Sunday, October 21, 2012

Learn About 3d and 4d Ultrasound Clinics

By Kelly Belli

Physicians have used ultrasounds for more than thirty years now, but mainly 2d equipment. New, improved technology brings 3d 4d ultrasound Ohio residents will find in their better equipped clinics. This can be really incredible experience for every pregnant lady.

2d technology was able to show the outlines and kind of flat looking images. It was very helpful in diagnosing different internal issues. 3d ultrasound Ohio clinics bring three dimensional external images, which is great not only for diagnosing different issues, but also for more detailed monitoring of development in general.

4d technology is even more interesting. The image is continuously updated, and the result is just like a movie. Movements and behavior of the child can be monitored in real time. It really looks amazing, watching the baby sleeping and playing inside his or her mother's womb.

Ultrasounds aren't something you should do wherever you feel like it. They should be supervised and limited. In any case, if there is no medical need for that, you should make one when you are approximately 18 weeks pregnant. At that gestational age the gender is easy to determine, and your child will be clearly visible. You need to have the proof of prenatal care to be able to make an appointment.

The session usually lasts under 30 minutes. Although there are no standards set yet, physician limit session duration to that time. The intensity of the waves are set to FDA standards. Only the waves used for detecting the heart beats are of a slightly higher intensity.

Regular monthly ultrasounds are quite common in some countries, but experts still remind that two is more than enough. If you aren't sure, you should ask your own physician about it. You should try to protect your baby even if there are no known side effects.

If you would like to have some beautiful pictures of your unborn baby sleeping or playing in your womb, you can get both in one of numerous clinics offering 3d ultrasound in Michigan. Make sure they employ educated and certified technicians. Besides, they should have a qualified medical doctor as a director there.

In medical clinics offering 3d 4d ultrasound Ohio mothers to be can get lovely pictures of their babies comfortably sleeping in the womb. They can take their loved ones there as well, to witness the occasion on a big screen. It will be very nice experience for them all, and they can also order a lovely DVD movie to watch at home.

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