Thursday, August 30, 2012

Educational And Child Development Expert V Smile Games

By Desirie Joy Ligutom

For our dear parents, continue to encourage your children by letting them learn to the easiest and playful possible way. The Vtech was recently launched as the brand new and the latest video game system or console designed for kids that they can play educationally. Just like computer games for big boys, 3 yrs old kids and younger can experience it too. This console game system is appropriate for children 3 yrs old and below as it has educational features.

The V Smile Games became famous and hit for many children as it expands from different capabilities and learning outlets for kids. The newest learning system from V Tech is the V Smile console which has responsive controller that enables kids to play actively, freely and educationally while playing their favorite educational games. Also, there is handy version of V Smile available today like VSmile Pocket and V Smile Cyber Pocket. Infant version of V Tech which is V Smile Baby Infant Development System but it is not suggested for older aged console games.

The V Tech V Smile gaming console system has the child-friendly and playful element from various cartridges. Mothers and experts knew it as a very reliable and effective for kids. Popular characters for children from animated films are being used so that it can be much more appealing for children. Children can see these cartoon characters from television just like sponge bob, Dora, Scooby-Doo and a lot more. Most of the smartidges are developed from many and different features which are classic animated characters. Newest cartoon characters are likewise in this gaming console too. These smartidges are naturally backwards that it permits to be played with the older version of the system's console. The V Smile components are restricted and all of non-educational parts of the system are removed.

More from that, you will find available accessories for your children's V Smile console system just like your V Smile Keyboard that can help your kids navigate the product easily. They can type, spell and comprehend the game easily from navigation system. V Smile also provides built-in writing pad stylus and joystick. The touch pad stylus helps the children draw in pictures which will appear on its screen and let the children to edit their masterpiece with special and easy to use devices.

The V Smile Jammin Gym Class is a soft exercise mat used for interactive play. Kids can play, dance, and do their exercise in the multi- function mat. This mat works same goes with Dance Revolution you can see on arcades at malls. This V Smile mat has 10 learning activities that can enhance body movements of your kids. This can be use as easy exercise routine for your kids. This mat has numbers, letters, playful colors and spellings through the whole area of the mat that children can completely see.

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