Thursday, September 27, 2012

Why Tiles Better Than Carpets

By Randy Loomers

A great question should certainly be asked. Tiles are entails pieces like ceramic that makes it hard material. Tiles are normally used to cover large floor area, sinks, walls with your comfort room, roofs, as well as your tabletops. Today, tiles have alternatively referred sometimes similarly made up of perlite, wood, and mineral wool, typically employed for wall and ceiling applications.

Carpets are textile flooring to cover floors made from layers of "pile". Carpets are usually either made up of wool or maybe a manmade fibre for instance polypropylene, nylon, or polyester and often consist of twisted tufts and are often heat-treated to support their structure. Definition of "carpet" is usually used interchangeably while using word "rug". Sometimes people sees carpet being a decoration from wall to wall. Other folks see rug like a used cloth of inferior while carpets have top grade with knots.. In past times, carpets were used for decorations and coverings in both wall and tables and was regarded to be the top art in the Arab world. And by the way, the carpets mentioned here are not flying carpets we imagined during our years as young ones.

Does tile better than carpet? Carpets can cover only specific area of wall and floor area but tiles can cover both specific and largest area not only walls and floor but also ceilings, roofs and sinks. It is unthinkable to cover ceilings and even tabletops and sinks with carpets. Carpets, especially commercially made, with elegant designs, can make your room elegant only on specific area, whereas tiles can change your rooms with most area, especially with design. It is easy to clean the tiles than the carpets.

Using recommended vinegar, removing dirt from tiles can be easy one, unlike carpets, when dirt settles inside the carpet, can be difficult when cleaned. Also on tiles too, when unclean together with grout, can lead to health risks.

Tiles are difficult to install without proper skills but it is much more strong compared to carpets, although are bit expensive. Tiles can endure long tear and wear up to 10 years, but can't absorb pressure well unlike carpets Carpets are easily destroyed and wear and tear compared to tiles but are less expensive.

Tiles are ideal to houses in hot and tropical areas because tiles retain coolness thus even the environment is hot, you can feel the tiles cool, while carpets are ideal to houses in the winter areas because like tiles, carpets can keep heat, since most of the carpets are made of wool, and they emit heat, therefore even when the environment is too cold, you can just roll down to the carpet.

Based on the paragraph above, tiles have more benefits than carpets, but it depends on the customers, and that includes YOU. But the important matter is that both can beautify your homes and give lively due to its art and elegance.

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