Wednesday, November 07, 2012

If A Man Takes A Hot Shower Just Before Conceiving, Would This Influence The Gender Of The Child?

By Odessa Batterton

I heard from somebody who mentioned: "I've heard that if a person gets a very hot shower before having sexual intercourse that this will assist you to have a girl baby . Is this right? Or the very hot shower advice for attempting to conceive a boy baby?"

The thinking behind these tips is that the heat of the shower will reduce the man's sperm count. And as this procedure takes place, more Y or boy producing sperm would be killed off because those sperm chromosomes are weaker. So, along this same line of thinking, the theory is that the sperm left after the hot shower are more likely to be girl producing. Thus, if the theory is correct, it would produce a girl baby (not a boy) very likely.

It's real that sperm is very sensitive to temperature. It's said that this is why a man's testes are placed outside of his body. Nevertheless, it takes more than a hot shower to raise his body temperature, that is what is important to have a meaningful impact on sperm .

Now, if you were talking about a very hot sauna or about sitting in a hot tub for an extended time, these things really might reduce sperm count . Nevertheless when you're attempting to get pregnant, I would think that you would want a higher sperm count to improve your possibilities of getting pregnant.

Only for the sake of argument , let's imagine that the very hot shower would have an effect on the man's sperm. The thing that you should bear in mind is that it take months for sperm to be made. So if a person were to have a shower today, this will have an effect on the sperm that he's producing months from now, but not in his immediate future.

That's the reason why this theory isn't good for me. Not only is a very hot shower not enough to reduce sperm count, but even if it did, it will impact what happens a few months in the future. So to respond to the query posed, there are old superstitions which suggest that a man's very hot shower before conceptions favors a girl child, but there's little science to prove it.

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