Sunday, December 11, 2011

5 Significant Facts to Consider When Potty Training a Toddler

By Emilee Harrison

In case you are thinking about starting to potty train your toddler, there are a few questions you should ask yourself before you begin potty training. Being all set for this challenging transition from diapers to potty is one of the best things you can do to make this as easy as possible on your child.

1. Is My Child Ready? You would like to start potty training at just the right time. You will know that the child is ready when he or she gets more interested in you going to the potty, tells you right away when the diaper is wet or pulls on it and seems uncomfortable by using it. Give bathroom training a try, if your child doesn't seem ready regardless of the signs, wait a few weeks and try again.

2. Am I Ready? You not only should consider your toddler's preparedness for potty training but yourself as well. It not only needs physical preparation but also mental readiness for the parent. You will need a lot of patience and understanding. There are going to be resentment, tears along with the occasional accident. Parents really should be prepared for this transition so as to provide full support for the toddler.

3. Do We Need A Potty Chair? At first, a grown-up potty might be overwhelming for the child. The seat is rather large and your child will have to hold on to avoid falling in.The flushing action might also be scary for some toddlers. That's the reason there are potty training seats just suitable for the gradual change in potty training. Right after the initial potty seat, you can move up into a potty insert that will fit into a normal potty and be a better fit for your child.

4. Should We Use A Potty Doll? A potty doll isn't a necessity when it comes to potty training, but can be a great tool. A potty doll will pee such as an actual child and usually comes with diapers, panties and a potty chair. The doll may help tremendously during the pre-potty training phase when you are getting your child used to the idea of going in the potty rather than the diaper. You are able to illustrate what's supposed to happen on the doll and let your child warm up to the idea by playing with the doll in the same fashion. You can even put the potty doll beside the toddler while sitting in his/her own potty seat.

5. Should We Use Potty Training Rewards? It assists to to give a reward every time he/she uses the potty. Simple potty training rewards can include stickers, candy like a few jellybeans or M&M's, or you can use some type of tracking chart for bigger rewards (i.e. If you use the potty for an entire week without accident, you get a small toy). It also helps to always cheer them on and express words of encouragement along the way and every time he/ she uses the potty. These guidelines will help out parents to better prepare themselves when venturing into the transition from diaper to potty, and be good support for their toddler.

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