Tuesday, October 23, 2012

The Use of Modern Baby Bedding: It's Risks and Benefits

By Ken Godberson

When someone becomes a parent for the very first time, there are many emotions that they may feel; joy at the prospect of a new member of your family, maturity in knowing that you have fully grown up, worry at wondering if you are financially stable enough to support a newborn. These emotions are many and random. One that I guarantee is on every new parent's mind is fear. A new baby brings hundreds of questions; such as what baby food is the most nutritious? What toys are the safest? One of these questions includes whether or not the bedding for the child's crib is safe.

There have been various articles on whether or not baby bedding is safe for an infant. Many of these research studies also discuss Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS), a horrible fate for a child that many people are aware of. What people are not aware of is the cause of SIDS. Is it genetic? Is it due to parental substance abuse in the womb? There have been several articles that describe a possible cause being exposure to toxins (emitted from the materials used in baby bedding) that attack the nervous system, resulting in death.

This may sound like a condemnation of baby bedding. However, there is hope. Over the years, we have seen a rise of all-natural and organic-grown foods in order to not only maintain the environment but to keep humanity healthy. This aesthetic has begun to expand beyond food production. We have begun to see clothing lines embrace the use of natural dyes for their products and the manufacturing from reusable materials in other industries.

Baby furniture and mondern baby bedding manufacturers have begun to switch into a production model incorporating eco-friendly practices. Such practices include the use of reusable and sustainably harvested woods, the use of non-toxic and formaldehyde-free glues, stains and finishes, and the use of cotton that has not been treated with herbicides or pesticides.

I am not going to lie and say that this move to eco-friendly manufacturing is going to wipe away parental fear for their child's safety forever. A fear for one's child is one of the most natural aspects of what makes a human. However, it is the hope that this consideration of both the environment and the consumer's health that pushes companies to make these changes will help alleviate that ever-present fear.

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