Monday, February 20, 2012

The Best and Unique Ideas for the Theme that you can Use for your Baby Shower

By Emmanuel Aquino

A baby shower is not difficult to handle as long as you have some ideas and options that you can consider for the important details like the themes of the event. A green-themed baby shower can be a good idea. The green theme idea is not actually green decorations. It is simply about using decorations and other materials on your baby shower that are eco-friendly. If you want to save more money, build awareness on the advantages and benefits of considering recycled materials as decorations and promote a healthy environment, this them is the best choice.

The preparations of the invitations for the event must be your next priority after deciding on the theme that you will use for the baby shower. Since you are promoting a healthy environment, you can simply use recycled card stocks. You can place images on the cards and add some more detail and colors You can also add an explanation on why you decide to use the said theme. Aside from the explanation, you can also provide messages to encourage your guests to wear anything that can match the theme like color green, white or brown. You can also save money if you will simply send the invitation on their email.

If you are looking for the best venue, your backyard can already be a good place as well as the beach or spacious garden. People commonly use balloons and streamers as decoration. Simply use biodegradable materials as your decoration. You can just add a couple of beautiful rocks, bamboo, glasses and candles for the design. It is best if you put a touch of flowers and plants on the decoration.

Fruits can be a good additional decoration for the tables on the celebration. White table cloth is a better alternative for any other colors. The decorations may be simple but they are more elegant.

To match the theme of the baby shower, you can ask the guests to change the wraps of their baby gifts. The guests need to find a wrapper that they like and it must also be eco friendly like the theme of the baby shower. As a parent, you have to understand that you need to take all the responsibility and you must not rely on the gifts by the guests.

For the thank you gifts that you will provide, a good gift will be some thank you notes made from recycled materials. You can think of more ideas if you do not prefer a thank you note but make sure that it is still under the theme of your baby shower. You must remember that a baby shower is the most importance celebration for a baby and it is considered as a part of the tradition for most countries.

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