you one of the many couples who are wishing for a complete family and have tried every method and manuals to learn how to conceive a boy? Do you know that having this little bundle of joy- your perfect baby boy- is actually possible using 100% natural easy-to-do methods and with a 94% success rate? That's right, this article is made just for you so read on and find out how.

Isn't it too much of a risk to long so deeply for a little boy but leaving it up to fate or unreliable methods? What if after all your expectations, high hopes, buying of baby clothes and even painting the baby room, you're going to end up having a babe of the opposite gender? Isn't it very disappointing and disheartening? Some women actually suffer depression after giving birth because of this situation. While there are scientific means and medical procedures, they cost you a ton of money. Here you can follow simple and 100% natural steps for a head start on how to conceive a boy.

As a rule, it's crucial that you learn a concept why natural methods can work on how to conceive a boy. Keep in mind that there are 2 kinds of sperm cells that are released during ejaculation. These sperm cells are known as chromosomes X carrying sperm cells and chromosome Y carrying sperm cells. Chromosome X is considered as the female sperm while chromosome Y is the male sperm. The female sperm is stronger and are more numerous when it comes to numbers plus it lives longer for up to four to five days. On the other hand, chromosome Y has a much shorter life however; it swims faster than the chromosome X.

First, always remember to have sexual intercourse within or a day after ovulation. Ovulation is considered to be the best time to have sexual intercourse since the egg cell or ovum is already released and available to unite with a sperm cell for fertilization to occur. Now, even if the male sperm can swim fast than the female sperm, you also have to think about its life span. Remember that the male sperm can only last for a very short period so; it has to unite and fertilize the ovum or the females mature egg cell right before the female sperm first in order for you to conceive a boy baby.

Second, don't forget to determine when ovulation occurs. Note that it takes around 3 to 6 months or 3 menstrual cycles for ovulation to happen. Usually, ovulation happens on the 14th day of a woman's menstrual cycle. This is the time when females tend to experience abdominal cramps, have vaginal secretions, and even have a slight increase in body temperature right after waking up. Women are most fertile for about two to three days before ovulation.

Third, it is extremely important that you learn the proper positioning techniques to use during sexual intercourse if you extremely want to discover how to conceive a boy. The male penis has to deeply penetrate to get closer to the female cervix so that during male ejaculation, the male sperm don't have to travel a longer distance to fertilize the ovum. Bear in mind that the male sperm can't withstand the vagina's acidic environment so deep penetration during sexual intercourse will help the male sperm or Chromosome Y to reach the egg first. The doggie style as well as the reverse-cowgirl style is considered to be the best positions highly recommended to conceive a boy.

Does position during intercourse really matter? Guess what, how you position yourselves during the sexual intercourse is crucial. The male sperm cannot withstand an acidic environment and therefore, dies off easily. This is why positioning the penis nearest to the cervix during ejaculation will increase the chance of the male sperm swimming and reaching the egg cell before it (male sperm) dies. This also enables Chromosome Y to avoid staying longer in the vagina, which is an acidic place. Now let's get to the heart of the matter. How do you increase deep penetration? Since deep penetration increases the probability of reaching the egg cell first and provides a shorter distance to travel, the most recommended sexual positions are the "reverse-cowgirl style" and the "doggie style".

Fifth, for women who want to learn how to conceive a boy, you should eat food items high in (NA) sodium and (K) potassium content. Diet with bananas, corn, peaches and red meat are recommended for women who desire to have a male baby as it increases the chance for them to conceive a male child. However, caution should be observed when consuming these foods as it can increase your blood pressure.

Does what you eat help you? The right kind of food, those containing sodium and potassium, increases your chances of getting a male babe. This food group may include bananas, peaches, red meat and even corn. However, a woman must be careful in eating salty foods because high salt intake can lead to an unhealthy increase of the blood pressure and can therefore affect pregnancy. There are other dietary specifications to help you on how to conceive a boy. As what was written previously, what you've been reading is just the surface of the entire methodology. However, what you've learned so far here can greatly increase your probability of cuddling that little angelic babe!

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