Saturday, September 22, 2012

Nursery Furniture Sets For Your Toddler

By Lyndsey Kaplan

Recently my cousin had a baby with her husband. They couldn't have been more overjoyed when their daughter Sophia was born. Before their baby arrived though, they had a lot of preparations. Not only did they have to pick a bedroom in the house, but it needed to be painted and furnished so it was ready for their child. Since Sophia is their first child, they were new to the whole process of parenting. They didn't know where to shop, what to buy, or even what color they should paint their child's bedroom. Since Sophia was given her own room separate from her parents, they searched for nursery furniture sets.

The expectant couple had to do a lot of shopping to get ready for their baby. They needed childproof locks, toys, and everything else. One of the biggest purchases was the nursery furniture set for the bedroom. They didn't want just any set, so the process of picking one out took a long time. Eventually though they were able to find one that they liked for their child.

Like any other new parents, my cousin and her husband hoped that their baby would sleep well through the night. As expected though, they said this didn't happen for the first several months. They felt as though they were constantly getting up to feed the baby, change her, or even just rock her back to sleep. Even though they eventually got used to it, the first few months were spent rather sleepless.

I decided to throw my cousin a baby shower before her daughter was born. Since she isn't a huge fan of large party, it was just a small gathering of her closest friends and family. We had an afternoon tea with small sandwiches and dessert to munch on. It ended up being quite a success. She got great gifts such as bibs, diapers, and toys for her baby girl.

The arrival of Sophia into the world was one of the best days for my cousin and her husband they said. They said the first few weeks were hard, but they simply adore their little baby. When I see them now they are nothing but smiles. It is always great to see such happiness in their eyes.

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