Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Few Pointers When Buying A Baby Swing

By Aurora Johns

A baby swing is a great tool that may sooth a fussy baby or hold an infant while parents sneak a quick shower or perform other household activities. Beneficial for both the parents and the baby, these swings are available today in the market in a variety of types that parents should exercise caution when purchasing one.

Baby swings are being used for a wide range of activities from soothing a fussy baby, to lulling him/her to sleep at nap time or entertain him/her while parents to do their jobs. Despite that, baby swings have developed a bad reputation in some social circles. This is due to the number of serious injuries in the past years that have resulted from the use of baby swings. Nonetheless, many parents still agree that these incidents may be prevented if these swings are to be used appropriately. If so, not only accidents will be prevented, parents will also be given much more time to perform their other tasks while making sure that their babies are safe and comfortable.

The market today offers four types of baby swings. First among these are electric swings, which as the name suggests, are powered electrically. All other three types of baby swings may also be an electric swing where their swinging motion is continuous. Another type of baby swing is the full-sized swing which is often used for babies from birth to until 25-30 pounds and is designed for indoor use. Lastly are the basic cradle swing which is used to rock the baby in both a back-and-forth or side-to-side motion and the portable travel swing which allows the baby to be moved from room to room or stowed in a car.

As baby swings are now available from a wide variety of manufacturers, parents should choose the best one that will keep their baby safe while providing him/her with utmost enjoyment and comfort. Among the features that will provide comfort and safety to the baby and that parents should look for in a baby swing are the frame, seat cover, seat settings, speed, and ease of access. Added features that would provide entertainment to the baby such as mobiles, toy bars, and trays should also be considered.

Also, the safety of a baby swing lies on the material used in its manufacture. As such, it is important to check the material with which the swing is made of. Moreover, one should closely inspection the safety straps-such as the harness and seat belts-in order to ascertain that the baby will not slip out of the swing seat. Lastly, to lessen the chance of scraping the baby's legs while trying to get him/her out of the swing while making sure that he/she is gently removed from it, parents should look for a swing that features a flip-out or fold-up tray.

Various considerations should be factored before purchasing a swing set. Nonetheless, one may not deny that the use of these items is indeed beneficial to both parents and the baby who will be using it.

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