Friday, March 30, 2012

Small Children And Your Pet Could Very Well Be Friends

By Donnette Lookadoo

Bringing in a baby to a household which has a dog may be complex, especially if the dog has not been in contact with a baby before. Such experiences do not need to be negative to both the baby and the dog, so they must be both prepared to take this as it happens.

What you will probably want to do is setup the baby's stuff early enough. The SPCA International points out that this is one of the things that will get the dog used the idea.

When you do this, the dog gets used to the new set up and is already aware of what is happening when it sees you coming from a distance with the baby. It could then start waiting for the next change it will see in the home setup.

It's not quite easy for a pet to accept a new baby in the house. As such, you need to be cautious, watching out always, that the dog does not do something dangerous. Respecting what has been said so far is certainly the best way to get the dog to behave normally.

Something which you really need to look out for is making dog see the difference between its toys, and those meant for the baby. That's not a simple task, but you will need to find a way to make this possible if the two must comprehend each other. Should you need help on this, you can go to the SPCA International.

You could start by setting the boundaries on what the dog should, and should not do. These boundaries need to be understandable by the dog, so you will have to do it carefully.

A simple trick is holding the dog's toy, and asking it to play with its toy instead, when you see it trying to reach out for the baby's toy. This will be much better than just shouting at the dog when you see it going for the baby's toy.

The dogs will eventually get to master their toys, and on their own, avoid playing with those of the baby.

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