Friday, October 28, 2011

Make sure your ready for your little one

By Oliver Dear

If you have a new arrival on the way then you will have several things to organise before they arrive. Knowing the signs of pregnancy can give you the maximum amount of time to plan for your new arrival. Knowing these signs of pregnancy means that you can get started on researching the items needed for a new baby.

There are many signs of pregnancy including prickling, tingling nipples, spotting and cramping, feeling sick, tender swollen breasts, fatigue, the frequent need to urinate, change in your sense of taste, missed period and a positive pregnancy test. If you have one or more of these pregnancy symptoms then you may well be pregnant. A healthy lifestyle should help lessen some of these pregnancy symptoms.

Once you have found out about your pregnancy then you should understand that it will be split into three trimesters. In the first trimester as your foetus starts to grow you may experience some morning sickness but this should go as you get into the second trimester of your pregnancy. In the second trimester you may begin to feel the baby moving and some expectant mothers feel renewed energy during this phase. As you reach the final trimester you may feel nervous about the imminent arrival of your baby but the majority of your pregnancy symptoms will have deceased by this point and you can take comfort in the fact that your baby will soon be with you.

When you are in the last few weeks before your baby is due to arrive it is important to start to think about your birthing plan. This could include any pain relief you may want, if you want a natural birth and who you wish to be present at the birth. Discussing this birthing plan with those who will be present and your midwife is an important step in producing it.

In the final few weeks of being pregnant one of the final pregnancy symptoms is the need to build a nest for your offspring. Taking time to decide what colour nursery you would like, what furniture you require and purchase all the items required such as mosses baskets, changing tables, nursing chairs, night lights, cot, clothes storage and baby monitors can help get rid of those final pregnancy symptoms.

Once you have sorted out your nursery you will also need a pushchair and car seat. There are many different travel systems on the market with pushchairs that can allow the baby to ride either forward facing or looking towards the mother. Then there are pushchairs that can fit a car seat on them so that a baby that is sleeping in the car can be removed in their car seat and attached to the pushchair so that they can be left to sleep.

When deciding what you will need before your baby arrives do not forget the items such as baby wipes, nappies, bottles, steriliser, baby bath and clothes. You may require bottles even if you have decided to breast feed as it is sometimes nice to express milk so that a grandparent or partner can share in the feeding of your baby.

Your final stage on your way to bringing your new baby home is to remember to take time to relax before the birth in the final few weeks. Once your baby is born you will have plenty of sleepless nights and having your batteries fully charged before they arrive is a good idea. Once they do arrive take time to relax and enjoy them, especially when they are sleeping.

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