Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Baby Toy Review Lamaze Freddie the Firefly

By Jessie Brooks

Baby Toy Evaluation: Lamaze Freddie the Firefly

Freddie the Firefly, $9.99 from Lamaze, is a friendly, plush toy with a number of attributes to entertain babies and young kids while also stimulating the senses. At 11.8x8.7x0.5 inches, Freddie is a great play companion at property or on the go.

This firefly shaped toy contains a range of colors and patterns along with an inviting, smiling face that your infant will take pleasure in searching at. The colorful design will attract your infant's attention, and the numerous interactive functions will continue to hold his interest. As your kid explores this toy, he'll locate a new element on every of the firefly's wings to entertain, engage the senses, and improve the development of tiny motor skills.

The crinkle wings and the squeaker can be squeezed to make fun noises. The mirror can be employed to play peek-a-boo while also teaching your kid self-awareness as he learns to recognize his reflection. There are also click clack rings attached to the bottom of Freddie's body, as nicely as knotted fabric arms along his sides for your infant to grab and pull. One wing also contains a pocket with a rubbery pull out teether that supplies excellent relief for your teething baby.

Freddie is best for independent play, whilst also getting a link clip attached at the best for effortless attachment to a crib, stroller, auto seat, or anyplace else, generating this toy wonderful to use at house and to travel with. It is little sufficient to fit simply into a diaper bag and can swiftly be clipped onto any surface to maintain your infant entertained wherever you might be. It can also be a soothing companion for nap time, and is totally secure to leave in a crib with your infant when sleeping.

This toy is made of safe, durable materials that will withstand the day-to-day wear youngsters can put toys through over a extended period of use. It's cozy and comfortable enough for your baby to chew on, or basically snuggle with. Although this toy is fairly small, it could be too cumbersome for younger infants to be able to pick up and hold in front of them on their own. If utilised too roughly, there's also a risk that some of the smaller attached pieces, such as the teether, could tear off to turn into a choking hazard. Even so, with correct use and parental supervision, Freddie the Firefly will pose no real risk to your child.

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