Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Things To Consider When Buying Embroidered Baby Clothing

By Chloe Gib

When considering buying a gift for someone with a baby, embroidered baby clothing is always a good choice! These items of clothing are unique, delicate, and treasured by most new moms. There are many options to choose from, and they can either be bought online or directly at a store specializing in infant items.

There are a number of types of embroidery that could be used on items of infant clothing. The most common types of embroidery include back stitch, ribbon work, candle wick, and cross stitch embroidery. Choose the type of embroidery that suits the mom and her newborn best.

For a simple design, most suited to newborns, choose a design that has been created using back stitch. When looking for infant cushions, candlewick embroidery works best, as it is simple and keeps to shades of white and beige. For toddlers, cross stitch designs are a great choice as they add more detail to designs. For a delicate finished look, choose infant clothes that have been finished off with ribbon work.

Be sure to consider the fabric and stitching quality before buying an item of clothing. It is important that the fabric is gentle enough for the infant. The item should be comfortable for the infant to wear. Also, choose items with a good stitch quality.

Although blue and pink are still the most popular colors for boys and girls, respectively, a different color may be more suitable for a particular newborn. Decide on a color scheme before heading to the store. If unsure, try to choose a shade that will match the baby nursery best.

If unable to find a particular embroidery style in your shade of choice, consider having it made with an embroidery machine. Any design can be turned into an embroidery item with an embroidery machine; the design just needs to be chosen. Be sure to choose the best fitting color scheme before the design is created.

Flannel baby blankets are an alternative gift to embroidery. Flannel is a particularly good fabric to use for newborn blankets, as it is a very soft woven wool or cotton. Flannel blankets are available in an array of shades and patterns, to match the nursery decor of any nursery. Select a pastel shade if you are not sure of the nursery decor the parents have chosen.

If searching for gifts for a baby shower, remember not only to look for embroidered baby clothing, but to consider a newborn gown too. Newborn gowns are made from delicate fabrics and make lovely gifts. They are often finished off with a layer of ribbon in a soft shade that adds to the delicate overall look.

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