Friday, March 23, 2012

Valuable Parenting Principles Worth Practicing

By Waylon Rossbach

When you're a parent, you face a constant series of challenges as your child goes through all the different stages of growing up. Consistency really is the key to getting through these difficult times, as well as using proven strategies that actually work. This article will show you many parenting strategies that can help you as you learn to raise your children.

Experts who have studied the various styles of parenting have come to a common conclusion -there are advantages and disadvantages to being too strict or too permissive, but the worst mistake of all is to be uninvolved.

Each child has the possibility and probability of reaching great heights in life, but this is stymied when parents ignore their kids or neglect them altogether. Many parents are so busy that they really don't have the time to spend with their child every day, though it needs to be done from time to time. Being a successful parent is not hard to do, as long as you take the time to do activities with your kids so that they know you are there and that you care. Parents don't always realize just how much influence they have over their kids, even when they're not influencing them in the right ways. Since your kids notice everything you do, it's important that you don't tell them to act a certain way while you do the opposite. If you frequently swear around the house but tell your kids to watch their language, you won't have much hope of influencing them the way you want. If you remember that you're always a role model, whether in a positive or negative way, you might give more thought to some of your actions. So make sure you exhibit those qualities you want to see in your children. No parent can be the perfect role model at all times, but the idea is to at least make this your goal.

Is it possible to change your child's behavior and make them stop doing inappropriate things? By far, the most effective strategy is to give your child to choices to make. Doing this takes you away from being negative and allows you to be positive. For example, your child may be digging around in your freshly planted garden that you worked several days on.

Bad choices can be averted by providing two or more good choices that the child can select from and make the situation better. Your child, by presenting the choice, can make the right decision, and you can control what is going on by providing the choices. To summarize, there are many aspects to being a good parent and no one can expect to be perfect. Whatever has happened in the past is beyond changing, so you can only look towards the future. When you're a parent, it's best to balance out what books, doctors and other sources of information say with your own intuition and experience.

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