Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Choosing Crib Bedding For Your Baby?

If you’re expecting a new arrival in your family, you already
know there’s plenty to do in preparation. One of the most
important is getting the nursery ready so your newborn will have
a cozy, safe, and pleasant place to sleep once he or she returns
from the hospital. That means you’ll need to go shopping for
crib bedding. Below are some tips that can help you choose the
right crib bedding for you new bundle of you. 
Setting a Budget 
As you may have already experienced, getting ready for that baby
isn’t going to be cheap. That’s one of the reasons baby showers
were invented. That means you need to decide in advance how much
you can afford to spend and stick to that budget. Otherwise you
may end up deep in debt or without all of the necessities your
little one is going to need. 
Crib bedding will be one of the bigger costs on your budget but
it can also be one of the more flexible ones. Generally, a
quality crib bedding set could cost from around $400 up to more
than $800. However, if you don’t want to purchase an entire set
at once because of budget limitations you could choose to buy
the pieces one at a time or to leave out some of the less
important crib bedding accessories. 
Match the Décor 
If you’ve already started decorating the rest of the nursery,
then the crib bedding you choose will need to match what is
already there quite nicely. After all, you do want to create a
visually appealing space for your baby. Sure, he or she may not
appreciate it now but that crib bedding will probably be used at
least until your baby turns three. That means he or she will
definitely have some time to appreciate all of your hard work. 
Another idea is to pick the crib bedding before you do any type
of decorations. That way you can match the rest of the décor to
the crib bedding instead of vice versa. 
Gender Appropriate 
While any color crib bedding is appropriate for any gender of
baby, most people still adhere to those classic color
stereotypes. That means if you are having a little girl you
probably won’t be going for blue crib bedding. What do you do if
you don’t know or have chosen not to know the gender of your
baby before birth? 
One answer is to choose so-called gender neutral colors for the
crib bedding, such as green or yellow. These are both very
tranquil colors to consider and look beautiful in any nursery.
Choosing a print or pattern that incorporates multiple colors is
also a good idea. 
Choosing a Theme 
Some parents decide to decorate their nurseries in a theme. For
example, you could choose a jungle look and even paint a jungle
mural on one of the walls. In that case, you might want crib
bedding, such as the Doodlefish Safari set from Pure & Honest
Kids, that matches your theme.

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