Thursday, May 10, 2012

Simple Tips to Conceive a Girl

By Pangrukti Tapati

Previously, we have discussed about how to have a boy. Now, it is about how to have a baby girl. Basically, the principle of how to determine the baby's sex whether it is boy or girl is most likely using the same idea. The point is how to make boy sperm (Y) or girl sperm (X) fertilizes the egg.

People often say that the only thing that matters when you have a baby is ten fingers, ten toes and healthy. That is 100 percent true of course, however there are also some people who expect the certain sex of their babies. Thousands people then try to search for information on how to have a baby boy or girl.

There are several methods to conceive a baby girl.

How to conceive a girl? Use Shettles Method!

You may consider Shettles Method which introduced by Dr. Landrum Shettles to conceive a baby girl. This method is widely popular to the present time. However, you may also use this method to conceive a baby boy.

The goal of this method is to stack the deck and have more X bearing sperm near the ovum at the time of conception. The method is based on the theory that Y sperm are faster but die more quickly. Shettles suggested the rules on how to have mostly X sperm by the time the egg is released. The rules are:

1. First step is you must know the menstrual cycle, then chart it using your basal body temperature (BBT charts).

2. You can more accurately pinpoint ovulation when you have done this for a few months.

3. Begin to have unprotected intercourse after your period ends.

4. Have sex once a day

5. Choose position of sex that place the sperm close to the entrance to the vagina. Make the sperm have to swim further. The missionary position can be used in this matter.

6. Avoid orgasm of women during sex. When women have orgasm, their vaginal environment contains alkaline and it is not favorable to baby girl.

Raising women's pH

Because X sperm is more resistant to acid, X sperm will have benefit if the environment inside the vagina has a high number of pH (more acidic). A Woman who has acidic conditions tends to conceive a girl. You can test the acidity using pH strips, which you can easily purchase at nearby pharmacies.

Watch your diet!

It had been previously known to the public, that nutrition effect on the fertility of men and women. However, as yet little known, that nutrition can also affect the sex of the baby. The correlation is, some foods can affect the level of acidity of the vagina, which can determine the sex of the baby.

Food to eat

1. Leafy vegetable, legumes, and bean as the source of magnesium

2. Cheese, yogurt, milk are beneficial as the source of rich in calcium and magnesium.

3. Acidic foods such as cranberries, corn, fish, and grains. Although the fact is that it is not easy to keep to an acidic diet for reasonable duration of time. You will feel that it restricts you; just keep at it, however, and you will succeed soon enough.

Food to avoid

1. Avoid potassium food such as banana. If bananas are your favorite food, you will have to go for some time without them.

2. Alkaline foods.

3. In the same vein, caffeine carrying foods should also be avoided.

Others say that it is not only food to eat and food to avoid having a baby girl. It is also the times of those meals. Those who eat breakfast are said to be more likely to get boys than girls are. In the same vein, eating more calories also contributes to higher chances of getting a baby boy. It makes sense, therefore, that the opposite is true. Those who want to have girls should skip these two. Besides, there are also some measures to take. Test your vaginal fluid periodically. If it is found to be alkaline, it can be douched with an acid.


Both of how to conceive boy or girl are questions that have baffled people for centuries. In the past, women have been blame for not getting the right sex. Nowadays, we can know that it is scientifically both men and women who play the role to this determination of baby's sex.

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