Sunday, November 25, 2012

Design a Baby Nursery with Soothing Colors

By Michelle Torres

Your baby nursery should be a calming and secure environment for your brand new arrival. Be sure to incorporate certain colors that are known to be soothing, stimulating, and satisfying to a finicky infant. Here are some specific colors that you can add to the decor and color scheme of your baby nursery.

Lavender is a color that instantly promotes calmness and serenity. Perfect for your darling little girl, this color is sometimes described as regal and even spiritual. You can incorporate this light and airy tone into your walls. Select printed wallpaper that has accents of this pastel shade. You can even include this color by purchasing plush throw rugs or playful and girly accents like vases of faux lavender roses and lavender framed photographs.

Lighter than light, melon is a pure and fresh tone that is sure to make any nursery appear larger, look brighter, and simply make you and your little one smile. It's closely related to pink, which is said to ignite a feeling of love. Incorporating melon into your nursery is easy. Melon is a great accent color. Shop for baby bedding sets that feature pops of the light hue in prints, and be sure to add accent pillows, curtains, and even picture frames around the room that feature this accent tone.

Yellow is one of the most popular gender friendly tones that are also known for its elating effects. Go bold and bright, or keep yellow soft and delicate by painting it on all of your walls, or simply just the ceiling. If an entire yellow room is not your taste, add pops of this playful color by painting wooden bookshelves, toy chests, or even storage bins a cheerful yellow tone. You can also select a bumper or crib sheet to liven up the most neutral of rooms.

Mint green is another calming color that is less cliche than yellow for a unisex nursery. It is said to not only evoke a calming energy but recharge tired bodies. Green itself stands for growth and peace-how ideal for a young infant! Incorporating green into a nursery is also one way to bring a feeling of nature from the outside in. Consider embracing a large, printed green area rug which will enhance a plain, solid mint green crib sheet and bumper. Also consider purchasing patterned bedding set that boasts various shades of green.

If you wish to create a beautiful and pleasing baby nursery, consider implementing these soft and soothing colors when you begin planning your color and design scheme.

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