Saturday, May 05, 2012

What You Need to Know to Have a Baby Boy

By Pangrukti Tapati

Couples who already have a daughter and even has had more than one daughter, of course very reasonable when have the desire to have a baby boy. Will be more complete if we had daughters, as well as sons. There are also couples who just want sons in their family.

Is it possible to do natural sex selection when a woman is planning to have baby? Theoretically, it can. A woman can choose whether she wants to have a baby boy or a baby girl. It is quite understandable as some are based around strong scientific principles. The point is there are clear differences between boy and girl sperm. The difference makes this impossible to choose what you want for your baby, boy or girl. There are some sex selection techniques that can increase your odds significantly to conceive a baby boy.

Here are three simple techniques to conceive a baby boy:

Tips #1 Timing of Intercourse The sex of a baby is determined by the kind of sperm. A man's sperm will carry chromosomes from both sexes. Y chromosome is for a boy and X chromosome is for a girl. Briefly, we can say that if Y sperm fertilizes the egg, it will result in a baby boy and if X sperm fertilizes the egg it will result in a baby girl.

To have a baby boy is simply to know how to make this Y sperm fertilizes the egg. Both chromosomes have different characteristic. The boy sperm (Y) are much faster moving, smaller and have shorter life span than the girl sperm (X). Based on this information, if you have intercourse as near to the time of ovulation as possible, it is likely that the boys will reach the awaiting egg first.

Conclusions which can be drawn is, do intercourse during ovulation to have a son. Having sex with your partner in a day or two days before ovulation, will likely deliver a baby girl. This is because X chromosomes have a longer life span than the Y chromosome .Thus; you need to know precisely, the day you ovulate.

Tips #2 Know the PH of Zone Boy In addition to the two characters that have been discussed previously, the X and Y chromosome are also sensitive to certain pH. Y chromosome is more resistant to alkaline environments, while the X chromosome is more resistant to acidic environments. Do a vaginal pH test to determine your tendency to have a boy or a girl.

Can PH conditions of the vagina can be changed? Sure it can. To reduce the acidity, you can consume lots of water. For better care, you can perform certain medical treatments. Consult a physician regarding this issue.

Tips #3 Intercourse Positions During sexual intercourse, choose a position that allows the penetration of the penis as deep as possible into the vagina, this is to help the Y chromosome more quickly reaching the egg. Also, because the outside of the vagina tend to be acidic while the inner and the cervix tend to be alkaline, which is certainly beneficial for the Y chromosome.

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