Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Bumbo recall should create hot market for Summer Infant seat

By Sam Stone

The Bumbo Baby seat has been recalled for the 2nd occasion on account of danger to babies falling out or perhaps tipping over and suffering head traumas. Though the Bumbo is probably the most widely known baby seat it is definitely far from the best, missing basic safety and also amusement elements which Summer Infant 3 Stage Baby Seat features.

The Summer Infant has provided us with less worry because of the added stability. It has a strap that secures the baby within the seat, It also straps to a chair at the same time underneath as well as the back which gives considerable support. That is simply not possible with the Bumbo since it doesn't have any belts which is one of the things the company emphasizes is that it's strapless that could be beneficial to some children that do not want to be restrained.

The dimensions of the Summer Infant are a lot more ideal to safety though a little bit more difficult to transport.The dimensions of the Bumbo is 14.5 inches x 14.5 inches x 9.5 inches high when compared to the Summer Infant that provides the considerably wider bottom part at 16.5 inches wide by 16.5 inches wide x 9.5 inches high. The extra width at the bottom part helps make the product much sturdier and with the Bumbo with a weight of only 3.3 pounds as the Summer Infant weighs 5.5 pounds it will make it considerably better to help protect against falling.

In 2007 there was a voluntary recall of the Bumbo seat by the Consumer Protection Safety Commission because 28 accidents were claimed from an elevated surface area, three from which were skull fractures. That's since gone up to 46 before the recall with fourteen skull fractures, two concussions and a fractured limb. Bumbo International has ever since put in a warning informing consumers not to use on top of higher surfaces.

Ever since the Bumbo recall forty-five injuries have occurred that includes 17 skull fractures pertaining to babies age ranges three to ten months old falling over from elevated surface areas.

There have been an additional 50 incidents where the infants wiggle their way out while being either on the floor or an unknown elevation. These have resulted in two skull fractures and one concussion. I have used the Bumbo and seen my child go from sitting in it at a few months old, to barely containing him at 5 months. We no longer use it at 6 months old because it is more work trying to keep him in, but we now use the Summer Infants which keeps him very secure.

The Bumbo really only has a single benefit and that's on the ground. It does have a tray sold separately for $11.00 which connects and it's a place to place toys though there is nothing at all to keep them secured.

The Summer Infant is a child seat belt which keeps them more secure. It also has good toys to keep them entertained.We even took some off and put them in his crib because he likes them so much. One of the best things about toys is they are attached and secure. The baby can play for a long time and you don't have to keep running over to pick them up.

As your baby grows you can use it in a restaurant because the foam seat comes out making it a bigger seat. I was able to buckle it, and lift the entire chair by grabbing the Infant Seat, An extra advantage is you don't have to use dirty high chairs at restaurant that other kids have put their mouths on, and you also save money from buying one of the high chair covers which really are just a soft padding and don't provide much support to their back.

By 3 months old to toddler age this seat will be worthy of keeping. As the child grows you are able to take off the toys, and also the soft insert for a bigger booster seat, but the Bumbo by this time is long past it's usage date.

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