Monday, March 12, 2012

Important Considerations in Choosing a Baby Shower Theme

By Edie Mindell

For a responsible baby shower planner, preparation ahead of time on all the things that will be needed for the party is the main key to be able to deliver the client the utmost service. Thus, it is very important to start with an interview with them about their preferred party details such as the date and time as well as the venue of the event. Choosing among the wide selection of baby shower themes that are most suitable for their preferences is also an essential part of the first stage of baby shower planning.

Baby showers are often considered as a welcome rite for a baby of first-time parents. It is usually done about 2 to 4 weeks before the due of the child's birth and it also serves as a rite to help the new mom-to-be prepare for the new chapter of her life. That is why every detail of the party must be planned carefully and must be matched to the chosen baby shower theme. In order to find the most ideal and creative baby shower themes, a thorough research over the Internet is one of the most convenient means. There are many websites that feature a list of unique and exciting themes for the baby shower as well as the step-by-step instructions and some advices on applying these.

The theme of the baby shower serves as the reference of other party details such as party favors, decorations, games and fun activities, and foods. For example, a baby shower with a fairy tale theme needs castle and rainbow back drafts, some flowers and fruit-bearing trees, and white horse stuff toys as decorations for the venue. For the party favors, princess dolls and magic fairy wands can be given to little girls while toy swords are ideal for little boys as welcome gift. Then, the type of foods in the menu is not really a big deal as long as these are presented in a manner that is similar to castle balls. Meanwhile, practical games are those that involve prince and princesses. It will also be nice to have a short fairy tale play or a story telling portion with some added twists depending on the creativity of the baby planner.

Other possible baby shower themes that will bring a memorable event are superhero theme, tea party theme, circus theme, outer space theme, and pirates theme. There are also themes that are more on animals such as jungle theme, pet shop theme, animal farm theme and underwater theme. Once a certain theme has been finally chosen, then it is time for the baby shower planner to determine the things that will bring the best out of it.

As long as there is enough time for preparation, choosing among the baby shower themes does not really depend on the allocated budget. Creativity of the baby shower planner as well as the participation of the clients in choosing their preferred party details is more important to acquire the best outcome of the planned baby shower.

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