Sunday, May 13, 2012

Pros And Cons Of Designer Babies

By Danni Torelle

There are many pros and cons of designer babies to consider. These are the children who have been genetically made up and artificially screened, in order to ensure they are functioning in all top manners possible. The use of certain hormones in any development process are used, in order to ensure that they are cloned in a certain manner once they are born.

There are a few cons to consider by parents. This is somewhat a hot topic issue, due to the fact that this is similar in cloning to animals, and is therefore debated by many professionals in the industry. Due to these facts that there are many risks involved, this is something which not all experts truly agree on, and may find to be something that is out of bounds.

Whether you believe it is immoral or not. This will really vary on individual beliefs, and what each person considers to be right or what they think is something that is wrong to be doing. So, there are no right or wrong answers, but there are morality issues which should be fully considered, before any choices have been made and laid out by those considering it.

Technologies can also be stressful on the individuals who are involved. Since this is a process which is still a bit new, there may be risks and complications which can ensue, both to the mother and the child. For this reason, all who are involved in the decision making process, must weigh the costs and benefits to determine whether it is worth the risk.

There are also many pros which parents should keep in mind when thinking things through. From the simple fact that you are able to mold the child, and choose certain attributes which they will be born with, is a great thing for many people. So, if you are one of the individuals who hope to have this choice, then this is a process which you may agree with.

Being a test subject should also be fully thought through by all involved. Doing the process is something that is new to doctors, and for this reason, individuals who go through with it, are being test subjects when they undergo these things. For those who are comfortable with this, then you will find it is a safe procedure, at least as of yet.

All these things must be considered, before the final choices are made. Parents really have to consider the topic, both morally, as well as for the physical well being, both of the mother and of the child, as to the amounts of stress they will undergo. For these choices to be made, full and accurate attention must be given by all who are involved.

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