Monday, January 23, 2012

How Variety Makes Icandy Prams A Good Choice For Active Parents Of Young Children

By Rod Fraser

Icandy prams allow parents to have an easier time when they go out with their kids. There are three models which are called the Peach, the Cherry, and the Apple. Each one has a modern, sturdy design which is eye catching as well as functional. They each have a distinctive character to allow buyers to pick the type which is best for their lives. They are strollers that offer a worthwhile choice to anyone looking for something that suits their lifestyle.

Baby transports of all kinds allow parents to walk with their small children without having to always carry them. Because of their ease of use and compactness, the iCandy line of strollers make these excursions more manageable. They are easily folded so that one can pack them into a car for a day of errands or a family outing. And, they feature wheels which can handle most kinds of terrain. This line of transports come in several models. These are named the Peach, the Apple, and the Cherry. Each one has a few characteristics in common but, they all have variances in design to suit different needs.

All of these models have seats that can be placed at three different angles. The seats are also reversible so that children can look out at the world or see their parents as they are being pushed. And, each one can be adapted for use with an optional carrycot that will turn them into modern looking prams.

Of the three models, the Apple is the heftiest. These sturdy pushchairs come in a four wheel variety as well as a jogger with three wheels. The Apple's best feature may be the flavor pack accessories which allow owners to style the colors of their carriage in their own way.

A very lightweight choice of baby transport is the Cherry model. This comes in an assortment of five colors and can be adapted for use with a car seat. When they are folded up, they can stand on their own and take up little room.

Of all of the models, the Peach has the most features. They are offered in three different colors. One of the Peach's major conveniences is it can be folded with one hand. Plus, with the Peach blossom upgrade, a second seat can be added.

If parents are on the go, they are going to need a good stroller. With a multitude of options iCandy prams can help people fulfill all of their baby transport needs. Sturdiness and attractive design make them of great use for families as they grow.

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