Friday, October 05, 2012

Stuffed Bears And The People Who Love Them

By Doris Rivas

During childhood it is not unusual for both boys and girls to have a special stuffed animal, most likely a bear. These stuffed bears give the children comfort and reassurance during the times that they are scared. It may be a fear of the dark or going to the doctor; whatever the case, the child will cling to their cuddly friend in their time of need.

Unfortunately, boys will be expected to grow out of their need for their special friend, while girls will be allowed to keep theirs forever. As a girl matures, she may use her animal as a decoration on her bed. In fact, she may do this after she has a home of her own. The attachment to these toys may come from the fact that they have gone through so many trials and good times with the child as they have grown and are filled with the love of the child.

Stuffed animals are still a big part of the life of a child still today. Many gift givers will choose to give a new baby a teddy bear when they are born. Since a bear is so cuddly and soft, it will often be the infants toy of choice and this will probably continue well into their childhood. These animals will help a child fall to sleep as they cuddle and comfort them.

Many people wonder where the name teddy bear comes from since most bears are referred to in this way. A story from long ago involving President Theodore Roosevelt, who also went by the name Teddy, claims that he went on a bear hunting trip and would not shoot a bear that was chained to a tree. When this story was told, a cartoonist who worked for a newspaper drew up a cartoon that featured a cute bear chained to a tree.

While past toy bears had been depicted as being ferocious animals on all fours, this cartoon inspired a couple who owned a candy shop to create a cute and cuddly bear. They displayed the bear in their shop with a sign that read Teddy Bear. It gained so much attention that the couple joined up with a pair of brothers and they created the first U. S. Teddy bear company.

Many years have passed and teddy bears continue to hold their place in the hearts of people around the world. In fact, nearly forty years ago a famous doll maker created a bear to be shown at a trade show. This was such a hit, that teddy bear collecting became a popular hobby for many people. Those who had long lost their childhood bears began to search for their replicas. It was not long before original; hand sewn versions of the past began to surface and become part of these collections.

These bears are not only toys and collectibles, they are also a way to the heart of a girl. Those who choose to give a stuffed animal as a romantic gift will be giving her a reminder of how much she is loved just from looking at it.

While there are companies that create teddy bears as collectibles, there are still many that create these to be played with and loved. Toy fads may come and go, but these stuffed bears have stood the test of time and it is only expected that they will continue to do so.

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