Saturday, October 15, 2011

Selecting An Apartment - Ten Important Questions You Should Ask

By Erin Song

Finding the perfect apartment that meets all your needs and expectations can be a lot of stress. There are countless number of things anybody renting an apartment have to keep in mind to make the right choice. So if you are looking for an apartment complex for yourself or your friends or family, you can get started by asking the landlord or anyone else concerned each of the ten questions below.

The very first thing you should ask is when you would be able to move in - for example, if you need immediate occupancy, interview the landlord and ask important questions like if somebody is presently there or when you can tenure the place. After confirming check in, you may negotiate with the landlord for not paying for unoccupied period.

Ask for the rent amount: How much is the amount is and when to pay? Ask for advance security deposit and whether it is completely refundable?

Ask the landlord if you will have to pay late fees should you be delayed in your monthly payments.

The renewal terms of a lease are yet another factor you have to keep in mind. Find out what happens when you move to another place before the lease ends.

For sure you will want to be armed with enough information from the landlord regarding the payment of utilities - are they covered in the contract?

Are you permitted to share your apartment: If you want to share your place with your colleagues or room partners, check out for any written permission to doing so.

Are your pets allowed or not: Ask for permission if you have any pet. Can you pay for an advance pet deposit or is there anything you can do if such a setup is not allowed by the landlord?

Even if you may not own the apartment, it is part of human nature that you may want not only to tidy up your new place, but to decorate it to your taste or make minor repairs around the apartment. Ask if minor renovations or decorations would be allowed.

It is common to have so-called "neighbors from hell" - people who drunkenly toss beer cans (or even beer bottles) out of windows, listen to loud, pounding music at unholy hours of the night and fight like cats and dogs at an even louder volume. To avoid this you should know about neighborhood very well.

Inquire for service points: Ask landlord, How far is the market and other required service points like post office, bank, restaurant and public transport stations etc. This way you won't get lost and know where to go when you have to do certain tasks.

These ten questions can save you years of headaches and inconveniences caused by an uninformed decision to move.

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