Sunday, January 15, 2012

New Parent Manual - Baby Skin Care Techniques

By Elena Cabral

Youthful skin is one of the pursuits that most adults engage in or at least wish they had. We massage ourselves with moisturizers. Men and women alike, have no problem with spending large sums of money on beauty procedures and products that will make them look a few years younger. It is important that you realize that you need to develop a good skin care routine for your infant early on if you want to make sure that his (or her) skin retains that healthy glow for as long as possible. Here are a few hints to help you make sure that your baby's skin care is taken care of.

A baby's skin is sensitive, so precautions must be made to protect against rashes and other skin conditions. Sooner or later, you are going to have to confront the odd rash or cluster of bumps that your baby will be inflicted with, more often than not, it is something that will disappear after a simple treatment. Treating these types of ailments is something that can be done at home with the correct methods. You have to be on the lookout for any skin abnormalities, once you spot any, take the appropriate action that will keep your baby's skin in near perfect condition for years to come.

You should always check the label on your baby's skin care products. Dyes, phthalates, parabens and extra fragrances should be avoided. These ingredients could irritate your baby's skin and cause rashes and other skin conditions to develop. After putting so much effort into keeping your baby's skin clean the last thing you want to do is cause irritation or other conditions to develop. You want to choose products that are known for being gentle on infant skin. If you want to be very careful, before you go shopping again, ask your pediatrician for some suggestions.

Lukewarm is a good compromise in temperature because it will keep you from accidentally burning (or freezing) your baby.

Newborn babies need special skin care products. A good rule of thumb is to use newborn products until your baby is six months old and then you can use the products that are good for older babies. Life outside the womb is much different than life inside the womb which means that it takes time for your newborn baby's skin to adjust. Your baby's skin is incredibly sensitive and is more prone to irritation than it will be when your baby gets older. When looking for skin care products, be sure that the products you buy are made for newborns!

It is also important to remember that baby skin care needs to be applied to the whole body, not just to the face.

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