Monday, September 03, 2012

Creative And Practical Shower Centerpieces

By Chloe Gib

Baby showers are wonderful and thoughtful methods of welcoming a new baby into the family and assist in providing many essentials a new infant will require. Decorating for such an event is sometimes quite a challenge - shower centerpieces are usually focal points on tabletops, at the sign-in table and in the middle of buffet tables. Using creativity and some simple objects, putting together this decor will be easy and fun.

Diaper cakes are a re-usable and fun way to supply centerpieces for a party. Make them yourself ahead of time or hire an expert to put them together. For extra visibility, be sure to use colored diapers and bright accessories. This is an especially thoughtful gift as the many items can be re-used by the new mother for the weeks to come.

Newborn baby gifts also make great centerpieces. Toys such as a variety of tropical animals, opened story books or baby dolls will make interesting and reusable arrangements. If the items are small, place and group them on some type of elevation such as a covered box or cake pedestal. Walkers, infant carriers, bouncers and other larger items which are filled with baby essentials and placed in the center of the buffet tables will provide extra interest and impact.

Doll furniture can also be utilized as table arrangements. Alternate between tiny high chairs, strollers and playpens on the tables and fill each piece of doll furniture with baby accessories. These could include bottles, pacifiers, diapers or infant apparel. Hostesses can also send these doll accessories to a florist before the event and have them filled with fresh flower arrangements for even more attractive centerpieces.

Delicate clairs, cream puffs and miniature cupcakes will make yummy centerpieces when elevated on a cupcake holder or cake stand. The use of colorful doilies and baby cake accessories can make this really stand out. Guests will appreciate having their sweet desserts so handy for them to enjoy at the end of their meal.

A personalized balloon bouquet can be anchored to the middle of the guest or buffet table with a teddy bear or other stuffed animal. This will provide color and height to the decorations. Younger guests can also be allowed to take them home for further enjoyment after the event is over or they can actually be used as prized for shower games.

Shower centerpieces don't have to be bland and dull. Spice up your event with creative arrangement that can keep on giving. Use these ideas for other special functions also and impress the guests with your unique and fun ideas.

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