Sunday, December 18, 2011

Those Three Little Words

By Mortimer Caspin

You and your wife are snuggled up on the couch watching a movie, the kid is in bed and everything is peaceful. Then she turns to you and says, "Honey, I'm pregnant." Suddenly your world just got a lot bigger and your current living situation a lot smaller. You do the only thing you can. Take out a new mortgage and purchase a bigger home. Now your wife wants to decorate the nursery she wants you to help. Here are some ideas.

Pink, violet or another soft cooler is a good paint scheme. Red is too harsh and bright so stick to the lighter tones. A great theme for a little girl is stuffed animals or dolls. Put up a couple of shelves and place some cute classic dolls on them. Wallpaper with teddy bears, ponies or other cute animals are a great way to add flare to the room. Pick out a teddy bear mobile for the crib, pink blankets in a pink and white crib and your good to go. You can even buy a really large stuffed animal to put in one corner.

Boys are incredibly easy to decorate for. Baby blue should be the color scheme although pastel green could work as well. A sports theme is one of the best ideas you can have. There is tons of cheap sports memorabilia out there. The wallpaper can be of footballs themed or baseball themed. A mobile of baseballs or basketballs is easy to find. You can go to garage sales or thrift stores and find vintage sports equipment. Baseball gloves look great hanging on the wall and bat looks good on a shelf. You can even pin pennants on the wall. Soft plush balls can be put on the dresser or night stand as well. At mortgage lenders you will find a grate loan rate.

If you want to stay gender neutral you have plenty of options as well. A zoo or Noah's Ark theme are both incredible cute options. You can paint the room in your gender color or something neutral like certain pastels. Stuffed animals are an easy way to add to your zoo or ark. Paint a mural on the wall of Noah's Ark with animals looking out of the ark. Place a large rainbow over the ark and the sun in the corner. There are tons of Noah's ark items for sale like lamps, figurines and collectibles. You can also pain a zoo mural on the wall. A bookshelf with books such a Dr. Seuss's "If I Ran the Zoo" and "The Happy Lion" are classics you can use.

If those aren't enough there plenty of other good options available. The Wizard of Oz is great, so is a Cowboy/Cowgirl theme. The circus is also a popular theme. With a little creativity you can come up a cute, yet affordable nursery for your child.

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