Friday, November 09, 2012

Several Types Of Initial Pillows

By Tameka Ware

Initial pillows, like many of their brethren, are made out of a filler material and a cover. The former can be made out of many types of material; foam, synthetic fibres, latex among others. Down, the fine material found under the tough exterior layer of feathers in most birds, is generally regarded as the best filler to use when making cushions. It is very soft and pliable. Its also quite expensive.

Fortunately, suitable alternatives exist. One of the most popular is buckwheat hull. This material has traditionally been used as filler for a variety of cushions in Japan. Just like down, it is extremely pliable. Unlike its feathery competition, however, its much firmer, and offers far better head and neck support. The material requires no treatment with chemicals before being used; this makes it one of the most environmentally friendly filling materials available.

Buckwheat hull may have been used by the Japanese for hundreds of years, but contour cushions are a more recent invention. These were developed by the American space agency, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, to protect its spacemen during takeoff. The material is extremely adaptable, offering a lot of support. It also springs back to its former shape when it is not being used.

For those who struggle with allergic reactions, cotton may be the solution to their problems. This is soft, pliable and offers a reasonable level of support. The material releases no noxious gases, and is very safe for use. The filling also breathes, which helps regulate temperature, and reduces incidences of turning and tossing. Care should be taken when to avoid spills, as this filler is extremely absorbent.

Cotton may be mixed with a variety of artificial materials to improve its properties. For instance, to make it last longer, it is mixed with polyester. This also reduces the proportion of cotton used, making the filling less expensive. The synthetic material is arranged in such a way as to make the cushion firmer, which also gives it the ability to offer better support. This blending also reduces cotton's propensity to give off unpleasant odors.

These cushions can also be categorized by utility. Very long ones are capable of supporting the entire body. These are particularly useful for those who prefer to sleep or rest while lying on their sides; the upper part can be used to comfortably the head and neck, while the lower portion does the same thing for knees and legs. These are particularly suited for pregnant women.

Cakes and other forms of pastry go well with coffee, but not many people know that there is a type of cushion named after one. A donut cushion is shaped like the popular pastry its named after, and its placed on a seat before using it. Because it has a depression at the center, users can sit more comfortably, without placing undue pressure on their backs.

The U shaped travel cushions are beloved of passengers around the globe. These are placed around the neck whenever one sleeps or sits upright. They relieve any pressure placed on the neck, and ensure that sleeping in this position is more comfortable. Apart from initial pillows, these are the other types of cushions that can be found in many outlets around the world.

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