Saturday, November 03, 2012

An Austin Doula For Expectant Women

By Tameka Ware

Most women who are newly pregnant are anxious and full of anticipation about their impending deliveries. If they have never before given birth, they may also be fearful about the physical pain that they are sure to experience. When they want to confront these fears head on, mothers might choose to hire an assistant to help them and educate them about the birthing process. They can learn this information and get help from an Austin doula.

Most ladies do their own research as their pregnancies progress. Part of this research includes talking with doctors, nurses, and other birthing experts. Physicians may recommend doulas to patients who have a lot of questions and concerns. This professional can enlighten patients on what to expect and what to worry about during the months of pregnancy.

However, she also generally researches the process of giving birth. Women who have never had children often do not know what to anticipate as far as the pain and physical stress goes. They might fear having their babies. When they want to overcome this anxiety and look forward to having their children, they can speak with this professional and find out what will happen when they are in the hospital.

Moreover, they can recommend to moms whether or not they should try an at-home birth or go to a hospital. This determination is made on a case by case basis. However, high risk pregnancies generally are not successful if attempted at home. These professionals have the duty of advising moms to go to a hospital to avoid injury to or death of the baby or mother.

Ladies with complications-free pregnancies might be encouraged to consider at-home births, however. If they choose this options, their assistants can be on hand to help them breathe and teach them how to relax during the contractions. These relaxation lessons also help women progress through labor and speed up their deliveries.

This assistant may also encourage moms who become afraid of the pain during contractions. If they do not opt for epidurals or other pain medications, mothers might fear tearing or hurting themselves during the intensity of the contractions. They can follow their doula's advise and get past the fear to deliver their babies.

This professional also can assess whether or not the woman can give birth in a tub. Sometimes water helps moms feel more relaxed and makes them more willing to deal with the pain. Even if they are not in a tub, this person can recommend using an exercise ball or bar to hang onto when the mom is pushing. Many doulas have this equipment on hand for patients.

Afterward, these professionals stand by to help mothers and babies adjust to nursing. They can tell women how to recuperate well in the weeks to come. They may also be asked to monitor a woman's progress in recovering and breastfeeding. If a mother wants to be in control of her delivery and be unafraid of the physical and emotional process, she can learn these techniques from an Austin doula.

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