Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Baby Bedding - How to Choose a Theme

One of the fun aspects about having a new baby joining your family is that of picking out baby bedding for the new arrival. Today's fabrics and designs offer a wide range of options to choose from. The selection of a theme is largely a matter of personal preference, but there are some factors to consider before picking out baby bedding for your infant. Each baby room and associated bedding can be designed to fit your lifestyle and the look you prefer in your home decor. Whether you like bright primary colors or soft pastels, you can find a theme that matches your preferences.


Regardless of the theme you select for your baby bedding, you should look for safety features on each item. Extensive product testing for most items of children's toys, bedding and clothing means that there are standards which must be met and maintained before the product can be released to the market place. For example, fire retardant materials are critical items in baby bedding and sleepwear. Bedding with attachments that are not securely fastened is not something that should be used in a baby's room, no matter how clever. Bedding that is plastic can cause danger of choking or suffocation.


Even though babies tend to outgrow clothing quickly so that you don't usually have to worry about clothing's durability but the opposite is true with baby bedding. It is important that the baby bedding you select for your child is going to last for months, or sometimes even years for the more expensive items. Part of the durability is how easy the bedding is to clean and maintain in pristine condition. You must be able to depend upon the bedding lasting through routine wear and cleaning efforts.


Extensive study on the subject of color and its effect on babies' growth and development has occurred over the years with some replicable conclusions that have been published. Baby beddinghas been manufactured in solid colors that include pastels whites, and bold primary colors. In addition, there are many sets of baby bedding that are either bright prints or delicate florals or stripes. Sometimes the colors reflect a theme of movie characters or comic strip characters. Obviously, an infant is not going to recognize the characters, but the colors selected will be an inspiration to the parent and can be a fun and imaginative way to create a baby room theme.


The texture of the baby bedding you select will also affect the comfort of your child. While bedding with a plasticized finish may make sense for ease of cleaning, it doesn't 'breathe' in the same way that natural fibers do. Many parents select cotton because it is washable and comes in many colors and designs. Cotton items are rarely the cause of irritation to baby's skin. Because the baby's skin is so delicate, parents naturally want to surround the child with soft and gentle textures. Because there is a huge selection of colors and designs in soft texture fabrics, you can put together a theme that you love and still treat baby gently.

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