Monday, July 08, 2013

Baby Slings – Common Sling Problems and How to Correct Them

Properly worn baby slings are not only comfortable for you, but
for your baby as well. Also, if you and your child are
comfortable with a sling, you are more able to wear it for
extended periods of time. This increases the bond between wearer
and child and may even reduce your baby’s crying due to longer
carrying time. 
Here are some common problems encountered with baby slings and
how to correct them for maximum comfort: 
Ring Position For Ring Slings 
Many people find that wearing the ring at or around the
collarbone level is the most comfortable for them. You can
position the ring lower, but bear in mind that the sling the
baby is carried in will be smaller. These rings are very strong,
often being made from marine grade aluminum or metal used for
heavy livestock. This ensures that the ring will not break or
crack even with a heavier toddler. Because of the size and make
of the ring, you’ll want it to be as comfortable on your body as
possible, and the “pouch” of your collarbone is an ideal place. 
Shoulder Position 
With the ring sitting nicely at your collarbone, the fabric that
comes up and over your shoulder needs to be spread over your
shoulder and somewhat down your upper arm. This distributes the
weight of your child and the sling evenly. If you bunch the
fabric up on your shoulder, you’ll have unnecessary pressure on
your shoulder muscles and this will fatigue you rather quickly. 
If you are looking at baby slings, which have a padded shoulder
strap, then make sure it is properly centered on your shoulder
and not up against your neck. Again, this will reduce muscle
The Back Of Your Baby Slings 
The baby slings back need to be spread out as widely as
possible. Basically, the more you spread out the fabric in the
back, the more comfortable you’ll be. Also, spread the fabric
down low on your back. This, too, will reduce pressure on your
back. You will be surprised at how wide you can spread your
sling across and down your back, so take the time to do it and
notice the difference in your comfort level. 
The Height Of Your Baby 
Basically, the higher you carry your baby, the more comfortable
you’ll be. Baby slings are pretty easy to adjust, so just keep
at it until your baby is comfortable and you are, too. The
weight of your baby and the baby’s age will also determine
carrying height. 
Remember, if you are finding that you are getting tired easily
from using your sling or that it’s uncomfortable, it may not be
adjusted ideally for your body. If possible, have someone that
also uses baby slings help you in adjusting your sling for a
better fit. If that’s not possible, check online for a local Le
Leche group. You will likely find someone in this group that
will assist you in fitting your sling.

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