Sunday, February 19, 2012

A Superyard XT Makes It Easy To Tend Your Kids

By Sandy Rutherforde

For parents with playful and energetic children, keeping the toddlers occupied can be a daunting job at times. Mothers often find it challenging to tackle household tasks and at the same time keep an eye on the activities of their children. For such people, the Superyard XT, sold by North Stages, can prove to be a good solution. This play fence offers many advantages for people worried about trying to keep their youngsters busy without harm or risk.

Whenever fully enclosed, this play gate supplies the little ones with as much as 19 square feet of play area. Each one of the panels has a height of 26 inches. Every panel in this set provides a diamond grid. Buyers need to interlock the needed amount of panels to make a plastic enclosure. The whole set weighs around 20 pounds.

Unpacking and putting together this play gate is actually a straightforward procedure and it will require only a few minutes. There's no requirement to use any kind of extra equipment to put together this fence as such; therefore, you needn't be concerned about putting together or dismantling this play yard. Even the panels are light in weight and therefore they can be relocated to different areas without difficulties. In fact, this play fence is sold with carrying straps that enable it to be carried easily. This product can easily be used in areas such as parks and beaches as well.

The gate is composed of six panels made of tough plastic that deal with weather conditions quite well. It is not necessary to use all the panels to offer your child playing space. Based on the availability of space, people can set the Superyard XT up in triangular, square and even hexagonal shapes. Maintaining and cleaning the equipment will also be easy. Its longevity doesn't get affected by direct exposure to rain and sunlight.

This item is not just useful for keeping kids secured, even playful pets may be kept inside it. In fact, people can decide to encircle parts of the house in which they don't want young children and pets to get to. Even though the standard space supplied by this play gate is sufficient for a lot of people, there is a way to expand its diameter. Simply by paying extra, customers can buy an extension kit which adds an additional 16 square feet area to the current area. This will be useful for individuals with more than one young child to look after.

In general, the Superyard XT play gate offers good value for the price and it also serves flexible uses also. The versatility in using and transporting the apparatus can make it ideal for various kinds of people. Despite the fact that this play gate is sold with a one year warranty, practically, it can last for many years to come.

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