Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Where to Buy Used Baby Clothing

By Shannon Humpel

Remember that adorable outfit you bought for your newborn - the thing that cost you nearly $40, and got worn 3 times before it wouldn't fit? For such tiny things, baby clothing is expensive - and as fast as babies grow, they seldom see much wear. For folks on a budget, they may be potent arguments for cutting costs where you can when dressing baby.

Designer duds for baby DO make sense though - and by designer, I mean the elite inside the baby design field: OshKosh and Baby B'Gosh, Carters, Sweat Pea and other top-of-the-line baby clothing manufacturers. They keep in mind the small details that cheap clothing manufacturers skimp on - little details that make a major difference in fit, appearance and comfort. You ought to reap the benefits of nice, flat seams that don't irritate, and nylon snaps that don't scratch or pull through fabric. However you prefer not to pay $30 to get a sleeper!

The answer is shopping around for gently worn using baby clothes and talking to friends for outgrown hand-me-downs. Garage sales really are a great source in the spring and summer months. You'll often find great clothes that are barely worn in sizes for the following couple of years. Read the newspaper for upcoming yard sales - baby clothes are frequently among the list of advertised items.

An additional spot to buy designer baby clothes at rock-bottom prices is a good consignment shop. Strike up a relationship with the owner, and he or she may even put aside items that she knows you'll love and provide you a phone call to inform you know what she's got. Additionally, you could often sell the same baby clothes BACK, or trade them in on the next size up when baby outgrows them.

What about a place to acquire gently used baby clothing for the price the gas to go pick them up? is a national movement of community bulletin boards that are dedicated to the notion of 'one man's junk'. Check to see if there's a chapter near you, and join up. Seldom a day goes by that somebody doesn't give a few bags of baby and children's clothing in various sizes. The quality varies, however the younger the newborn, the more likely that the clothing continues to be in excellent shape.

Don't overlook church and community thrift shops as sources of good, well-cared for baby clothing. If there's a Junior League thrift shop in your own city, you will often find beautiful clothing for baby at bargain basement prices.

If you do choose used clothing for baby, launder it the moment you get it home. Pretreat stains if there are any, and wash by using a gentle laundry soap designed for baby. Add borax into the water for extra whitening power, and be sure to rinse at least twice if you utilize bleach. By the time you're done, you'll have one of the best-dressed babies in the vicinity - without breaking your piggy bank.

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