Friday, September 14, 2012

How To Get Pregnant With That Boy You Have Always Wanted

By Mitch Seyner

Contrary to public opinion that it is the female who decides whether a baby would be a girl or a boy, it's actually the sperm of the guy which is the reason for it. The sperm carries two chromosomes: Y and X. On the other hand, the woman's egg carries only the X ones. The X-sperm in fusing with a female egg cell produces a girl. The Y-sperm in uniting with a female egg produces a boy.

Below are the guidelines regarding how to conceive a boy.

It is essential to remember that the bigger chromosome is the X chromosome while the Y chromosome is generally smaller but nonetheless faster.

The partners must know exactly when the lady has her ovulation. It is strongly advised that a couple should have intercourse no less than twenty four hours prior to the ovulation time and at most twelve hours to the ovulation. It is to increase the likelihood of having a baby boy. Having intercourse late after the ovulation greatly lessens the probability of having a baby boy.

The first step would be for the female to make note of her cervical mucous. Before ovulation, the cervical mucous appears raw egg white. At this moment, it is typically very elastic and fluid. She should note this down for approximately 2 to 3 menstrual cycles for the sake of reliability prior to trying to have a boy. It's to make it possible for the couple to recognize the exact time of ovulation.

Next step happens when the female notes down the BBT at the same time with step one. This is to be double sure concerning the ovulation time and to improve the accuracy of step one. One may need to purchase a BBT temperature gauge in the community pharmacy. Before doing anything else every morning, the female must take the temperature and note it down. Taking temperatures when performing other activities can result to incorrect readings. It will be observed that during times of ovulation, temperatures have a tendency to increase a bit. It is a sign that one has ovulated. Using these recorded observations over a period of two to three cycles, the couple could definitely attempt to get pregnant with a baby boy in the onset of ovulation once temperature readings will be fairly consistent.

The last step is for the woman to purchase an ovulation predictor kit. This kit confirms the precise period when a lady will be in ovulation. The kit detects her LH that's released just before ovulating. It's advised for the female to make use of this test kit a minimum of twice daily around eleven in the morning and 3 PM and between five in the afternoon and ten in the evening in order to catch the differences as quickly as possible. The ovulation will most likely happen 24 hours after seeing positive results. There's a high likelihood that partners could get a baby boy considering all of the variables mentioned above.

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